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Please Note - in places the handwriting is very difficult to read - and in particular there are likely to be inaccuracies in the transcription the witnesses names.

16 May 1754 Willm WILLS otp Sarah DAVIE otp sp B Thos Robins (Parish Clerk) John (x) Rodbort D/P/pet.s 2/1/6
2 Jul 1754 Joseph HANNING otp Joan ROWSELL otp B Thos Robins William Baily otp = of this Parish
2 Aug 1754 Alexander LAMPRY otp Angelica VAGG otp B Thos Robins Peter Masters ots(p) = of the same Parish
25 Nov 1754 John BANBURY otp Elizabeth BEAL (signed BEALE) Crewkerne B Thomas (x) Clarke Elizabeth (x) Norris B = by banns
4 Dec 1754 John HEBDITCH otp Mary VAUX otp sp B John Peren John Vaux L = by licence
2 Feb 1755 Thomas WESCOT otp Mary DUCK Kingsbury, widow B John Vaux Thos Robins X - could not sign
29 Mar 1755 Samuel HOOPER otp Mary PITTARD Kingsbury B Thos Robins Lawrence Willy b = bachelor
2 May 1755 William ROWSEL otp Mary DYER otp B Thos Robins James Robins sp = spinster
4 May 1755 Thomas EDMONDS otp Eliz. PURCHASE otp B Thos Robins Eliz (x) Barret
10 May 1755 Robert HEARN (sig HEAREN) otp Hannah PARKER otp B Thomas Anstice Thos Robins
18 Jun 1755 John HILLARD otp Betty ANSTICE otp B Robert Hillard James Robins
21 Jul 1755 James SEWARD Shepton Beauchamp Mary PITCHER otp L Samuel Masters Thos Robins
3 Aug 1755 Richard RELAND otp Mary BARTER otp B Thomasine (x) Tibbs Stephen Slade
15 Dec 1755 William EDMUNDS otp Ann WALDREN (signed WALLDREN) otp B Thos Robins Stephen Slade
1 Jan 1756 George FOTHERDELL otp Betty LUCAS otp B John (x) Raison Stephen Slade
4 Jan 1756 John WINES otp Betty RICH otp B Samuel (x) Rich Thos Robins
24 Jan 1756 Thomas ANSTICE otp Betty HEARN otp B Stephen Slade Thomas Baker
26 Jan 1756 James BROWN otp Ann ELLIOT otp B Stephen Slade Richd Rowsell
26 Jan 1756 Robert WHITE otp Mary COLEBARD otp B Thos Robins Stephen Slade
29 Jan 1756 Willm DANIELS otp Edith STEER otp B John Fortt James Robins
16 Feb 1756 John MASTERS otp Susannah ELLIOTT otp B Betty Hillard John Colberd
21 Feb 1756 John RELAND otp Betty DAVIE otp B Saml (x) Willy Mary Willy
29 Feb 1756 Samll BATT otp Ann AXE otp B David Relan? James Robins
7 Mar 1756 John ANSTICE otp Susanna MARSH otp B Mary (x) Gundry Stephen Slade
3 Apr 1756 John MATTHEWS otp Mary STANDARD otp B George Matthews Mary Gifford
19 Apr 1756 Robt STONE otp Mary PATCH otp B Stephen Slade Eliz (x) Marks
4 May 1756 Nicholas LAVOR (signed Nicolas) otp Ann DAVIS otp B John Colberd Thomas Gould
24 Jun 1756 Thomas FLOOD Broadway Elizabeth AXE otp B John Willy Mary Willy
18 Jul 1756 Christopher TUCKER otp Eliz HILBORN otp B Daniel How William Wills
6 Sep 1756 William PINKARD otp Betty WILLY otp B John Stuckey Stephen Slade
6 Oct 1756 Willm CLARK Lopen Elizabeth KING otp B Ann Pyle Phillip Pittard
16 Oct 1756 Robert PATTEN otp Betty FRADE? otp B John Vaux Eliz Palmer
8 Dec 1756 William BOWRING otp Betty TUTCHEN otp B Joseph Tutchen Betty Bowring
6 Jan 1757 John MARKS otp Bathsheba BAMBURY otp B Samuel Edmonds Ann Masters
8 Feb 1757 Wm EPON otp Mary WILLS otp B John (x) Tucker James Robins
20 Feb 1757 Samll BAKER otp Susanna DONNE otp B John Gentle James Robins
10 Apr 1757 John WARE otp Joan POTTENGER otp B John Pottenger Ann Hebditch
17 Apr 1757 Samuel RICHARDS Stoke Ann FRICKER otp B John Prew John Fricker
16 May 1757 Daniel HART otp Mary PALMER otp B John (x) Rodbard Thos Robins
27 Jun 1757 John DABINET Barrington Ann BURFORD otp B Robert Sawyer Ann (x) Gummer
27 Jul 1757 Thomas NAISH Seavington St Mary Betty HEBDITCH otp B James Masters Thos Robins
29 Nov 1757 Samuel VAUX botp Elizabeth PALMER otp maiden L John Vaux Thomas (x) Robins of Kingsbury
Nov/Dec 1757 John DUCK Kingsbury Mary POTENGER otp Banns only
Nov/Dec 1757 Robert VILE otp Sarah CHEEK Hinton St George Banns only
1 Feb 1758 Samuel DUNSTONE otp Hannah VAGG Kingsbury B Thomas Priddle Thos Robins
2 Mar 1758 Samuel BARTLETT East Lambrook b Sarah PALMER otp maiden L John Vaux Thos Robins
Mar 1758 John GULLIFORD Isle Brewers Hannah COLEBERD Banns only
16 May 1758 John POTTENGER otp Mary WINTER Puckington B John Warr William Winter
15 Aug 1758 Samuel WESTCOTT otp Mary TUCHEN [TUCHING] otp B Samuel Masters Thos Robins
5 Sep 1758 John COLLINGS otp Mary CLARKE otp B Henry GILLETT Thos Robins
21 Nov 1758 Phillip PITTARD Kingsbury Susanna HARLEY otp B Mary (x) Lavor Thos Robins
21 Nov 1758 John SILVESTER otp Lydia VILE otp B James Seward Thos Robins
27 Jan 1759 William WILLS otp Ann BARNARD otp B John Barnard Ann (X) Gillard
24 Feb 1759 John DENMAN otp Priscilla MEAD otp L James Masters Thos Robins
25 Feb 1759 John PODGER otp Mary STEER otp B James Dean Thos Robins
10 Apr 1759 Thomas DANIEL otp Betty DENMAN otp B John Baker John Robins
14 Apr 1759 John STUCKEY otp Betty MILLS otp B Samuel Stuckey Thomas Anstice
Apr 1759 John GUPPY otp Betty CABLE Lopen Banns only
2 Jun 1759 John CLARKE otp Mary BAKER otp B Samuel (X) Clark Thos Robins
5 Jun 1759 John BROWN otp Mary MARKS otp B John Brown Thos Robins
