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1 Jan 1813 Henry LYE otp Elizabeth GIFFORD otp B Robert Lye Mary Lye D/P/pet.s 2/1/8
16 Mar 1813 John MEMBURY Dinnington Keziah GIFFORD otp B Abraham Brook Ann Robins otp = of this Parish
16 Apr 1813 Thomas MALE North Bradon Christian OSBORNE otp L Susannah Blarek John Robins ots(p) = of the same Parish
18 Apr 1813 James MONKTON otp Mary DUCK otp B John Brown Benjamin Gould b = by banns
20 Apr 1813 Joseph VIRGIN otp Elizabeth COLLINGS otp B Bella Munckton John Robins L = by licence
28 Apr 1813 William HARDING otp Joan VAUX otp L Jas. Daniel John Robins X - could not sign
23 May 1813 Daniel MAISH otp Susannah MODLEY otp B Joseph Maish John Robins signed Susan Metley 
2 Aug 1813 Josiah STONE otp Mary BUNSTON otp B Thomas Bening John Robins  
28 Oct 1813 George DRUCE otp Jane FORTT otp B Thos Gould Betty Druce  
23 Nov 1813 Samuel STONE otp Mary WINES otp B George Mathews John Robins  
23 Jan 1814 Elias HINE otp Mary MASTERS otp B William Best John Robins  
13 Feb 1814 Isaac RICHARDS otp Elizabeth LOCKYER otp B John Marks John Robins  
21 Mar 1814 John SHAPLAND Clifton in Co of Gloster Elizabeth NICHOLETTS otp L Ann Nicholetts Alfred Nicholetts  
30 Mar 1814 Edmond BARNS otp Mary THORN otp B George Nevill Mary Pain  
12 Apr 1814 William BEST Kingsbury Episcopi Ruth FORTT otp B John Best Richard Roles  
1 May 1814 Edward WOOTON otp Deborah MASTERS otp B Isaac Dungy John Robins  
22 May 1814 Thomas FORTT otp Rebecca ROWSELL otp B Joseph Denman Mary Denman  
30 Jun 1814 John LUDWELL otp Susanna ANSTICE otp L Wm Harding    
21 Aug 1814 Robert CLARK otp Anne WINES otp B John Robins    
2 Oct 1814 Jonah EPTON otp Sarah LUCAS otp B John Horsey Elizabeth Horsey  
2 Oct 1814 Thomas MARTIN otp Honour MATTHEWS otp B William Anstice John Robins  
11 Oct 1814 Edmond ROBINS otp Mary WIGGINS otp B George Higgins John Robins  
27 Oct 1814 Samuel MARKS otp Charlotte MORRIS otp B John Richards Mary Vagg  
1 Nov 1814 Joseph HARDING otp Hannah RICHARDS otp B Thos Richards Betsey Harding  
21 Nov 1814 John FORTT otp Martha DAVY otp B Jacob Fort John Robins  
5 Dec 1814 John HALLETT otp Prudence GROVES otp B Martha Robins William Anstice  
20 Dec 1814 Charles TUCKER Kingsbury Episcopi Christiana EPTON otp B Thomas Hutchings Sarah Epton  
4 Jan 1815 Thomas HOLT otp Sarah CLARK otp B Mary Holt John Robins  
9 Feb 1815 Samuel LAVOR otp Sarah BAKER otp B John Robins    
7 Mar 1815 Frank DAVIS otp Elizabeth DAVIS otp B John Robins    
10 Mar 1815 Robert CHAPPLE Hinton St George Mary BEST otp B Charles Best Jone Lang  
28 Mar 1815 Jacob FORTT Martock Margaret MARKS otp B Abraham Edwards Mary Quick  
8 Jun 1815 William HEIGH Taunton Isabelle MORELL otp L Josh Rowsell E Sherman signed MORREL
31 Jul 1815 William TAYLOR otp Grace ALLEN otp B John Brown John Robins  
24 Aug 1815 John SYMS Shepton Beauchamp Jane NEWTON otp B Thomas Parker Lydia Parker  
31 Aug 1815 Robert WALLIS otp Anna DANIEL otp L Chas Lyddon Harriett Wallis  
8 Oct 1815 Henry HARDING otp Jane WILLY otp B Joseph Willy Betsey Harding  
15 Oct 1815 Joseph WINES otp Jane HUNT otp B John Hearen John Robins  
31 Oct 1815 Simeon WINES otp Ann NIGHT otp B John Robins Mary Miles  
28 Nov 1815 Thomas MATTHEWS otp Sarah BAKER otp B James Mathews John Robins  
8 Jan 1816 James GIFFORD otp Ruth BANBURY otp B Jessy Warr John Robins  
11 Feb 1816 William MARKS otp Lydia VILE otp B John Robins    
2 Jun 1816 Isaac FORTT otp Ann COLEBARD otp B Joseph Fortt Solomon Bailey  
27 Jun 1816 Joseph FORTT otp Elizabeth EPTON otp B Charlott Epton John Robins  
7 Jul 1816 William LAMPHREY otp Mary BOND otp B Aaron Tutchen John Marsh  
28 Jul 1816 Richard KING otp Mary HEXT otp L Richd Hext Susan Vile  
