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                  BUONAPARTES DEATH

1821          Bounaparte Died on Saturday the 5th of May at Saint Helena.  He was

May           confined in that Island as prisoner to the English, Conquered and

5th            Taken by Lord Wellington.  He was (perhaps) the greatest Warrior and the most wonderfull Man in the whole World in his Day.


1832          This day was appointed by King William the Fourth to be a Fast Day

March  in consequence of a contagious disease called the Cholera Morbas

21st           being in London and other parts of the Kingdom which had killed many Thousands and in other parts many Millions. Peoples was taken suddenly and in about 6 or 8 hours was dead. At Round‑well Street Chapel there was 3 Prayer Meetings and a Sermon preached on the occasion.

                  And this day was the First time my Son Wm B Hebditch ever walk to Petherton and also the First prayer‑meeting ever he attended, being only 3 years and 2 months old (nearly) ‑ May the God of his Fore-Fathers not only incline his heart to attend Prayer Meetings all the days of his Life but engage in its services and Profit by them. 



N.B. 1837    The Influenza was so prevalent in the months of January and February this year that it proved fatal to very many thousands especially amongst Children and Old People.  In London one thousand per week died of it there was no County, Town, Parish, Village or scarce Family or Individual escape the Epidemic it generally went through every Family we all had it and I was confined to my Rooms for 6 or seven days this was my longest confinement in any affliction I ever experienced by half.


            .... Influenza - The best way of getting through it keep within doors and warm.


1837    .... The King of England Died (William the Fourth)

June 20th    Consequently Parliament was Disolved and an Election took place through out the Country.  And in West Somerset after returning 2 Reformers for many years Messrs Sanford and Tynte of Bridgwater 2 Tories put up with or in opposition to them Acland from Devonshire and a young man near Ilchester Mr Dickinson.


August 2nd   The Final state of the Polls was


            .... for Ackland            3877

            .... for Sanford       3556

            .... Majority                    321


            .... for Dickinson    3515

            .... and for Mr Tynte           3455

            .... Majority for Dickinson       60


            .... N.B. This was the hottest contest that ever took pace in the County the Tory and Wig Party so resolute.  The expenses both sides are calculated to be at least 8 or 10 thousand pounds.


1838    .... CORONATION

June         This day the Queen of England was Crowned when All the Charity

28th     .... and All the Sunday School children at the Church and three Chapels of South Petherton Dined altogether in the Vicarage plot about 500 in all.  We gave towards the expence 10/- and also all our Work Folks 2/6 each.


            .... The Poor Men and Women in nearly all the Towns around us had a good Dinner and all the Children had a good Tea with Plenty of cake.


1845         In the beginning of this Month All the Potatoes in the Country

Aug      .... was so struck with a blight that the stalks was so affected that they all died off a Black Coular and about one third or nearly of the Potatoes was affected (more particularly those near the surface) so as to perish and Rot and unless the bad ones was taken up and the affected part cut off it would increase and the whole potatoe would perish and rot, even the smell was very offensive and poor pigs would not eat any of them unless they were boiled.


                                                                               FAST DAY


Mar 24th This day was appointed by the Queen as a General Fast day throughout the Country, in consequence of the Dearth and Scarcity in the Land but more particularly in Ireland where Thousands have lately died from Starvation and Want.  The failure of the Potatoe Crop was the principal Cause, Potatoes being Blighted when about half Ripe and they are now selling from 8 to ten shillings bag.  At our Chapel our Sermon was Preached and 3 Prayer Meetings held.

1848 Mar 9th


            Last Thursday the King and Queen (and Prime Minister) of France Arrived safe to England in disguise after being dethroned there and now the French intend having a Republic Government.


Oct 25th - I have been reading today of the state of America, it seems nearly all  Banks have stopped payments and the Merchants and other large companys failing so that business seems at a standstill and thousands out of work.  Therefore they have borrowed 80 millions of money of the English.

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