25 Jun 1759 John BAKER otp Anne ROBINS (signed Ann) otp B Peter Walters Thos Robins
5 Sep 1759 William DAVIES otp Susannah BAMBURY otp B Thos Robins Thos (x) Robins
23 Oct 1759 John BECK otp Sarah PYKE otp B Rob Adams Thos Robins
29 Oct 1759 Joseph EDWARDS otp Susannah DANIEL otp B Josias Gillard Thos Robins
5 Nov 1759 Hercules GENTLE otp Mary FORD otp B Thomas Gould Stephen Anstice
21 Jan 1760 Thomas PARKER otp Susannah NEWTON otp B John Syms Thos Robins
12 Apr 1760 John DARBY otp Diana WATTS otp B Stephen Westcott Thos Robins
22 Apr 1760 William PRIOR Shepton Beauchamp Ann FRIOR otp B Thomas Quantock John Robins
17 Sep 1760 Robert ROWSELL otp Sarah FOLLET otp B Thos? Willy Saml (x) Vagg
25 Oct 1760 Edward HAYWARD Middle Chinnock Joan FILDAY otp B Joseph Banbury John Robins
15 Nov 1760 James MASTERS otp Jane ROW otp L Thos Mills Thos Robins
21 Nov 1760 John THOMAS (Clerk) otp Mary PROWSE widow otp L Alice Cartelman Thos Musgrave
13 Dec 1760 John LUCAS otp Anne MARKS otp B Stephen? Slade John Coleberd
22 Dec 1760 Samuel NEAL otp Mary FORTT otp B Mary Hearen Francis Pinkard
5 Jan 1761 John BROWN otp Betty FORD otp B John Robins George Connock
19 Feb 1761 John SLADE S Cadbury Mary VAUX otp L Elizabeth Vaux Ann Slade
19 Mar 1761 John CHAPMAN Martock Hannah VILE otp B John Silvester John Robins
21 Mar 1761 Robert Elliot otp Sarah MEACH Merriot B Robt White Esther Meach
17 Apr 1761 Edward YARD Martock Martha CLARK otp B John HILLARD Thos Robins
14 Jun 1761 James BAKER otp Sarah MILLS otp B Robt Hebditch Thos Robins
18 Jun 1761 Wm SAINT Stoke Betty EDMONDS otp B John Ceely Samuel Edmonds
5 Jul 1761 Samuel WILLY otp Elizabeth BROWN otp B Joseph Hammond Thos Robins
11 Oct 1761 Samuel POTTENGER otp Hannah BARTLETT Crewkerne B Saml [?Sampson] Thos Robins
8 Dec 1761 Thomas WILLS otp Rebecca ROWSEL otp B Benjm Haine Thos Robins
2 Jan 1762 John WARR otp Joan WHITE otp B Anne (x) White Thos Robins
16 Feb 1762 Joseph HAMMOND otp Emlin DAVY otp B Richard Cox Thos Robins
Jan/Feb 1762 John BAMBURY otp Anne BRAKE Norton Banns only
23 Feb 1762 Thomas WILLS otp Anne BARTER otp B Samuel Shepherd Thos Robins
23 Feb 1762 William OSTLER otp Elizabeth WILLY otp B Samuel Stuckey Thos Robins
18 Apr 1762 Jeffery POTTENGER otp Joan AXE otp B Samuel Laver John Robins
26 Apr 1762 John CLARKE otp Susannah HEBDITCH otp sp B John Hebditch Matthew Hebditch
9 Jun 1762 Thomas WALLS otp Mary MARKS otp B Peter Walters Thos Robins
30 May 1762 Nicholas WALTERS otp Anna SAMPSON Kingsbury L Joan (x) Phelps Thos Robins
26 Jun 1762 Peter MABER Evershot, Dorset Elizabeth HARRIS otp L Josiah Anstice Mary Anstice
30 Jun 1762 Thomas FORT otp Mary BAKER otp B John Clarke Thos Robins
16 Aug 1762 James TUTCHEN otp Elizabeth HOOPER otp B Philip Bristow Samuel Hooper
6 Sep 1762 John GIFFORD Lopen Ruth FIELDY otp B Henry (X) Viney John Robins
17 Sep 1762 Robert ROWSELL Shepton Beauchamp Hannah HOOD otp B Nicholas Wellors John Robins
22 Sep 1762 John DANIELS otp Mary FIELDY otp B Andrew Denman John Robins
13 Nov 1762 John NEWTON otp joiner Hannah DANIELS otp sp B Mary Willy John Robins
28 Oct 1762 Henry DAVIE otp carpenter Amelia PIKE otp sp B Leah Pyke John Robins
22 Apr 1763 Samuel CLARKE otp Mary WILLY otp B John Gentle John Robins
24 Nov 1762 John OSTLER otp Ann DAVY otp sp B Samuel Stuckey junr John Robins
Nov/Dec 1762 Matthew HEBDITCH otp Ann WARE otp Banns only
28 Dec 1762 Thomas SCOTT Seavington St Mary Mary QUANTOCK otp B Thos (x) Robins John Robins
31 Jan 1763 Philip BRISTOW otp Mary OSTLER otp B William Mead Thos Robins
16 Mar 1763 John SILVESTER otp widower Mary WORNELL Lopen magna widow L W? Caller Jane Vaux
11 Apr 1763 Andrew DENMAN Lopen Ann EDMONDS otp B Mary (x) Edmonds Thomas Edmonds
5 Apr 1763 William VAGG otp Hannah DANIEL otp B John (x) Heawes? John Robins
27 Jul 1763 John BECK Hinton St George Leah PYKE otp L Ann Pike Thos Robins
2 Aug 1763 Gabriel OLD Hinton St George Hannah MARKS otp L Betty Marks Thos Robins
Jul/Aug 1763 John GOODING Martock Susannah DANIEL otp Banns only
22 Apr 1764 Robert CHANT West Chinnock Joan LANG otp B Matthew Hebditch Thos Robins at marriage groom "an inhabitant otp" NB definitely 17sixtyfour
Jul Josiah DENMAN otp Betty JEGO Kingeston Banns only
8 Nov 1763 John CLARKE otp Dinah WESTCOT otp B John Gentle John Robins
Sep 1763 Joseph RELAND otp Elizabeth BOWDITCH otp Banns only
18 Sep 1763 Robert HILLARD otp Susannah PODGER Curry Rivel L John Hillard Elizabeth Hillard
26 Sep 1763 Richard COX otp Mary ADAMS otp L Mary Locke Thos Palmer
5 Dec 1763 Robert HORWOOD otp Betty DANIEL otp B Thomas Pike John Robins
10 Dec 1763 James GILLET otp Mary RENDEL otp B Giles (x) Truss Thos Robins
Nov/Dec 1763 James PHIPPS Westbury in co of Wilts Mary WILLY otp Banns only
18 Jul 1764 John STACY otp Unity BROWN otp B Betty Marks Thos Robins
14 Feb 1764 John HOW otp Rebecca TUCKER otp B Thos Howe John Robins
6 Feb 1764 Samuel OSTLER otp Sarah ALLEN otp B William Edmonds Thos Robins
9 Feb 1764 John SLADE Martock Anne STEAR otp L John (x) Stear Thos Robins