5 Aug 1816 Samuel ROBINS otp Mary MONK otp B John Laver John Robins  
25 Aug 1816 Thomas MASTERS otp Elizabeth BISHOP otp B Wm Bishop John Robins  
29 Aug 1816 John RICHARDS otp Mary VAGG otp B John Laver John Robins  
8 Sep 1816 John BOWDIDGE otp Mary PRIDDLE otp B Hannah Priddle John Robins  
26 Sep 1816 Israel GILLETT otp Sarah BROWNE otp B M Marks Margaret Brown  
6 Oct 1816 James TAYLOR otp Alice ROWSEL otp B Thomas Tibbs John Robins  
7 Oct 1816 William WINES otp Hannah VILE otp B John Robins    
13 Oct 1816 Joseph ROWSELL otp Maria GOULD otp B Joseph Banfield Ann Robins  
31 Oct 1816 John MARTIN otp Elizabeth LAMPHREY otp B Mary Hayward John Robins  
12 Nov 1816 John DAVIS otp Hannah DAVIS otp B Robert Davis John Robins  
30 Dec 1816 Robert TAYLOR otp widower Mary VILE otp widow B Benjamin Gould Betty Gould  
5 Apr 1817 John HILLARD otp Elizabeth BEST otp B Simon Best Stephen (x) Best  
6 Apr 1817 William WILLS otp Miriam LAWRENCE otp B Sidmer? Marsh Rebecca (x) Lawrence  
8 Apr 1817 Joseph VAUX otp Sarah OTEN otp B William Vaux Robert (x) Clark  
29 May 1817 Edward MARSH otp Rebecca LAWRENCE otp B Thomas Elswood Sarah (x) Elswood  
26 Jun 1817 Aaron TUCHEN otp Elizabeth BOND otp B John Marsh Jane (x) Priddle  
7 Jul 1817 Joshua BEST otp Ann KNAPPER otp B George (x) Best Sarah (x) Best signed Ann Napper
9 Aug 1817 William BAKER otp Ann DREWER otp B Thos Cormack Elizabeth Drewer  
23 Nov 1817 James MICHELL otp Hannah HUTCHINS otp B John Long Ann (x) Bond signed Mitchell
4 Dec 1817 Thomas BALLANTYNE otp Mary HILL otp L Robert (x) Clarke Susannah Clark  
14 Dec 1817 John WARR otp Sarah EVERETT otp B Elias Hine Susan (x) Everett  
25 Dec 1817 Daniel HOLLAND otp Rebecca GENTLE otp B Samuel (x) Gentle Ann (x) Markes  
6 Jan 1818 John MARSH otp Jane PRIDDLE otp B Robert (x) Clarke Susannah Clark  
11 Jan 1818 John VAGG otp Mary WINES otp B Robert (x) Martin Sarah (x) Vagg  
17 Feb 1818 Frederic WINES otp Ann BOND otp B Robert White Mary (x) Lamprey  
11 Mar 1818 Samuel GENTLE otp Jessy WARRE otp B James Mathews Mary Mathews signed Jesy Warr
13 Mar 1818 Charles WALTERS Stoke under Hamdon Ann EDWARDS otp B John Gifford Martha Cannon  
28 Mar 1818 John BALL Montacute Charlotte EPTON otp B James Lye Christiana (x) Tucker  
1 Apr 1818 George CHUGG otp Charlotte STRIBLING otp B Hannah (x) Cox William (x) Vagg  
22 Apr 1818 Samuel LYE otp Mary HEARNE otp B Robert (x) Clarke Susannah Clark signed Hearny
26 Apr 1818 John LAVOR otp Sarah DUCK otp B Samuel (x) Robins Keziah (x) Duck  
29 Apr 1818 Joseph EDMONDS otp Joan PITTARD otp B Benjamin (x) Edmonds Ann (x) Lavor  
9 Jun 1818 George MATTHEWS otp Alice BAYLY otp B Thomas Parker Christiana (x) Bayly  
11 Jun 1818 John RICHARDS Martock Elizabeth Gould DREWER otp B Thomas Upstill Mary Drewer  
2 Jul 1818 John Bradford HOWE otp Frances HILLIKER otp B John Denman Mary Farnham  
12 Jul 1818 Isaac ROWSELL otp Charlotte GUMMER otp B John Rowsell Sarah (x) Gummer  
23 Jul 1818 Henry DRAYTON otp Mary DAVEY Misterton B Robert Edmonds Ann Trenchard  
24 Aug 1818 Benjamin VIRGIN otp Alice FARNHAM otp B Henry Palmer Ann Robins  
25 Aug 1818  Gayus WINES otp Elizabeth MATTHEWS otp B Robert Clark Simeon (x) Wines  
15 Sep 1818 John EDMONDS otp Ann EDMONDS otp B Henry (x) Edmonds Sarah (x) Barrett  
4 Oct 1818 James WHITE otp Mary WINES otp B Simeon Wines Charlotte Wines  
12 Nov 1818 John WELLS Kingsbury Mary HEBDITCH otp L Simeon Hebditch Benjamin Hebditch  
10 Dec 1818 William HODGE otp Sarah HILLARD otp B Robert (x) Clarke Harriet (x) Hillard  
25 Dec 1818 Benjamin ANSTICE otp Ann ROBINS otp B Thomas Mathews Esther Barnes  
7 Jan 1819 Stephen RICHARDS Martock Mary DREWER otp B James Richards Lucy Richards John Gooden Latty? & John Robins = 3rd & 4th witness
