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              D/P/pet.s 2/1/7
28 May 1806 Mathew PRIOR Martock Pamela WHITE otp B John Robins Robert (X) Stone otp = of this Parish
22 Oct 1806 John HEBDITCH otp Catharine ANSTICE ots B Betty Priddle John Robins ots(p) = of the same Parish
23 Oct 1806 Robert DAVIES otp Ann BROWN ots B Sarah Harding John Robins B = by banns
27 Oct 1806 William BROWN otp Elizabeth MARSH ots B Thomas Watts Motley Benjamen Gould L = by licence
3 Nov 1806 John VICORY Seavington St Mary Ann STONE otp B John Perry Mary Drewer X - could not sign
28 Nov 1806 John EDMONDS otp Martha MARKS ots B John Priddle Thomas Vagg b  = bachelor
3 Feb 1807 John JAMES wid Seavington St Mary Ruth PINKET otp B John Robins Wm (X) Bishop sp = spinster
10 Feb 1807 George DONSTONE b otp Elizabeth GLOVER otp B Robert Wheadon A Smith  
6 Mar 1807 William HODGE otp Rebecca LANG ots B Thomas Lang John Lang  
31 Mar 1807 John MARKS otp Sarah PERRY ots B Edward Saint John Robins  
7 Apr 1807 John JEANES otp Betty PITTARD ots B John Perry Mary Bayly  
10 May 1807 James COTTLE otp Susannah DANIEL ots B Betty Harding John Robins  
19 May 1807 John HEBDITCH otp Martha DAVY ots B Wm Hebditch Mary Hebditch  
23 Jun 1807 Samuel HALLET otp Betty WALE ots B John Wale Sarah Harding  
29 Jul 1807 Joseph MAISH otp Hannah STURTON ots B Ed (x) Maish John Robins  
30 Aug 1807 Thomas EDMONDS otp Ruth FILDAY ots B .. Wadsworth curate John Robins  
14 Sep 1807 James ROWSELL Lopen Elizabeth PEARCE otp B Joseph Rowsell Rebecca Farnham  
15 Sep 1807 Robert LATTY otp Sarah ROBINS ots B Stephen ..llett Betty Harding  
11 Oct 1807 David GILLINGHAM otp Frances ENGLAND Kingsbury L Hanh Gillingham Rich. Hawkins  
24 Nov 1807 James GIFFORD Lopen Ann Willy HERDSMAN otp L Richd Herdsman Josiah Horsey  
25 Nov 1807 John VAGG otp Elizabeth ANSTICE ots B John Lang Mary Anstice  
11 Dec 1807 John GULLY otp Elizabeth GOODWIN ots B John Priddle Edward Barns  
6 Jun 1808 Joseph MASTERS otp Jane COTTON otsp L Mary Boyn Wm Harding  
3 Aug 1808 James PITTARD otp Elizabeth WHITE otsp B John Robins Elias (X) Davy  
9 Aug 1808 William HEBDITCH otp Mary LAVOR otsp B Mary Follett? John Lavor  
6 Oct 1808 Joseph ROWSELL Lopen Rebecca FARNHAM otp B James Rowsell Elizth Rowsell  
10 Oct 1808 John GIFFORD otp Mary BAKER otsp B Stephen Baker John Robins  
27 Oct 1808 Noah INDER otp Sarah LITTLEJOHNS otsp B Susan Axe Sarah Vaux  
8 Nov 1808 Arthur BAKER St Peter in the City of Bristol Hannah HAYNES otp B John Brown John Marks  
13 Dec 1808 James VAUX otp Mary PALMER otsp B Hannah Symes Wm Harding  
9 Feb 1809 James BROWN otp Hannah INDER otsp B Sarah Inder Arkedres? Gentel  
26 Mar 1809 Sampson DAVIS Axminster in Co of Devon Ann VIRGIN otp B Job Trott John Robins  
1 May 1809 Thomas TAYLOR otp Martha ROW otsp B John Brown Benjamin Gould  
7 May 1809 Joseph CLARK otp Anna BEST otsp B Martha Davis John Robins  
9 May 1809 James JEANES otp Ann STUCKEY otsp B Edward Barns Robert Stuckey  
7 Jul 1809 Hercules GENTLE otp Elizabeth RUSSELL otsp B Josiah Russell John Robins  
17 Jul 1809 Joseph FOLLETT otp Ann BATT otsp B Thos? (x) Gifford John Robins  
6 Aug 1809 Wm LAMBREY otp Ruth TUTCHEN otsp B Robert (x) Clark John Robins  
7 Aug 1809 John HAWKWELL North Perrott Elizabeth ROWSELL otp B Isabella Morrell Joseph Rowsell  