25 Mar 1764 Robert WINES Drayton Mary PIERCE otp L Samuel Daniel Thos Robins
24 Apr 1764 Walter PINKARD otp Betty DARBY otp B John Brown Thos Robins
7 May 1764 Thomas GENTLE otp Ann ROW otp B John Gentle Thos Robins
30 May 1764 John HEARNE otp Jane DAVY otp B Samuel Stuckey Thos Robins
12 Sep 1764 James RODBERD otp Mary VAGG otp B Robt Adams Jno Henry? Baker
11 Sep 1764 John ROGERS clerk of Warmington, Wilts Mary SQUIRE otp sp L Mary Ternan? Mary Bayly
5 Dec 1764 John GRIFFIN otp Ann CLARK otp B Thos Robins John Robins
8 Oct 1764 Samuel FILDY otp Elizabeth MARKS otp B John Denman Thos Robins
Oct 1764 William ROWSELL otp Elizabeth BOWDITCH otp Banns only
3 Dec 1764 Robert LATEY otp Susannah DANIEL otp B William Jervois? Thos Robins
Nov 1764 William MARSH otp Martha BAILEY Hazelborough Banns only
14 Dec 1764 George Pepperel otp Ann SYMS otp B Thos Robins Henry Gillett
18 Dec 1764 John DANIEL Beauminster, Dorset Hannah ADAMS otp B E Cox? Ann Daniel
Dec 1764 Joseph HAMMOND otp Sarah LANE West Chinnock Banns only
Dec 1764 John TAYLOR Lopen Mary WIGGINS otp Banns only
Dec 1764 Daniel BISHOP Crewkerne Isaac PAUL otp Banns only
5 Jan 1765 John ANSTICE otp Elizabeth TARRENT otp B James Gillett Thos Robins
20 Jan 1765 Stephen DUCK otp Susannah EDMONDS otp B Samuel Hooper Thos Robins
18 Feb 1765 James PINKARD otp Mary BARTER otp B John (x) Pitcher Thos Robins
5 Mar 1765 Solomon MEAD Kingsbury Anna GIFFORD otp B William Mead Isaac Gifford
16 Apr 1765 James PHIPPS Westbury Leigh, Wilts b Margaret WILLY otp sp L Jno Willy William Phipps
30 May 1765 John STURTON otp Mary EDMONDS B Peter Masters Matthew Hebditch
15 Jul 1765 Joseph RELAND otp Lydia WATTS otp B Daniel How? Thos Robins
16 sep 1765 John NAPPER Seavington St Mary Betty REALAND otp B Matthew Hebditch John Robins
21 Oct 1765 William FOLLETT otp Ruth PIERCE otp B Mary (X) Wines John Robins
29 Oct 1765 John DENMAN otp Betty FILDY otp B John Hillard Thos Robins
4 Nov 1765 William BROWN otp Rachel FORD otp B Matt Darby Thos Robins
9 Nov 1765 Michael MARKS otp Susannah BAKER otp B John Brown Thos Robins
18 Dec 1765 Matthew HEBDITCH otp Jenny MASTERS otp B Samuel Masters Ruth Edmonds
Dec 1765 William TAYLOR otp Mary THOMAS West Lambrook, Kingsbury Banns only
27 Jan 1765 James DUCK otp Betty FORT otp B Thos Palmer? Samuel Vaux
Dec 65/Jan 66 William TAYLOR otp Mary THOMAS Kingsbury Episcopi Banns only
9 Mar 1766 William TAYLOR otp Hannah STUCKEY otp B Thos (x) Watts Thos Robins
11 Feb 1766 Henry GILLETT otp Anne BROWN otp L Jos ELLIOTT Thos Robins
12 Apr 1766 Richard RELAND otp Anne BARTER otp B Eleanor (x) How? Thos Robins
30 Mar 1766 Lionel BEST otp Dinah BOND otp B William Edmonds Thos Robins
18 Mar 1766 Giles TOLLY otp Mary LAMPRY otp B Peter Masters Matthew Hebditch
5 Apr 1766 William MEAD otp Mary GIFFORD otp B Hannah Gifford William Ostler Edith Gifford
26 May 1766 Thomas DAVIE otp Susanah WILLY otp B John Hammond Thos Robins
13 Apr 1766 James FORT otp Bety ENGLAND otp B James? Masters Thos Robins
18 Jun 1766 John MASTERS otp Deborah FOLLETT otp B William (x) Saint Marie? Patch
15 Jul 1766 Thomas WILLY otp Elizabeth HILLARD otp B Thos Palmer? Thos Robins
11 Apr 1767 John ROBINS otp Betty TIBBS otp B Mary Wansbrough William Jarvis Banns Apr 6, 13 & 20 1766
13 Aug 1766 Thomas BAKER otp Anne WHITE otp B Betty (x) White Thos Robins
24 Dec 1766 John FARNHAM otp Ruth EDMONDS otp B Samuel Edmonds Mary Farnham
26 Aug 1766 Richard TUCKER Somerton Mary BANBURY otp B John Denman Thos Robins
8 Sep 1766 Josias DENMAN otp Betty COLEBERD otp B Betty Bull Thos Robins
23 Dec 1766 John Ellis otp Ann ROWSELL otp L Thos Robins John Robins
Dec 1766 Joseph BAMBURY otp Unity GAWLER Chiselborough Banns only
29 Jan 1767 John HORSEY Lopen Anne BROWN (signed Ann BROWNE otp B G Locke Prudence Drake
Jan 1767 Giles TRACE Merriott Mary FOLLETT otp Banns only
16 Feb 1767 William HARRIS otp Anne WINES otp B John Brown J Wines
Feb 1767 Thomas LACEY Stocklinch Ann ALLEN otp Banns only
19 Mar 1767 Samuel RUTTER St Mary Magdalen, Taunton Hannah BAMBURY otp L Thos (x) Goddard Robert (x) Bambury
12 Apr 1767 Francis DENMAN Lopen Betty FILDY otp B Susannah (x) Denman Thos Robins
22 Jun 1767 Thomas GIFFORD Lopen Susannah VAGG otp B Saml (x) Gifford Thos Robins
29 Jun 1767 William ENGLAND otp Susannah MILLS otp B Ann Palmer Thos Robins
29 Jun 1767 Joseph SWAYNE (sig. SWAINE) Sevington Mary WILLY otp B Ann Palmer Thos Robins
26 Aug 1767 Samuel BAKER otp Joan MORLESS otp B John (x) Hitchcock Thos Robins
6 Sep 1767 Thomas TIBBS otp Betty WHITE otp B Benjamin Haine Thos Robins
4 Oct 1767 Robert WHITE otp Hannah TUCKER otp B Sarah (x) Knowles Thos Robins
14 Sep 1767 William ELLIOTT otp Mary WILLY otp B John Denman John Robins
Sep/Oct 1767 John WEARE otp Mary ADAMS Lopen Banns only
27 Oct 1767 Abednego MEACHAM Shepton Beauchamp Anne PALMER otp B John Palmer Esther Beale
9 Dec 1767 Moses MAISH Otp Betty GAYLOR otp B William MAISH Thos Robins
27 Jan 1768 Josiah BAKER otp Mary FORT otp B Thos Robins John Robins
3 Feb 1768 Joseph VILE otp Susannah PERREN otp B Wm Peren Susannah Clarck