9 Feb 1819 Stephen BEST otp Mary WATTS Kingsbury Episcopi B James (x) Best Sarah (X) Tuchen  
7 Mar 1819 George CLARKE otp Sarah MARTIN otp B Phillip (X) Clarke Margaret (x) Masters  
9 Mar 1819 Robert MARKS otp Fanny AKERMAN otp B Jasper (x) Masters John Robins  
26 Apr 1819 James PINKARD otp Ann FOLLETT otp B James Hebditch James (x) Baker  
3 May 1819 John TAYLOR otp Maria MARSH otp B Robert Taylor Joseph Marsh  
16 May 1819 Henry EDMONDS otp Sarah BARRETT otp B John (x) Edmonds Sarah (x) Edmonds  
19 Aug 1819 Joseph INDOW botp Elizabeth WILLS otp sp B Esther Barnes Jane Napper  
24 Aug 1819 Robert TUCKER Shepton Beauchamp Ann DAVIES otp B Thos Best Elizabeth (x) Tucker  
6 Sep 1819 Thomas GENTEL otp Selvey VIRGEN otp B James (x) Baker Martha (x) Virgen  
12 Sep 1819 Philip CLARK otp Margaret MASTERS otp B Jasper Masters Mary Hayward  
21 Sep 1819 George PARKER otp Harriett PEACH otp B Joseph Vaux Joseph Denman  
25 Nov 1819 George EMMETT botp Elizabeth WILLY otp sp L George Small Eliza Shedrick? Cox  
16 Dec 1819 Samuel GULLY otp Mary LATTY otp B Charles Bradford John Taylor  
20 Feb 1820 Sampson ANSTICE otp Elizabeth ROBINS otp B Elizabeth Kingwill George Anstice John Robins = 3rd witn
30 Apr 1820 Isaac DUNGINS otp Ann MARSH otp B John Robins Susannah Clark  
10 Jun 1820 Isaac EVERETT otp Charlotte BEST otp B Joseph Harris Joan Denman  
17 Jun 1820 Isaac BEDFORD otp Mary GARRET otp B Bariah (x) Best Ann (x) Gardner  
14 Jul 1820 Bariah BEST botp Ann GARDNER otp sp B John (x) Reeler Ann (x) Druce  
18 Jul 1820 Peter MASTERS otp Sarah TUCHEN otp B Benjamin (x) Geard Mary Hayward  
31 Jul 1820 Robert Hutchings otp Hannah DUNSTONE otp B William Anstice John Pook  
8 Sep 1820 Elias HARDING otp Hannah OSTLER otp B John Marsh Elizabeth Ostler  
25 Sep 1820 George ANSTICE otp Elizabeth KINGSWILL Stoke under Hamdon B James (x) Baker Hannah Anstice  
26 Sep 1820 William WHITE otp Anne MATHEWS otp B T Mathews Anne (x) Thomas  
6 Nov 1820 Solomon BAILEY otp Hannah DYER otp B John Lavor Mary Duck?  
10 Dec 1820 Robert MASTERS otp Hannah CROSS otp B James Taylor Ann (x) Masters  
30 Dec 1820 Simon DODGE otp Martha BAILEY otp L Thomas Lavor Christiana Bailey  
30 Jan 1821 James VAGG otp Ann DREW otp B John .. James Griffen  
1 Feb 1821 Joseph BANFIELD otp Hannah ORAM otp B John Lavor Ann Bussell  
18 Feb 1821 John STUCKEY otp Hannah LAVOR otp B John Vagg Mary Hayward  
20 Feb 1821 Simon BEST otp Mary WOODLAND otp B George (x) Best Thomas (x) Woodland  
7 Mar 1821 John CROSS otp Edith DAVEY otp B James Taylor Jane (x) Baker  
19 Mar 1821 George WINES otp Phoebe VILE otp B Abraham (x) Evered Susan (x) Evered  
11 Apr 1821 Robert WILLY otp Ann PRIDDLE otp B Samuel Parker John Willy  
17 May 1821 John STACEY otp Sarah HODGE otp B Joseph HILLARD Sam Stacy  
11 Jun 1821 Joseph BANBURY otp Ann HARDING otp B Elizabeth Davey Sam Ware  
8 Jul 1821 Joseph BAULCH otp Mary STUCKEY otp B Ruth Stuckey Simeon Stuckey  
2 Aug 1821 John VAUX otp Susan OSTLER West Lambrook L James Vaux Mary Vaux  
15 Aug 1821 James GRIFFEN otp Jane DUNN otp B John LUDWELL Ann VAGG  
30 Sep 1821 Thomas CLARK otp Mary TAYLOR otp B Robert Taylor Marey Taylor  
2 Oct 1821 Joseph HILLARD otp Ann VILE otp B John Marks John (x) Bailey  
11Nov 1821 Job PRIDDLE botp Keziah DUCK otp sp B Samuel (x) Robins Mary (x) Robins  
20 Jan 1822 John GUMMER botp Elizabeth DUCK otp sp B Mary Baker John Saint  
31 Jan 1822 John WILLY otp widower Sarah LANE  otp widow B Betsey (x) Willy Joan Marks  
3 Feb 1822 Isaac DAVEY botp Sarah ELLIOTT otp sp B Robert White Susannah (x) Wiggins  
13 Feb 1822 Samuel PARKER botp Elizabeth HEBDITCH otp sp B Joseph Vaux Mary (x) Hebditch  
3 Mar 1822 Joseph HOLT botp Hannah HARDING otp sp B Thomas Bartell Ann Holt  
7 Apr 1822 John MARTIN botp Mary CLARK otp sp B George (X) Clark Sarah (x) Russ  
30 Apr 1822 John GIFFORD botp Ann COX otp sp B Jacob (x) Musgrove Elizabeth (x) Baker  
27 May 1822 John BAKER otp widower Elizabeth BAKER otp widow B John (X) Gifford Ann Gifford  
28 May 1822 John HOLLAND botp Mary LAVOR otp sp B William Robins Hannah (X) Holland 3rd & 4th witn=Ann(x) Vagg; . (x) Lavor
17 Jun 1822 Thomas TIBBS botp Jane TOLLEY otp sp B Benjamin Gould Jenefer? (x) Denman  
23 Jun 1822 Thomas MASTERS otp widower Ann NORMAN otp sp B William (x) Masters Elizabeth (x) Davey  
6 Jul 1822 William ROBINS botp Hannah HOLLAND otp sp B Barnard Gould Mary (x) Holland  
6 Jul 1822 Simeon INDER botp Sarah FORT otp sp B Saml Rose Albury Rose  