10 Aug 1809 John LAVER otp  b Mary BAYLEY otp sp B John Robins    
18 Aug 1809 Thomas PARKER otp  b Lydia BAYLEY otp sp B Wm Harding John Robins  
2 Sep 1809 Daniel MARSH Haselbury Susannah MARSH otp B Caroline A Robins Susanna Motley  
16 Oct 1809 George PERRY otp Hannah LANG otsp B John Marks John Robins  
13 Dec 1809 Isaac GRIFFEN otp Lydia TUCHEN otsp B Thos? (x) Marks John Robins  
2 Jan 1810 Samuel HEBDITCH otp Mary Ann POWE otsp B Robert Vile Martha Vile  
5 Jan 1810 Joseph HUMPHRY otp Ann BAKER otsp B John Humphry John Robins  
30 Jan 1810 Thomas LAWRANCE otp Mary DAVY otsp B John Hebditch Mary Hebditch  
13 Feb 1810 William DAVIS St Georges Pill Lucy TAYLOR otp B Wm Harding Caroline A Robins  
22 Mar 1810 John BURFORD otp Susannah EDGDA otsp B Stephen TALBOTT Joseph BARNS  
16 Apr 1810 John ROWSELL Lopen Mary BULL otp B Robt Rowsell Betsy Lockyer  
5 Jun 1810 Thomas COZENS Fivehead Ann BROWN otp L Francis England Anne Cozens  
26 Jun 1810 Job EDMONDS otp Mary STONE otsp B Isaac Richard Betty Harding  
5 Aug 1810 Samuel GLOVER otp Mary BURFORD otsp B Mary (x) Wills John Robins  
3 Sep 1810 James JEANS Long Sutton Sarah STONE otp B Stephen Elliott Betty Harding  
11 Sep 1810 Joel OWSLEY Broadway Mary DANIEL otp L Saml Peddle Barrett Anna Daniel  
7 Oct 1810 John TAYLOR East Coker Jessie WINES otp B .(x) Bayley John Robins  
11 Oct 1810 John SAINT otp Phoebe WARR otsp B William Baker Mary Baker  
25 Oct 1810 John TALBOT Kingsbury Episcopi Elizabeth HARDING otp B Henry Lye John Robins  
12 Dec 1810 Robert FOLLETT otp Rebecca WOODBERRY otsp B William Follett John Robins  
26 Mar 1811 Joseph BARNES South Petherton Elizabeth PRIDDLE otsp B Solomon Bailey Betty Harding  
26 Mar 1811 Benjamin GOULD South Petherton Betty BROWN otsp B John Stuckey Mary Hext 3rd witn= William Anstice
16 Apr 1811 William OWSLEY Broadway Mary ATKINSON otp L Wm Harding Sarah Harding  
21 May 1811 Samuel GOULD otp Maria BENNET otsp B Saml Denman Samuel Lavor  
27 Jun 1811 William TERRELL Stoke under Ham Sarah GRIFFIN otp L Richd Chaffey Ann Terrell  
6 Jul 1811 William BANBURY otp Ruth EDMONDS otsp B George Druce John Robins  
8 Jul 1811 John GENTLE otp Mary LAVOR otsp B Job Trott John Wale  
8 Jul 1811 Job TROTT otp Mary GENTLE otsp B John Wale John Robins  
15 Jul 1811 Joseph DAVIES otp Mary STONE otsp B John Marks Samuel Stone  
30 Sep 1811 William GODDEN otp Hannah BRADFORD Kingsbury Episcopi B John Sibley Rebekah Godden  
20 Jun 1811 Samuel FORD Norton under Ham Jane BAKER otp B John Baker John Trask  
29 Oct 1811 Richard HILL otp Elizabeth WATTS otsp B Henry Jennings John Robins  
9 Jan 1812 James STOWER otp Anna GIFFORD otsp B Anna Gifford Ann Daniel 3rd witn= William Anstice
27 Jan 1812 John MATTHEWS botp Mary BARNES otsp sp B Edward Barns . Gifford  
7 May 1812 Thomas MARKS botp Elizabeth VILE otsp sp B Joseph Harding Hannah Richards 3rd witn= John Robins
19 Jun 1812 Edward SAINT botp Frances TYRRELL otsp sp B James Terrell Samuel Saint 3rd witn= John Robins
14 Oct 1812 James BEST botp Elizabeth CLARK otsp sp B Simion Best John Robins  
22 Nov 1812 George WARR botp Sarah DUNSTONE Stoke under Ham B William Baker John Robins  
30 Nov 1812 John BAKER botp Elizabeth PINKARD Ilminster B Isaac Richard John Richards Betsy Lockyer; John Vaux

MARRIAGES 1812-1837