1 Apr 1768 Matthew PREW otp Mary GRIFFIN otp B James Norman Thos Robins
Feb/Mar 1768 James FAULKENER otp Mary WIGGINS otp Banns only
Mar 1768 Thomas MARKS otp Mary COOK? Hampton, Dorser Banns only
6 May 1768 Lawrence WILLY otp Hannah VAGG otp B Thos Mills Thos Robins
25 Jun 1768 William PLAYER otp Betty BROWN otp B James Brown Thos Robins
24 May 1768 Isaac GIFFORD otp Ann CLARKE (signed CLARK) otp L John Pitcher John Robins
19 Jul 1768 Jasper MONKTON otp Mary EDMONDS otp B Thomas Edmonds Thos Robins
11 Jan 1769 Joseph TOUCHEN otp Mary STACEY otp B Thos Robins John Robins banns Jul/Aug 1766
Jul/Aug 1768 William HAINS otp Elizabeth WIGGINS otp Banns only
19 Oct 1768 Thomas DAVY otp Anne BAKER otp B Thos Robins Ann (x) Lucas
29 Nov 1768 Samuel DANIELS otp Mary TUCKER otp B John Willy Thos Robins
7 Jan 1769 John HILLARD otp Betty BAMBURY otp B Bennet Rosel Thos Robins
8 Dec 1768 Walter PINKARD otp Ann PATCH otp B Matt. Darby Thos Robins
2 Jan 1769 John BAKER otp Jane PITCHER otp B John Tucker Thos Robins
7 Feb 1769 Samuel VAGG otp Mary BROWN Montacute B Eward Lavor William Vagg
17 May 1769 Edward ROWSELL otp Mary GILLETT otp B William Taylor John Robins
30 Mar 1769 William DENMAN otp Betty DRAYTON Barrington B John Hanning William Drayton
11 Apr 1769 George TUPP otp Ann WEARE otp B Robert Weare John Robins
5 Aug 1769 Thomas GILLETT otp Ann HILLARD otp B John Robins Thos Clarke
1 Jul 1769 Samuel STOWER otp Hannah NEWTON otp B Susannah Parker John Robins
24 Jul 1769 John PEREN otp Mary WEARE otp L Geo Tupp John Coward
Oct 1769 Hugh MacNAMARA otp Ann OLD otp Banns only
21 Oct 1769 Caleb CAINS otp Mary UPHAM otp L Thomas Bridge John Robins
31 Dec 1769 John HAWKINS otp Esther BEALE otp B Jas Phipps Anne Channing
13 Nov 1769 John COLE Martock Sarah DANIEL otp B Edward Palmer John Robins
24 Dec 1769 Robert BROWNSELL otp Mary BAKER otp B Robt Willy John Robins
23 Dec 1769 Samuel WILLY otp Dorothy LOCKE otp B Henry GILLETT John Robins
27 Nov 1769 Joseph HUTCHINGS Seavington St Mary Elizabeth LOCKER otp L Stephen Hutchings Rosannah Hutchings
Dec 1769 Thomas MARKS otp Susannah PARKER otp Banns only
19 Feb 1770 William GONINGHAM Puckington Joan HANNING otp B John Robins John Lavor
19 Apr 1770 John NEWTON otp Lydia ALLEN otp B John Bulgin John Robins
8 Mar 1770 John TUCKER otp Edith GIFFORD otp L Henry GILLETT John Robins
27 May 1770 Benjamin HAINS otp Sarah DYER otp B Matthew Hebditch John Robins
21 Jul 1770 John BAKER otp Betty RODBERD otp B William Ostler Betty Ostler
6 May 1770 Dancer FAULKENER otp Bridget SWAYNE Seavington St Mary L Joseph Hutchings Thomas Poole
27 Jun 1770 John BURFORD otp Florence BAKER otp B John Robins Mary (x) Stuckey
Apr/May 1770 William MASTERS otp Mary TRACE Merriott Banns only
May 1770 Edward ANSTICE otp Betty DAVY Shepton Beauchamp Banns only
5 Jul 1770 Noah CLARK otp Ann BAMBURY otp B John (x) Hillard John Robins
21 Aug 1770 William WINES otp Joanna SWAYNE Seavington St Mary B Robert (x) Jeanes John Robins
18 Dec 1770 Thomas CLARK otp Mary WELCHMAN otp B Jas Elliott Sarah Gatehouse
23 Jul 1770 James COLE Wellington Elizabeth WIGGINS otp L John Robins Betty (x) Robins
24 Sep 1770 Thomas GIFFORD Blackford Ann PITCHER otp L Mary Beale Jonah Gifford
27 Nov 1770 John COLEBERD otp Elizabeth PATTEN otp L John Robins Betty (x) Robins
31 Mar 1771 Clement LAWRENCE Merriott Mary STOCKER otp B John Hillard Richard (x) Warr
6 Apr 1771 Samuel WINES otp Betty ANDREWS Martock B Joseph (x) Manning John Robins
13 May 1771 William HAINS otp Mary BAKER otp B Dancer (x) Faulkner Anne (x) Baker
9 Jun 1771 Edmond VILE otp Ann EDMONDS otp B Jonah Gifford John Gifford
24 Jun 1771 Francis GULLY otp Susannah CLARK otp B Thos Toller Jos. Kirkup
2 Jul 1771 John WIGGINS otp Susannnah VILE otp B Jonah Gifford Susanah Viel
3 Aug 1771 John BAKER otp Elizabeth MASTERS otp L Henry Gillett Ruth? Robinson?
5 Aug 1771 Andrew DENMAN otp Mary FARNHAM otp B William (x) England John Haming
14 Nov 1771 Joseph BEST Shepton Beauchamp Betty TEMPLEMAN otp B Ann Channing John Stuckey
11 Nov 1771 Samuel EDMONDS otp Betty BULL otp L John Farnham Deborah Bull
Nov 1771 Charles PRIDDLE Kingsbury Episcopi Rachel EDMONDS otp Banns only
2 Jan 1772 William DAVIS otp Betty LANG otp B James Banbury John Robins
25 Jan 1772 Nicholas BROWN otp Hannah TUTCHEN otp B James (x) Brown John Robins
7 Jan 1772 James WILLY otp Eleanor ELLIOTT otp L Henry Gillett John (x) Elliott
Jan/Feb 1772 Stephen GIFFORD otp Ann WILLY Kingsbury Episcopi Banns only
2 Mar 1772 Francis GULLY otp Hannah DAVY otp B Thomas (x) Gentle Ann (x) Gentle
Feb/Mar 1772 Edward LAVOR otp Susannah ELLIOTT Seavington St Michael Banns only
18 Apr 1772 Abraham WARR otp Ann MOREY otp B John Clarke John Robins
5 May 1772 John BARTLETT Shepton Beauchamp Betty WEBB otp B Robt Davis James Denman?[blotched]
19 May 1772 William DEAN Bridgwater b Mary HOSKYNS otp sp B Wm Deepup? Mary Gibbert?[blotched]
May 1772 John SPERRING sojourner otp Elizabeth BOOBIER Kingsbury B Ann Kington John Robins