1 Aug 1822 John WINES botp Priscilla BRIDGE otp sp B Phoebe (x) Wines Henry (x) Monkton  
20 Aug 1822 Amos BAKER botp Martha CLEALL otp sp B John Trenchard William Edward Trenchard  
18 Sep 1822 John GIFFORD Kingsbury Mary HEBDITCH otp L Wm Harding Anna Hebditch  
21 Sep 1822 William WARR otp Esther BARNES otp B John Matthews Rebekah Mathews  
5 Oct 1822 John HORSEY botp Sarah VAUX otp sp L Saml Axe Mary Vaux  
29 Oct 1822 John LAWRENCE botp Ann DUCK otp sp B John Gummer Elizabeth (x) Gummer  
21 Dec 1822 John BARTLETT botp Mary HUNT otp sp B Ralph Hunt John Clarke  
22 Dec 1822 John LITTLEJOHNS botp Sylvia HUMPHREY otp sp B Jacob Ware John Markes  
8 Feb 1823 William TRASK botp Ann MATTHEWS otp sp B J B Parker John Marks  
9 Feb 1823 Robert WHITE otp widower Susannah WIGGINS otp sp B Jacob (x) Wiggins Wm Harding  
10 Feb 1823 James Alexander ALLFREE botp Mary Ann FARMER otp sp B Robert Willy Ann Willy  
9 Mar 1823 Joseph HARRIS botp Sarah GUMMER otp sp B Samuel (x) Gummer Silas Harris  
10 Mar 1823 James BURFORD botp Ann MASTERS otp sp B Robt Masters Mary Hebditch  
27 May 1823 Samuel MARSH botp Susannah LAVOR otp sp B Uriah (X) Male Jane (x) Laver  
1 Jun 1823 William MASTERS botp Elizabeth DAVEY otp sp B Philip (x) Clark Jessy (x) England  
10 Jul 1823 John DIMMICK Norton, b Martha ROBINS otp sp B John Robins Mary Horsey  
23 Jul 1823 James BURT Montacute, widower Hannah ANSTICE otp sp L George Anstice James? Anstice  
21 Sep 1823 Samuel AXE botp Susannah WILLY otp sp B Richard Gifford Hext Anne Willy  
27 Sep 1823 James RANDOLPH junior Milverton, b Flora Nicholetts otp L Richd Toller John Nicholetts 3rd & 4th witn=Alfred Nicholetts& H D Norris
30 Oct 1823 Robert FOLLETT botp Elizabeth MALE otp sp B Robert Denman Ann VAGG 3rd & 4th: Ann Vagg, John Male
2 Nov 1823 William BAKER otp widower Mary HILLARD otp widow B Mary Hayward John Masters  
4 Nov 1823 George DERRIMAN Barrington, b Ann CHAPMAN otp sp B Mary Ann Winter Robert Winter  
15 Nov 1823 Thomas ROBINS Thorne Coffin, b Ann BUNSTONE otp sp B Josiah Stone Rebecca (x) Fortt  
30 Nov 1823  James PINKARD botp Jane PINKARD otp sp B Joseph Marsh Josiah Gillett 3rd = Susannah (x) Marsh
3 Dec 1823 Samuel GUMMER botp Harriett HILLARD otp sp B George Warr Sarah (x) Warr  
4 Dec 1823 Uriah MALE botp Rebecca MARSH otp sp B Mary Vagg Robert Bennett  
12 Dec 1823 John HUTCHINGS botp Rebecca ROBINS otp sp B William Baker Ann (x) Virgin  
25 Dec 1823 Robert DENMAN botp Ann VAGG otp sp B Elizabeth VAGG Robert FOLLETT  
26 Dec 1823 Thomas BALL botp Elizabeth COGGAN otp sp B John Ball Ann Ball  
1 Jan 1824 Charles BISHOP Ivelchester, b Elizabeth DAVEY otp sp B John Gerrard Mary Ann Bishop  
7 Jan 1824 John VILE botp Eliza PALMER otp sp B Barnard Gould Ann (x) Vile  
27 Jan 1824 Joseph DAVIS botp Kezia TALBOTH otp sp B Rachel (x) Talboth Daniel (x) Stuckey 3rd= John Marks
19 Feb 1824 John MALE botp Ann TUCKER otp sp B John Marks senr John Marks juner  
23 Feb 1824 John BAKER otp Sarah ROACH? otp L Thomas Baker Mary Baker  
24 Feb 1824 John HARDING botp Ann WINES otp sp B George (X) Clark Mary Vagg  
17 May 1824 Thomas ALLEN otp Sarah PODBURY otp B William Anstice John Marks  
26 May 1824 Thomas SYMES otp widower Rosina? MITCHELL otp sp B Thomas Lavor Thos .  
29 May 1824 Thomas MARSH botp Ann VAGG otp sp B Sarah (x) Hart? John Marks  
24 Jun 1824 Joel OATEN Chard Borough Hannah PRIDDLE otp B Robert (x) Clarke Susannah Clark  
29 Sep 1824 John HEBDITCH otp widower Ann TUTCHEN otp sp B John (x) Bayly Hannah (x) Baily 3rd= John Marks
10 Oct 1824 Charles LITTLEJOHNS botp Christiana BAILEY otp sp B John (x) Stone Hannah Mathews 3rd= John Marks
17 Oct 1824 John STONE? botp Hannah MATHEWS otp sp B George Mathews Mary ?Stone 3rd= John Marks
28 Oct 1824 John REALON botp Hannah BAXTER otp sp B John Saint Elizabeth (x) Saint Elizabeth Bishop
10 Jan 1825 Ambrose INDER botp Mary ROWSELL otp sp B Simeon Male John Marks Ruth (x) Deriman
13 Jan 1825 Joseph HUMPHRY West Lambrook Anna HEBDITCH otp L Benjm Hebditch Sarah Harding Susan Harding
10 Feb 1825 John ROBINS botp Mary HORSEY otp sp B Peter Horsey Ann Horsey Martha Horsey; Oliver Horsey
24 Mar 1825 Gaius WINES otp widower Hannah WINES otp sp B Joseph Terrell John Marks  
13 Apr 1825 Jonah OSTLER otp Elizabeth HILL otp widow B Mary Rowsell John Marks  
19 Apr 1825 John EDMONDS botp Martha TOLLEY otp sp B John Long William Brown John Marks
19 Apr 1825 William BROWN botp Hannah DAVEY otp sp B Simeon Male Ruth (x) Denman John Marks
31 May 1825 Thomas DOBLE botp Mary HAYWARD otp sp B Samuel (x) Elliott Sarah Cozens  
