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Old Meeting House

The non-conformist records prior to 1837 are copyright of the National Archives. Copies are also held on microfilm at the Somerset Record Office which also has the surviving the post 1837 registers (although the copyright is still held by the United Reform Church or Methodist Church). We acknowledge the help of the Somerset Record Office http://www.somerset.gov.uk/archives . The transcriptions are published online by kind permission of the Somerset Record Office, the Methodist Church and the United Reform Church on condition that its use is free from profit.

Old Presbyterian Meeting House in South Petherton was founded about the year 1688.. Earliest baptismal records kept by Revd. Bulstrode from 1694 -1725. There is a gap in the records until 1747 when there is a second baptismal register from 1747 -1767 and then another register from 1786 to 1837 when the registers were sent to London and deposited in what are now called the National Archives. In 1837 Rev David Richards recorded that he had kept records since 1780.  No records survive after 1837.  There was a burial ground at the Meeting House but no burial records survive.


d = daughter

s = son

1649 - 16991700 - 17051706 - 1710
1711 - 17151715 - 17201721 - 1725
1747 - 17551756 - 17641765 - 1800
1801 - 18191820 - 1837

1821-1829 Burials (? none found on microfilm)

Updated 12th April 2015

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