28 Jul 1772 John GOULD otp Ann CLIVES otp B Robt Willy Jos Elliott
Sep 1772 John CLARK otp Susannah DENMAN otp Banns only
22 Feb 1773 Samuel DANIEL otp Betty CAVE otp B Sarah Cole John Robins
1 Mar 1773 William BULL otp Susanna DENMAN otp B John Hillard John Hanning
15 Mar 1773 John ROWSELL otp Grace MASTERS otp B John Masters John Robins
18 Jul 1773 William BAYLY otp Hannah MARKS otp B Thomas Baker John Robins
7 Jun 1773 William HARDING Seavington St Michael Mary HEARNE otp B E Bashenvile? Ann Twyford
20 Jun 1773 Philip BRISTOW otp Alice MARKS otp B William Fitter? John Robins
1 Aug 1773 John STEER otp Betty FORTT otp B Mary (x) Fortt John Robins
13 Aug 1773 Robert HUMPHRY otp Rachel MAISH otp B Thomas (x) Willy John Robins
9 Nov 1773 Joseph ANSTICE otp Edith OSTLER otp B Anne (x) Ostler John Robins
14 Feb 1774 Robert WHITEHEAD otp Jane WHITE otp B Betty Edmonds Hannah (x) White
10 Feb 1774 Samuel GODDEN otp Mary LANG otp B Sarah (x) Ostler Elizabeth (x) Ostler
21 Feb 1774 William HEBDITCH otp Hannah GIFFORD otp B John Hebditch Robt Weare
15 Mar 1774 Daniel FOWLER Martock Mary BANBURY otp L James Harmon? Ann ?
18 Apr 1774 Benjamin DONNE otp Jane WARR otp B John (x) Rowsell John Barnard
3 May 1774 Robert CLARK otp Jane EDMONDS otp B William Bull Sarah Grifen?
Jun 1774 John BAKER otp Anne BEST otp Banns only
Jul 1774 John NICHOLS North Perrott Betty GENTLE otp Banns only
14 Aug 1774 Francis PINKARD otp Mary BAKER otp B Samuel Pinkard James Pinkard
26 Sep 1774 Thomas WILLY otp Betty BOWERING otp B Robert Humphry Susannah (x) Waters
Nov 1774 John ANSTICE otp Charity KINGWILL Odcombe Banns only
23 Jan 1775 George FILDY otp Perthina BAMBURY otp B Edward Banbury John Fildy
6 Jan 1775 Moses MAISH otp Sarah BROWN otp B Samuel (x) Davy Thomas Robins
24 Jan 1775 Joseph EVERY Hazlebur Susannah DENSELOW otp L Samuel (x) Willy John Robins
14 Feb 1775 William HEBDITCH otp Elizabeth WILLY otp B James Hebditch Ann Rush
27 Feb 1775 Samuel DAVY otp Edith STURTON otp B Thomas Baker Thomas Robins
16 Apr 1775 Samuel ROBINS otp Sarah PYM otp B Betty (x) Curtis Betty (x) Saint
16 Apr 1775 Joel WALE otp Anne MEACHAM otp B William (x) Gardiner Mary (x) Thorn
2 May 1775 James BAMBURY otp Mary ENGLAND otp B Edward Banbury Anne (x) Upstill
5 Jun 1775 Hercules GENTLE otp Grace SMITH Montacute B John Nickols John Robins
18 Oct 1775 James BROWN otp Margaret ATTWELL otp B William (x) Brown Susanna Channing
26 Jul 1775 John GULLY otp Betty CURTIS otp B Jno Farnham John Robins
Jul 1775 Reuben DENMAN otp Jane BENGEFIELD Horsington Banns only
Aug 1775 Jonah ALFORD otp Susannah LOCK Kingsbury Banns only
29 Aug 1775 William WHITE otp Susannah BAKER otp B John (x) Warr Thomas Davey
19 Sep 1775 Edward VAGG otp Betty ATTWELL otp B John Barnard Anne (x) Vagg
29 Nov 1775 George LITTLEJOHNS otp Elizabeth PERRY otp B William Hebditch Hannah Hebdicth (sic)
19 Nov 1775 John PALMER otp Anne BAKER otp B Stephen Baker John Baker
15 Nov 1775 John HOOD otp Ann BAKER Chiselborough L Thos Palmer Mary Taylor
25 Dec 1775 William PINKARD otp Anne SYMS otp B Samuel Pinkard William Pinkard
9 Jan 1776 Richard HINE Kingsbury Anne GIFFORD otp B William Hebditch Hanna Hebdicth (sic)
8 Jan 1776 Edward SWAIN Seavington St Mary Jenny VAGG otp B Samuel Vagg Samuel Vagg
16 Mar 1776 William DAVIES otp Betty OSBORN otp B William (x) Epen John Robins
31 Mar 1776 Robert JEANS otp labourer Joan MARKS otp B William (x) Wines Sarah Choles
14 Apr 1776 Hugh LANG otp labourer Rebecca STUCKEY otp B Mary Horkuss Mary Hearn
23 Apr 1776 John BAKER otp Ann BEST otp B James Hooper Joseph Toller
7 Jul 1776 Thomas PYKE otp labourer Margaret SYMS otp sp B Samuel Stower Anne (x) Clarke
Jun/Jul 1776 Joseph EDMONDS otp Anne STUCKEY Kingsbury Banns only
Sep 1776 James GIFFORD otp yeoman Rebecca GIFFORD Kingsbury sp Banns only
23 Mar 1777 William BROWN otp labourer Betty MARKS otp sp B Peter Masters Joseph Masters Banns Sep 1776
15 Oct 1776 Richard HERDSMAN Lopen b Ann WILLY otp sp B John Willy Sarah Clark
19 Nov 1776 William BAKER otp labourer Anne MATTHEWS otp B Reuben Denman Edith (x) Baker
26 Dec 1776 James ATTWELL otp Anne VAGG otp B William Vagg Vagg
11 Feb 1777 John FORTT otp Elizabeth BAKER otp B John Robins Henry Gillett
27 Feb 1777 John TEMPLEMAN Stoke under Ham Anne RODBARD otp B Thomas Gifford Anne (x) Ostler
11 Feb 1777 John BAKER otp Mary DYKE otp B James Norman Henry Gillett
11 Feb 1777 William HAYWARD Yeovil b Mary HEARNE otp sp L James Norman Henry Gillett
9 Mar 1777 John REALON otp labourer Mary BAKER otp sp B Samuel Vagg John Robins
22 May 1777 John LAVER botp Elizabeth COWARD signed Bettey otp sp B Henry GILLETT John Robins
11 Apr 1777 Joseph HOLT otp Elizabeth BANBURY otp L William Hebditch Elizabeth Hebditch
15 May 1777 John BURFORD otp Betty BEST otp sp B Julletty Elliott John Robins
2 Jul 1777 Saml PINKARD otp Betty FARNHAM otp sp B Thomas Richards Hannah Griffin