5 Jun 1825 Simeon MATTHEWS botp Esther BAKER otp sp B Samuel Elliott Robert Henry Lye  
31 Jul 1825 William BAKER botp Martha KINGWILL Shepton Beauchamp L John Marks Jacob Stower  
27 Aug 1825 John OSTLER junr Kingsbury, b Anne ANSTICE otp L James Patten Daniel Elizabeth Anstice Sarah Anstice
25 Sep 1825 John HILL botp Maria COLVER otp sp B John Bonford Ann (x) Colver  
26 Sep 1825 Samuel DYER botp Betty LAWRANCE otp sp B Samuel (x) Lawrance Jacob Lawrence John Marks
27 Sep 1825 William GUMMER otp widower Elizabeth GIBSON otp sp B John Harris? Elizabeth Godden  
22 Oct 1825 Robert MARTIN botp Mary VILE otp sp B Samuel Vaux Eliza (x) Vile  
6 Nov 1825 Simeon VIRGIN botp Mary Ann PINKARD otp sp B Fanny (x) Virgin John Marks  
20 Nov 1825 John FOLLETT botp Hannah MONKTON otp sp B Simeon (x) Lang Martha (x) Cooper John Marks
7 Dec 1825 James FORTT otp Ruth WINES otp  B Thomas (x) Clark John Marks  
24 Dec 1825 William VILE botp Susanna MARSH otp sp B Abraham (x) Evered Susan (x) White John Marks
25 Dev 1825 Samuel STUCKEY botp Martha BIDER? otp sp B Thomas Hutchings Margaret (X) Bider John Marks
10 Jan 1826 Aquila HEBDITCH botp Anne WARR otp sp B John Hebditch Martha Warr  
26 Mar 1826 Samuel LAMPERY botp Clarissa DENMAN otp sp B Charles (x) Porter Eliza (x) Denman John Marks
27 Apr 1826 Edward SAINT Lopen, widower Sarah HARRIS otp sp L Samuel Saint Harriet Saint  
6 May 1826 James JANES (signed JEANS) botp Betty PITTARD otp sp B Samuel Godden Mary (x) Pittard  
2 Jul 1826 John LANG otp widower Hannah SCOTT otp sp B James Green John Marks  
2 Aug 1826 Thomas White SMITH Axminster, Devon  b Susannah HARDING otp L Jessie Barnnicott E Linden Sarah Harding, Eliza Nicholls, Benjm Hebditch, Saml Harding, William Harding
1 Oct 1826 James MARSH botp Sarah MARKS otp sp B William Robins Michael Marks  
1 Oct 1826 Job HOLLAND botp Mary ELLIOT otp sp B Michael Marks William Robins Hannah (x) Vagg
2 Oct 1826  William BROWN otp widower Elizabeth DUCK otp sp B Thos Hallett Ann Hallett  
9 Nov 1826 Charles PORTER sojourner, botp Eliza DENMAN otp sp B James (x) Porter Mary (x) Denman John Marks
25 Dec 1826 Thomas VAGG botp Hannah VAGG otp sp B John (x) Vagg Susan (x) White John Marks
6 Jan 1827 William GEAR botp Mary BANBURY otp sp B Sarah (x) Banbury John Marks  
30 Jan 1827 William MARTIN botp Susanna HILL otp sp B William Baker Hannah (X) Hill John Marks
27 Feb 1827 Job SCOTT sojourner, botp Mary MONKTON otp sp B Simeon Scott Elizabeth Summerlease? Ann Scott
12 Mar 1827 William HOLT botp Tamson? GUDGE otp sp B John (x) Gudge Hannah (x) Gudge John Marks
14 Apr 1827 Edward MUSGROVE sojourner, widower, otp Mary DENMAN otp sp B Isaac Richards John Marks  
15 Apr 1827 Joseph TOLLEY botp Rhoda HOLLAND otp sp B William (x) Tolley Esther (x) Holland John Marks
5 Jun 1827 Robert MASTERS of Haddow in p of Barrack, wid Deborah MASTERS otp sp B Thomas Alford Elizabeth Masters  
5 Jun 1827 Robert BAKER botp Hannah EDMONDS otp sp B James (X) Hill Amy (x) Baker John Marks
6 Aug 1827 Joseph MASTERS otp widower Elizabeth ????? otp sp B William (x) Lamprey Mary (x) Gentle John Marks
7 Oct 1827 James WARR botp Susanna BAKER otp sp B Joseph Baker Betsey Periam?  
8 Nov 1827 Samuel HILLARD botp Ruth VILE sojourner otp B James Lye John Marks James Lye junr
11 Nov 1827 John EDMONDS otp widower Mary STONE otp sp B Josiah Stone Mary (x) Stone  
27 Dec 1827 John LOCK sojourner, botp Jane LANG otp sp B John Duck Elizabeth Bishop Elizabeth Druce
3 Jan 1828 William Hooper MASTERS Yeovil Ann LILLY otp L Elizth Lilly Jane Lilly Ann Anstice
27 Jan 1828 John WARE botp Elizabeth GULLY otp sp B Jacob Ware Sarah (X) Matthews  
21 Feb 1828 Edmund SCOTT Dowlish Wake, b Mary BAKER otp L W G Roach Ann Scott Thos Baker
23 Feb 1828 Simeon INDER otp widower Mary PERRY sojourner otp sp B Willm Anstice Mary (x) Anstice John Marks
9 Mar 1828 Jonah BAILEY botp Maria MATTHEWS otp sp B John Bailey Ann Parker  
24 Mar 1828 Thomas WHITE botp Mary GENTLE otp sp B Deborah (X) Pinkard Giles (x) Gentle John Marks
27 Mar 1828 Samuel TAYLOR botp Amy BAKER otp sp B Joseph (x) Markes Amy (x) Baker John Marks
30 Mar 1828 Sydney ALLEN botp Jane LAVOR otp sp B William Allen Mary (x) Hill John Marks
15 May 1828 Joseph BAKER botp Betsy PITMAN otp sp B David ?Jeanes Thomas Baker  
26 May 1828 John WHITE botp Mary Ann DUNSTONE otp sp B Joseph (x) Martin Susan White William (x) White
17 Jun 1828 James CLARKE botp Mary FARNHAM otp sp B Jenny Luggar George Blandford House Ann Farnham; Jane Shivering, Saml Farnham, Laurianne Jane House?