14 Jul 1777 Samuel BAYLY Martock,shoemaker Joan VILE otp sp B Mary Perry John Robins
19 Jul 1777 Peter MASTERS otp widower Susannah HOLT otp sp L William Holt John Robins
26 Jul 1777 Samuel VAGG otp Frances MAISH osp B James Hooper L Anstice
Jun/Jul 1777 Samuel DAVIS otp Sarah MARKS otp Banns only
29 Jul 1777 John DENMAN otp widower Mary EDMONDS osp sp B Sarah Griffen John Hillard
25 Sep 1777 John VILE botp Mary RODBARD otp sp B Samuel Bailey Thos Gifford
Aug 1777 Thomas ROBINS otp Mary CROSS otp Banns only
7 Sep 1777 John GIBBS otp widower Elizabeth WINES otp B Elizabeth Filday John Robins
29 Sep 1777 Giles CALLOW otp labourer Sarah WINES otp sp B Samuel (x) Wines John Robins
Dec 1777 Thomas OSTLER otp Susannah WILLY Kingsbury Banns only
13 Jan 1778 Robert NEWTON otp Susannah GUMMER otp B Richd Horsey Anne Irish
10 Feb 1778 James TERRELL Stoke under Ham Sarah GRIFFEN otp B John Barker James Griffin
1 Mar 1778 Henry BONSTON otp Betty EDMONDS otp B William Anstice Thomas Davey
14 Mar 1778 Reuben DENMAN otp Mary MASTERS otp L Samuel Clark Hannah Banbury
4 May 1778 Thomas RICHARDS otp Elizabeth PINKARD otp B James Pinkard Betty Pinkard
14 May 1778 Thomas BAKER otp widower Susan MASTERS otp widow L John Vaux William Vaux
18 May 1778 James Thomas PRICE botp Ann MILLS otp sp L John Payne Wm Mills
6 Jun 1778 William DAVIS otp widower Sarah ROCKETT otp B Elizabeth Perry? John Robins
3 Jul 1778 George STONE botp Sarah GENTLE otp sp B Joseph Holt John Robins
22 Jul 1778 George WADSWORTH Rainown in C of Chester SYLVIA RANGER otp L Robt Hebditch John Robins
27 Jul 1778 Thomas DAVIS otp labourer Ruth DUCK otp sp B John Sturton John Robins
9 Aug 1778 Samuel DAVIS otp Ann MAISH otp sp B James Pinkard John Robins
16 Aug 1778 Thomas MARKS otp labourer Mary CHISLETT otp sp B Mich Marks Joseph Holt
Aug 1778 Rob DAVIS otp Ann MEAD Kingsbury Banns only
Jun 1778 Robert STEAR otp Elizabeth BURK Long Load Banns only
5 Jan 1779 Francis STURTON otp Jane LAVER otp B William Lavor John Robins
11 Nov 1778 Thomas HODGES otp Elizabeth BURRIDGE otp B Robert Davis John Robins
30 Nov 1778 Joseph FORT otp Ann ROBINS otp B John Barnard John Robins
25 Feb 1779 Samuel DANIEL otp Martha OWSLEY Broadway L Mary Crabb Elizabeth Dight
1 May 1779 John MARTIN otp Elizabeth CORTWAY otp B Benjamin Lockyer John Robins
15 Aug 1779 John STONE otp Mary LAVER otp B John Robins John Robins
10 Aug 1779 Robert ELLIOTT otp Anne DYER otp B Samuel Clark John Hillard
Jul 1779 Sam VAGG junr otp Mary EVANS St Nicholas in City of Bristol Banns only
6 Sep 1779 Charles MARKS otp Susannah DRUCE Lopen B Samuel Hebditch John Robins
20 Sep 1779 William LITTLEJOHNS otp widower Betty BAKER otp sp B John Robins Samuel Bailey
7 Dec 1779 William BATT otp Susannah CHAFFEY otp B Jem Gifford John Robins
10 Dec 1779 Gabriel GENTLE otp Hannah GULLY otp B John Robins John (x) Gentle
2 Jan 1780 Thomas ANSTICE otp Edith BAKER otp B John Robins Mary (x) Hooper
Nov 1779 William LAVOR otp Mary REED Crewkerne Banns only
Feb 1780 William LANG otp Joan LAWRENCE Kingsbury Banns only
22 Aug 1780 Elias HARDING otp Mary MAISH otp B Ann Marks John Robins
30 Aug 1780 John ROBINSON Shepton Beauchamp Hannah GRIFFIN otp B Stephen Bridge Jos Hankins
12 Sep 1780 William RUSSEL sig RUSSELL Kingsbury Mary WILLY otp B John Robins Thomas Priddle
6 Dec1780 John LAVOR otp Sarah LEGG osp B Ann Stowell Mary Dewell?
Dec 1780 John VAGG otp Elizabeth TUTCHEN otp Banns only
25 Dec 1780 John BARTLETT otp Ann ELLIOTT osp B William Bull John Hillard
8 Jan 1781 John MAISH otp Sarah GRINHAM osp B Ann Stowell Betty Darby
26 Feb 1781 John HARDING otp Grace LANG osp sp B John Robins Bettey Darby
11 Mar 1781 Thos HOPKINS Martock Molly HEBDITCH otp B Ann Hopkins Samuel How
13 Mar 1781 Samuel HEBDITCH otp farmer Joan DENMAN osp sp B Matthew Hebditch John Robins
22 Apr 1781 John WEARE otp Hannah HOLLAND osp B Susanna Pellow Samuel Wear
29 Apr 1781 John GENTLE Seavington St Michael Betty ROW otp B Susanna Channing Hannah Banbury
4 Jun 1781 William LAMPHREY otp labourer Hannah BAKER osp sp B John Marks John Robins
11 Jul 1781 Jacob GRIFFIN botp Hannah VAUX osp sp L Richd Toller John Vaux
20 Aug 1781 Joseph WINES botp Jane TAYLOR osp sp B Samuel Clark Edith Saint
4 Oct 1781 Wm CHAPMAN Salisbury, Wilts Dorothy CASE otp L Stephen Bridge Hannah Banbury
10 Oct 1781 Stephen BEST Shepton Beauchamp Hannah ALLEN otp B Hannah Hearn Grace Pottengar
6 Nov 1781 Joseph CLARK otp labourer Elizabeth LAVOR osp sp B John Weaer Mary Edmonds
12 Oct 1781 James BROWN otp labourer Ann LAWRENCE osp sp B John (x) Vagg John Robins
18 Nov 1781 Samuel HILLARD otp farmer Susannah PATCH osp sp B Samuel Clark John Dunstone
25 Dec 1781 James HAWKINS botp Betty PINNY osp sp B Elizabeth John Robins
15 Jan 1782 Charles TOWELS Ilminster Sarah FROST otp sp B Ann Stowell John Eames? From this point record of banns kept separately