17 Jul 1828 Stephen SEYMOUR Barton St David, b Mary Ann LAVOR otp sp L John Lavor Anna Deriham Susanna Pyke
14 Aug 1828 John PEARCE Chard Borough, b Elizabeth TAYLOR otp sp B Thomas Pearce Mary Taylor  
16 Aug 1828 George PERRATT botp Sarah HORSEY otp sp L Jno Horsey J Horsey Ann Horsey; H Perratt;
17 Aug 1828 James SMITHERAM botp Mary PARKER otp sp B Samuel Parker Ann Parker  
31 Aug 1828 John RAYMENT widower & sojourner in this p SUSAN VIRGIN otp B Mary (x) Virgin John Marks  
11 Sep 1828 Samuel PRIDDLE botp Hannah TRENCHARD otp sp B John (x) Jeanes Ann (x) Trenchard John Marks
13 Sep 1828 Thomas JEW sojourner, botp  Mary HAYWARD otp sp B Hannah Hayward William Godden William Hayward
25 Sep 1828 James Patten DANIEL botp Mary RICHARDS otp sp L D Richards James Daniel John Nicholetts; John Daniel; Sarah Clarke; Mary Nicholetts; Jane Daniel.
2 Oct 1828 John SMITHERAM botp Rebecca HUMPHREY otp sp B John Marks James Pinkard  
16 Nov 1828 William HARDING botp Mary OSTLER otp sp B William Ostler Mary Hodges[?smudged] Harriett Lye; James Gully
20 Nov 1828 Jonathan GARLAND sojourner, b Maria FORTT otp sp B John Hebditch Rebecca Ann Fortt  
20 Nov 1828 George DALWOOD sojourner, b Augusta Maria GARLAND otp sp B Samuel Rose Sarah (x) England  
8 Jan 1829 Isaac GUDGE sojourner, b Mary HOLAND sojourner, sp B Benjamin (x) William? Elizabeth (x) Davies John Marks
22 Jan 1829 Robert CHANT sojourner, b Elizabeth ROBINS otp sp B Thomas Robins Hannah (x) Robins  
4 Feb 1829 Samuel REALON botp Elizabeth BAKER otp sp B Thomas Robins Elizabeth (x) Railor?  
7 Feb 1829 William CROSS botp Elizabeth JEFFRIES sojourner, sp B Mary Cross Job Trott  
17 Feb 1829 James TIBBS botp Mary Ann CRIDDLE sojouner, sp B John (x) Gentle ?Sarah (x) Binose? John Marks
2 Mar 1829 James HILL botp Hannah BAILEY otp widow B Samuel Barber Roseanna (x) Lye? John Marks
3 Mar 1829 Samuel HILLARD botp Jane CARY otp sp B John Lavor Mary Cary  
23 Mar 1829 George WILLS botp Jemima SALISBURY sojourner, sp B Mary (x) Best John (x) Rendall  
31 Mar 1829 Samuel COUSSINS Kingsdown Ann HORSEY otp sp L John Horsey Flora Hill Geo. Perratt; S Perratt.
6 Apr 1829 Isaac HARDING botp Mary FOOT otp sp B Stephen Davey Mary (x) Pittard  
26 May 1829 William BAKER botp Hannah PAVIOUR sojourner, sp B John Marks Joseph (x) Martin  
28 May 1829 William NORTH sojourner, b Honor SCOTT sojourner, sp B Thos Marsh Ann Scott  
8 Jun 1829 John PITTARD botp Elizabeth LATTY otp sp B Stephen Davey Mary Pittard  
20 Jun 1829 Robert HOLLAND botp Phillis LAVOR otp sp B Male Silas Harris  
29 Aug 1829 Robert CLARK otp widower Mary SMITHERS Martock L John Lavor Mary Lavor  
7 Sep 1829 William FOLLETT otp widower Mary MASTERS sojourner, widow B Robert (x) Follett Rebecca (x) Follett John Marks
7 Sep 1829 Stephen Lee DAVEY sojourner Mary PITTARD otp sp B John Pittard Elizabeth Wale  
27 Sep 1829 Silas HARRIS botp Esther HOLLAND otp sp B John (x) Holland Mary (x) Holland John Marks
28 Oct 1829 John COSSINS Kingsdon, widower Elizabeth ANSTICE otp sp L Henry Anstice S Cossins  
7 Nov 1829 Simeon MALE botp Esther LAVOR otp sp B John Male Susan White John Willy, Ann Parker
22 Nov 1829 Joseph MARTIN botp Harriott WINES otp sp B George (X) Clark Hannah (x) Wines John Marks
28 Nov 1829 John EDMONDS otp widower Jane CHURCHILL otp sp B Josiah Stone Mary (x) Stone  
28 Dec 1829 Robert BAKER otp widower Mary COOMBS otp B James (x) Baker Susan (x) Vincent John Marks
10 Jan 1830 William VILE botp Sophia FOLLETT otp sp B James (x) Follett Mary (x) Vile John Marks
28 Jan 1830 Samuel HALLETT botp Fanny WALE otp sp B Wm (x) Gush? Elizabeth Wale John Marks
1 Feb 1830 Robert BUTCHER sojourner, b Ann WARR otp sp B Thomas FILDY Charity (X) Membry John Marks
4 Mar 1830 Samuel ELLIOTT botp Mary STOWER otp sp B Samuel Vaux Mary Ann Stower  
11 Mar 1830 Samuel VAUX botp Mary Ann STOWER otp sp L John Vaux Louisa Clarke James Hearn; Elizth
20 Mar 1830 Thomas Elliott otp widower Joan EDMONDS otp widow B Wm Elliott Mary (x) Elliott John Marks
9 Apr 1830 John FILDY botp Mary Ann THOMAS otp sp B Joseph (x) Fildy Jane (x) Jones John Marks
13 Apr 1830 George GILLINGHAM botp Susanna EDMONDS otp sp B Samuel England Priscilla Reyland  
13 May 1830 Samuel ROBINS botp Susan Lye otp sp B Jas Clark Harriett Lye; M A Lye; James Robins