21 Jan 1782 Samuel Clark botp Priscilla RICHARDS Kingsbury sp B Jephtha Willey William Rodford
27 Jan 1782 William EDMONDS botp Betty ANSTICE osp sp B John Robins junr John Robins senr
30 Jan 1782 Thomas MILLS Hinton St George b Anne STOWELL otp sp B Jonah Ostler Richard Cox
17 Jun 1782 John DUNSTONE botp Elizabeth PATCH osp sp B Samuel Hillard John Robins
22 Jun 1782 Matthew BAKER botp Molly TEMPLEMAN osp sp B William Clark John Marks
25 Aug 1782 Barnard GOULD botp Mary PINKARD osp sp B James Pinkard John Robins
18 Oct 1782 Joseph ENGLAND botp Hannah OSTLER osp sp L John Robins .. Palmer
21 Nov 1782 John MARKS otp Mary FARTHING osp sp B Julia (x) Elliot John Robins
9 Dec 1782 James SCOTT botp Ann MARTIN osp sp B Bettey Darby John Robins
18 Dec 1782 Wm DUNSTONE botp Elizabeth THORNE osp sp B John Priddle John Dunstone
4 Feb 1782 (sic) Thomas PRIDDLE Kingsbury Betty DARBY signed Bettey otp sp B James Norman John Robins
11 Feb 1783 John VAGG botp Mary ELLIOT osp sp B John Vaux Susannah Coles
13 Feb 1783 James ELLIOT botp Anna NEWTON osp sp B James Griffen Phebe Peren
19 Feb 1783 James GRIFFEN botp Phebe PEREN osp sp B William Anstice William Hillard
15 Mar 1783 Thomas ANSTICE otp widower Mary STUCKEY osp sp B Elizabeth Stuckey Mary Stuckey
8 Apr 1783 Robert WILLY botp Xtian BUCHER osp sp B Richd Toller G W Hall
8 May 1783 Joseph ELLIOTT botp Jane CALLOW osp sp B Robt Humphry Betty Hills?
15 May 1783 Ezer WIGGINS (?Ebenezer) botp Hannah GARRETT osp sp B James Cole Mary Wiggins
14 Jun 1783 Jonah Bailey botp Mary BAKER osp sp B Thomas Davey John Robins
15 Jun 1783 Robert JEANES otp labourer Ann PINNY osp sp B Samuel Vagg John Robins
16 Jun 1783 Samuel RICHARDS otp widower Esther TEMPLEMAN osp widow B Joseph Daniel John Marks
5 Jul 1783 Humphrey TUTCHEN botp Phillis BOWIDGE osp sp B Sarah (x) Burford John Robins
3 Aug 1783 James BAILY botp Lydia WINES osp sp B John Robins junr John Robins
5 Aug 1783 Thomas GRAY St James, Middx, Gent Mary MUSGRAVE otp sp L Mary ?Hanley Tho: Musgrave
7 Aug 1783 Samuel ELLIOTT botp Mary WIGGINS osp sp B .. Wiggins John Robins
10 Sep 1783 Thomas BARRET East Coker b Susanna CHANNING otp sp L Saml Rodberd Saml Barret
21 Dec 1783 William BAKER botp Hannah STURTON osp sp B John Robins senr John Robins junr
14 Mar 1784 James STACEY botp Sarah TUTCHEN osp sp L John Masters John Robins
28 Jun 1784 John ABBOT botp Ann FAULKNER osp sp B Ruth (x) Edmonds John Robins
2 Jul 1784 Jesse FOWLER Chard Hannah BANBURY otp sp L Danl Fowler Elizabeth Seward
24 Oct 1784 William BAILEY Martock Ann MATTHEWS otp sp B Robert Jeanes Samuel Garland
26 Oct 1784 Thos APLIN Combe St Nicholas widower Sarah COLE otp B Anna Stower John Robins
30 Oct 1784 William EDMONDS botp Susanna VILE osp sp B Betty Vile John Robins
23 Nov 1784 Thos BARNS botp Esther LAWRENCE osp sp B G W Hall Robt Willy
22 Dec 1784 Charles THOMAS sojourner otp Sarah PALMER osp sp B John Robins Joseph Palmer
25 Dec 1784 Philip HARDING botp Sarah HEPDON osp sp B John Robins senr John Robins junr
25 Dec 1784 George ALLEN botp Ann PAUL osp sp B John Robins senr John Robins junr
17 Dec 1784 John EDWARDS botp Sarah BURVIDGE osp sp B John (x) Harding John Robins
27 Feb 1785 John DAVIES botp Sarah HALL osp sp B William Hebditch Hannah Hebditch
29 Mar 1785 John WATTS otp cooper Mary DAVIES osp sp B William Bull John Robins
15 May 1785 John FORT otp widower Mary EDWARDS osp sp B Joseph (x) Fort John Robins
13 Jun 1785 Isaac MEAD Kingsbury Episcopi widower Mary DREW otp widow L William Hebditch Richd Gifford
2 Aug 1785 John VAUX otp Joan LAVER osp sp L John Lavor John Robins
5 Aug 1785 Matthew MARTIN botp Jane RODBARD osp sp B Hannah Bailey John Robins
6 Feb 1785 Matthew MARKS botp Betty PITTARD osp sp B Samuel Lavor John Robins
6 Jul 1785 John MASTERS botp Mary PALMER sp B John Robins Edwd (x) England
28 Oct 1785 William MEAD botp Susannah OSTLER osp sp B Samuel Lavor Samuel Wear
14 Nov 1785 Charles WINES otp Susannah MASTERS osp sp B Samuel Clark John Arden
2 Jan 1786 James PRIEVES alias CARD sojourner b Elizabeth WRIGHT sojourner sp B Jas Robins John Robins
3 Jan 1786 James DANIEL botp Susannah GEORGE osp sp L Samuell Daniel Willm Holt
23 Jan 1786 Samuel BOND botp Grace PODGER osp sp B H Hearn John Robins
30 Jan 1786 William ROBINS otp soldier Mary THORN? osp widow B John Brice John Robins
4 Feb 1786 John WARR botp Elizabeth MATTHEWS osp sp B Samuel Clark Josiah Denman
23 Feb 1786 James DUCK botp Sarah GUMMER osp sp B John Robins Mary (x) Gummer
1 Aug 1786 William MAISH botp Mary STUCKEY osp sp B Saml Chapman Samuel Stuckey
6 Aug 1786 Isaac HOLT botp Mary VILE osp sp B Samuel Vagg John Robins
24 Sep 1786 William GUMMER botp Mary FOLLET osp sp B Josia Denman Isaac Holt
9 Oct 1786 George PITTARD botp Mary PALMER osp sp B Hannah Pavley John Robins
10 Oct 1786 Thomas MASTERS botp Elizabeth MONKTON osp sp B Joseph Daniel Samuel Lavor
20 Nov 1786 Isaac STUCKEY botp Sarah WEARE osp sp B John Brown John Robins
1 Jan 1787 James ROWSELL botp Susannah BAMBURY osp sp B John Robins William Bridg Baker
15 Jan 1787 Peter SAINT botp Ann DANIEL osp sp B Joseph Daniel Ann? Holt
25 Jan 1787 William HARDING Martock b Jane CLARK otp sp L Richd Herdsman Ann Herdsman
22 Feb 1787 Joseph HARDING Martock widower Sarah CLARK otp sp L Ann Herdsman Ben: Chaffey
5 Mar 1787 Richard REALON otp widower Elizabeth HUTCHINS osp widow B Hannah (x) White John Robins
10 Apr 1787 William BAKER Kingsbury Episcopi b Ann PATCH otp sp B Edward Patch Joseph Bulgin
29 May 1787 James WOODBURY botp Elizabeth TUTCHEN osp sp B Ann Jeans Ann Hebditch
16 Jun 1787 John BROWN botp Sarah STUCKEY osp sp B John Robins Joseph (x) Harding
4 Jul 1787 Samuel FOLLETT botp Mary WATTS osp widow B Robert (x) Follet John Robins
5 Jul 1787 Joseph ROWSELL botp Martha MARKS osp sp B Mathew Marks John Robins
11 Aug 1787 John FORT botp Betty GILLET osp sp B John Robins Ann (x) Marks
14 Oct 1787 Charles LITTLEJOHNS botp Sarah HANN osp sp B James Robins Hannah Snook
14 Oct 1787 William WILTSHIRE Misterton widower Ruth STONE otp sp B Joseph Humphry John Robins
17 Nov 1787 Josiah DENMAN botp Betty VILE osp sp B Samuel Bailey John Robins
16 Mar 1788 Paul KINGWILL Udcomb b Mary SEWARD otp sp B Daniel Fowler Jno Clark
1 Apr 1788 Joseph VAUX botp Mary EDMONDS osp sp L Baker Edmonds John Robins