20 May 1830 Joseph HUTCHINGS Crewkerne, b Mary BROOM otp sp B  John Hutchings Hutchings  
22 Jun 1830 John COTTY Froom St Quinton b Jane DANIEL otp sp L J P Daniels John Daniel H Daniel, James Daniel
8 Jul 1830  Isaac WIGGINS botp Maria PETTEMORE otp sp B George Virgin Ann Trask [smudged]  
2 Aug 1830 Daniel MOUNTER botp Hannah LAMPREY otp sp B Samuel (x) Lamprey Harriett Sempry? John Marks
8 Aug 1830 Thomas MATHEWS otp Sarah WARR otp widow L Thomas Lawrance Mary (x) Lawrance  
3 Oct 1830 James BAKER otp Ann TAYLOR otp sp B George (x) Wills Elizabeth (x) Hawkins John Marks
10 Oct 1830 Thomas FILDY botp Charity MEMBERY otp sp B Robert Butcher Ann Butcher  
20 Oct 1830 John TAYLOR botp Joan PRIDDLE sojourner, sp B Robert (x) Clarke Mary (x) Bowditch John Marks
25 Nov 1830 John SAINT botp Esther MASTERS otp sp B Henry (x) Daniel Elizabeth (x) Saint John Marks
11 Jan 1831 John WINES otp widower Mary GOULD sojourner, sp B John (x) Vagg Mary (x) Vagg John Marks
6 Feb 1831 John VILE botp Mary PALMER sojourner, sp B Elizabeth Palmer John Marks  
6 Feb 1831 James WINES botp Ann DABINETT sojourner, sp B Thomas (x) Vagg Sarah (x) Wines John Marks
24 Mar 1831 Henry HARDING botp Harriet SCUTTING otp sp L Robert Colberd Maria (x) Wiggins  
27 Mar 1831 William CALLER botp Martha LAWRENCE otp sp B Charles (x) Caller Jesse (x) England John Marks
9 Apr 1831  William LONG sojourner, b Ann CALLER otp sp B Joel Long Martha Long  
19 Apr 1831 Jacob WARE botp Sarah MATHEWS otp sp B Moses (x) Martin Mary (x) Mathews John Marks
24 Apr 1831  Robert BALL botp Ann BAKER otp sp B Charles Ball Eliza Vile  
7 Jun 1831 Richard GIFFORD Kingsbury Episcopi b Mary HEBDITCH otp sp B John Hebditch Anna Gifford  
12 Jul 1831 Samuel KING St Gregory, London Mary BUSH otp L Ewd Paltridge Leah? King Joseph A.nd King
8 Sep 1831 John ENGLAND botp Mary HART otp sp B John Lawrance Jesse (x) England  
11 Sep 1831 William MARKS botp Elizabeth ENGLAND sojourner B Francis Marks? Elizabeth Davis  
13 Sep 1831 James LATTEY otp widower Elizabeth SAINT otp sp B William (x) Saint Jane Saint  
18 Sep 1831 Lewis PEARCE botp Sarah WATTS otp sp B John (x) Holland Mary (x) Holland John Marks
11 Oct 1831 John MALE botp Susan WHITE otp sp B Simeon (x) Male Elizabeth (x) White Ann Parker, John Willy
29 Oct 1831  William ?GUSH botp Eliza COOK otp sp B John Male Ann Male  
19 Nov 1831 Charles BANBURY botp Priscilla ROGERS otp sp B Sarah (x) Banbury Samuel Rogers  
7 Jan 1832 John VILE sojourner, b Mary DENMAN otp sp B Samuel (x) Lamprey John Marks  
19 Jan 1832 Amos MONKTON sojourner, b Anne EDMONDS otp sp B Thomas Paull Anne (x) Farrant  
23 Feb 1832 James WARE botp Ann PINKARD otp sp B James Musgrove Mary (x) Lang  
4 Jun 1832 William DARBY Martock b Jane HEBDITCH otp sp L Josiah Hebditch Martha Darby  
17 Jun 1832 Eli DAVEY otp Mary VILE otp sp B John Vile Ann (x) Davey  
6 Jul 1832 Stephen RICHARDS otp widower Hannah STOKES otp sp B S J Richards Hannah Richards  
16 Jul 1832 John WILLEY (signed WILLY) otp widower Elizabeth BRYANT otp sp B Joseph Cross John Gully Prudence (x) Gummer
22 Jul 1832 John PITTARD otp widower Rhoda TRENCHARD otp sp B Stephen Davey Ann Trenchard  
19 Aug 1832 John WILLEY (signed WILLY) botp Ann PARKER otp sp B John Bailey Hannah Parsons  
1 Sep 1832 Giles CALLER botp Elizabeth ENGLAND sojourner, sp B John Rowsell Joseph Edmonds  
4 Sep 1832 William VAGG botp Mary ROBINS otp sp B Thomas (x) Vagg Hannah? Vagg  
23 Sep 1832 William TOLLEY botp Susan MONKTON otp sp B Giles (x) Tolley Mary (x) Tolley John Marks
24 Sep 1832 William ELLIOTT botp Sarah STONE otp sp B Thomas (x) Robbins Hannah (x) Robbins John Marks
10 Oct 1832 Jessey HOPKINS Martock b Elizabeth HANSFORD otp sp B John Hansford Jonah Hansford  
25 Oct 1832 Samuel PINKARD botp Sarah WINES otp sp B Thomas (x) Vagg Mary (x) Virgin John Marks
27 Jan 1833 Moses MARTIN botp Mary MATHEWS otp sp B Aaron (x) Martin Hannah (x) Robbins John Marks
28 Feb 1833 Robert GIBBS sojourner, b Mary CROSS otp sp B John Trott Elizabeth Trott  
6 Apr 1833 Beriah BEST otp widower Susan MOUNTER otp sp B James (x) Best Katherine (x) Mounter John Marks
23 Apr 1833 William PERREN Martock b Elizabeth PEARCE otp sp L Walter Symes Mary Cary  
12 May 1833 Thomas ROBBINS botp Eliza LANE sojourner, sp B John Hodder Elizabeth (x) Chant George Holland
4 Jun 1833 Luke MALE sojourner, b Elizabeth WOOTTON otp sp B Henry Munckton Phillis (x) Munckton  
15 Sep 1833 Giles TOLLEY botp Anna MONCTON otp sp B Samuel (x) Bunstone Fanny (x) Moncton John Marks
28 Sep 1833 John LAWRENCE botp Ruth EDMONDS otp sp B George Holland John Gully  
29 Sep 1833 John IRELAND botp Harriet MASTERS otp sp B Henry (x)  Bonning Susan (x) Humphrey John Marks
26 Nov 1833 Elias HARDING otp widower Phoebe WINES otp widow B Samuel Brooke Susan (x) Ostler  
18 Feb 1834 John SEWARD sojourner, b Susan STUCKEY otp sp B John (x) Brown Amelia (x) Marsh John Marks
16 Mar 1834 William NEWTON botp Jane VILE otp sp B Eliza (x) Davey Mary (x) Davey  
15 Jun 1834 Job STONE botp Elizabeth STUCKEY otp sp B Sealy Stuckey Prudence (x) Stone  
28 Jun 1834 Thomas BILLET sojourner, b Mary HUMPHREY sojourner, sp B John (x) Littlejohns Sylvia (x) Littlejohns John Marks
7 Jul 1834 William NEVIL sojourner, b Margaret STONE otp sp B Jane (x) Newton John Marks  
7 Jul 1834 James GULLY botp Mary Ann LYE otp sp B David Jeanes Mary Edmonds  
27 Jul 1834 John HILL otp widower Sarah GERRARD otp sp B Job Satherley Susan (x) Gerrard  
7 Aug 1834 John STONE otp widower Mary MARSH otp sp B Benjamin Gould Bettey Gould  
11 Aug 1834 Robert SLADE Stoke under Hamdon, widower Ann TEMPLEMAN otp sp B James STAPLE Elizabeth (x) STAPLE William SLADE
27 Aug 1834 William REYLAND botp Mary VAGG otp sp B George VAGG Elizabeth Rellend  
21 Dec 1834 Ambrose INDER widower & sojourner in this p Hannah DAVIS otp sp B Charles (x) Taylor Susan (x) Humphry  
25 Dec 1834 Joseph WILLS sojourner, b Hannah ROBINS otp sp B John Lawrance Ruth (x) Lawrance  
15 Jan 1835 John GULLY botp Sarah NEAL otp sp B Richard (x) Hinton Mercy (x) Whatty  
19 Jan 1835 James ROBINS botp Elizabeth WALE otp sp B William Parker Lucy Hallett  
8 Feb 1835 Samuel BUNSTINE botp Fanny MONKTON otp sp B Giles (x) Tolley Ann (x) Tolley  
30 Mar 1835 James DANIEL otp widower Jane STACEY otp sp B Henry (x) Daniel Hannah (x) Vile  
9 Apr 1835 John HART botp Mary ROWSELL otp sp B Daniel (x) Monkton Rhoda (x) Monkton  
21 Apr 1835 Abraham VAGG botp Sarah PRIEST otp sp B Thomas (x) Vagg Hannah (x) Vagg  
3 May 1835 James GOULD botp Eliza VILE otp sp B George Vile John Gould Joan Vile
24 May 1835 Silas TALBOT sojourner, b Sarah WHITE otp sp B John (x) Bisgrove Mary Ann (x) Humphrey  
2 Jun 1835 Thomas MALE botp Eliza DUNSTONE otp sp B Simeon (x) Male John (x) Male  
7 Jun 1835 James MATRAVERS  sojourner, b Elizabeth REALAND otp sp B Sealy Stuckey Elizabeth Maltravers signed MATRAVES
14 Jun 1835 Charles TAYLOR botp Susan HUMPHRY otp B John (x) Ireland Mary Ann (x) Humphry  
14 Jul 1835 Jacob MUSGROVE otp widower Ann EDMONDS otp sp B James Musgrove Matilda (x) Harding  
7 Aug 1835 William GUPPY botp Mary WARR otp sp B John Dyke Eliza Dyke  
25 Aug 1835 James DAVY botp Mary Ann ROBINS otp sp B Elijah (x) Wines Charlotte (x) Wines  
4 Sep 1835 George HOLLAND botp Rebecca HILL otp sp B George (x) Hill Ann (x) Holland  
18 Oct 1835 Samuel PINKARD botp Martha TUTCHEN otp sp B George (x) Hill Harriet (x) Pinkard  
18 Oct 1835 George BANBURY widower & sojourner in this p Ann TIBBS otp sp B George (x) Dunstone Ann (x) Dunstone  
27 Oct 1835 Thomas FORTT otp widower Elizabeth TUTCHEN otp sp B George Vagg Sarah (x) Lamprey  
24 Nov 1835 Alfred WHITE botp Eliza BRYANT sojourner, sp B John Willy Elizabeth (x) Willy  
8 Dec 1835 James MUSGROVE botp Matilda HARDING otp sp B Joseph Banbury Ann Banbury  
25 Dec 1835 William LAWRENCE botp Eliza STUCKEY otp sp B William (x) Newton Fanny (x) Gould  
25 Dec 1835 John BISGROVE sojourner, b Ann DAVEY otp sp B William (x) Newton Fanny (x) Gould  
25 Dec 1835 George BAKER botp Joan MARTIN otp sp B William (x) Newton Fanny (x) Gould  
25 Dec 1835 Joseph GODDEN botp Elizabeth ELLIOTT otp sp B William Godden Ann Godden  
22 Jan 1836 Samuel GENTLE botp Eliza GEARD otp sp B Thomas (x) Denman Sarah (x) Everett  
26 Jan 1836 George HALLETT botp Jane ELLIOTT otp sp B Wm Parker  Susan Hallett  
1 Feb 1836 Thomas GOULD botp Ann BURFORD otp sp B George Burford Fanny (x) Gould  
6 Feb 1836 George DUCK botp Sarah HILLARD otp sp B John (x) Banbury Prudence (x) Stone