12 May 1788 Samuel STUCKEY botp Catharine WIGGINS osp sp B Saml Stuckey James Cole
19 May 1788 Elias EAVEN botp Jenny DEAN osp sp B Ann Hankins John Robins
2 Jun 1788 Samuel EDMONDS botp Susanna STACEY osp sp B Charles Littlejohns John Denman
2 Jun 1788 William MAISH botp Ann FORT osp sp B Charles Littlejohns John Denman
22 Jun 1788 Henry MEAD sojourner in tp widower Mary GUMMER otp sp B William Maish Wm (x) Gummer
25 Jun 1788 Daniel FOWLER botp Elizabeth SEWARD osp sp B John Clark Samuel Clark
23 Aug 1788 Richard GENTLE botp Ann DARE osp sp B W Stower John Robins
4 Sep 1788 Samuel LAVOR botp Susannah HEBDITCH osp sp B Joan Vaux William Clarke
9 Sep 1788 James HILLARD botp Hannah FOLLET osp sp B Samuel Hillard Charles Patch
19 Oct 1788 Thomas FORTT botp Susanna DUCK osp sp B James Robins John Robins
31 Oct 1788 Noah CLARK otp widower Mary ROWSELL osp sp B John Robins Susanna (x) Hillard
16 Nov 1788 Samuel BOND otp widower Elizabeth RUSSELL widow B Lionel Best Joel Best
30 Nov 1788 William MAIN botp Ann NEWTON osp sp B Mary Newton John Robins
4 Jan 1789 John EDMONDS botp Jenny BARTLETT osp sp B Grace (x) Hebditch John Robins
19 Jan 1789 Saml LAMPREY botp Sarah HOLLAND osp sp B Hannah Wear Susanna Pittard
28 Mar 1789 John POOK Lopen b Eunice DENMAN otp sp B Joseph Daniel Hannah Snook
25 May 1789 William PARKER botp Elizabeth SYMS osp sp B Mary Cox Ann Adams
14 May 1789 William LAVOR otp Elizabeth Stuckey osp sp B Mary Naish Robert Davis
11 Jul 1789 William BEST Kingsbury Episcopi b Hannah DARBY otp sp B Thos Lyddon John Robins
25 Jul 1789 Charles BEST Shepton Beauchamp Edith TUCKER opt sp B John Hankins John Robins
20 Sep 1789 William BARTLETT botp Diana WIGGINS osp sp B James Cole John Robins
8 Nov 1789 James WINES otp Hannah CLARK osp sp B Robert Humphry John Robins
28 Nov 1789 Robert HOLLAND botp Ann STACEY osp sp B Samuel Laver John Robins
19 Jan 1790 John WELLSTEAD West Knighton, Dorset b Mary WHITE otp sp L R Herdsman Hannah Wellelect?
26 Jan 1790 Robert JEANES botp Mary HOLWAY osp sp B Andrew Denman Betty ?Sallway
7 Feb 1790 Robert WINES botp Unity WHITE osp sp B Samuel Clark John Robins
7 Mar 1790 Thomas WILLS otp widower Mary CROSS osp sp B Matthew Peren John Robins
7 Apr 1790 Joel BEST botp Sarah THORN Kingsbury Episcopi sp B William ?Gear John Robins
20 Apr 1790 John ANSTICE otp widower Love SCOTT osp widow B John Robins William Ostler
20 Apr 1790 William VILE Shepton Beauchamp b Elizabeth VIRGIN otp sp B John Robins Wm Ostler Ann Jeans
18 May 1790 Stephen LITTLEJOHNS botp Mary RATTEN? otp sp B John Robins Charles (x) Marks
20 May 1790 Charles TUCKER Chard Borough, b Ann HORSEY otp sp B Mary Cox John Horsey
25 Jun 1790 Joseph MASTERS otp Elizabeth OSTLER osp L Ann Jeans John Robins
10 Aug 1790 William MATTHEWS botp Mary GIFFORD osp sp B Ann Tucker John Robins
18 Sep 1790 John DARBY otp widower Jane CLARK osp widow B John Robins Ann Maish [?Marsh]
4 Oct 1790 James PINKARD botp Jane STURTON osp widow B Samuel Pinkard Betty Pinkard
18 Oct 1790 Thomas BINDON botp Elizabeth LEE osp sp B John Robins Willm Redfern
18 Oct 1790 Thomas GUMER botp Ann MARSH osp sp B John Robins Willm Redfern
25 Dec 1790 James TUCKER Martock b Anne SIMS otp sp B John Horsey junr Betsey Horsey John Robins
5 Jan 1791 James PODGER botp Elizabeth CROSS osp sp B Ann (x) Farnham Robert Humphry John Robins
24 Jan 1791 James STACEY botp Ann JEANES osp widow B John Milett John Robins
16 Feb 1791 Samuel INDOE botp Phoebe STUCKEY osp sp L John Hebditch Jon Robins
31 Mar 1791 Isaac GRIFFIN botp Jane HEARN (sign Joan) osp sp L Wm Harding John Robins
9 May 1791 William ROBINS botp Elizabeth DANIEL osp sp B John Robins John (x) Daniel
10 May 1791 Daniel FOWLER otp widower Maria CARBY osp widow L John Robins
8 Aug 1791 John FARNHAM botp Ruth EDMONDS osp sp L G Solne? John Robins
21 Aug 1791 William DANIEL botp Ann BARGE Hazelbury sp B Robt (x) Pitt John Robins
6 Oct 1791 Samuel LAVOR botp Phillis FILDEY osp sp B Elizabeth Horsey Jno Horsey junr
6 Nov 1791 Thomas COLE botp Ruth WARE osp sp B John Davis John Robins
14 Dec 1791 Philip MATTHEWS botp Ann HILLARD osp sp B William Bailey John Warr
28 Dec 1791 Revd Sam WALTER botp, curate Sarah ELLIOTT osp sp L Eleanor Elliott John Horsey
27 Jan 1792 George GUMMER otp widower Elizth HODGES otp B Samuel Pinkard John Robins
5 Jan 1792 James RAYSON botp Amey GIFFORD osp sp B Thomas Lye Thomas Rowsell
5 Feb 1792 John SMITHERAM botp Mary LAMPREY osp sp B Lawrence Harding John Robins
4 Mar 1792 Sarah VIRGENT botp Martha BISHOP osp sp B Ann Jeans Robert Allen
26 Apr 1792 Thomas EDMONDS botp Mary COX osp sp B Stephen Bridge Eber
5 Jun 1792 Benjamin HEAREN botp Ann ENGLAND osp sp B Robt Willy John Robins
6 Jul 1792 James MOUNTER otp Hannah LITTLEJOHN otp B John Warren John Robins Thomas Haine, James Jeans
7 Aug 1792 John ROBINS otp Elizth GODDEN osp B Jno Hankins Jno Newton
8 Oct 1792 John DAVY botp Ann BAKER osp sp B Isaac Davy John Robins
6 Nov 1792 Robert ROSE Lopen Ann FARNHAM otp sp L Andrew Denman Mary Edmonds
25 Dec 1792 Thomas TROTT Martock widower Sarah WHATHAM otp sp B John Robins Saml Robins
28 Jan 1793 Willm CLARKE botp Eliz GRIFFIN osp B Rebekah Griffen John Robins
14 Feb 1793 Thomas DAVIS botp Elizabeth ANSTICE osp sp B Ann Jeans John Robins James Robins
22 Apr 1793 John WHITE botp Ann HEBDITCH osp sp B William Hebditch John Robins
29 Jun 1793 Robert HEARN (sig HEAREN) otp Diana ALLEN West Lambrook L Thos (x) Watts John Robins
3 Jul 1793 Thos HUTCHENS otp Sarah HOOPER otp B Wm Harding John Robins
5 Nov 1793 Thomas WATTS otp widower Ann LUDWELL osp sp B William (x) England John Robins
9 Dec 1793 John YOUNG botp Sarah AXE osp sp B Eliza (x) Harding Marget Gillett
24 Dec 1793 George INDER botp Susanna MARKS sp B Thos (x) Watts Marget Gillett
25 Dec 1793 John TOLLER botp Mary BAMFIELD otp sp B Robert Hellard John Robins
22 Apr 1794 Robert WILLY otp Betty RAISON otp B John Robins Willm Pitman
3 Jun 1794 Thomas WINES otp Jane MARTIN otp B Harriot Bailey John Robins
19 Aug 1794 William PHIPPS Westbury, Wilts Charity PHIPPS otp L Ann Herdsman Mary Barrington
24 Aug 1794 Joseph EDMONDS otp Mary STACEY otp B Wm (x) Lavor John Robins
25 Aug 1794 James ROBINS otp Mary FARNHAM otp B Josiah Hebditch Samuel Denman Hannah Cross
7 Oct 1794 William TAYLOR otp Alice BRISTOW otp B William Taylor Jno Hawkins
17 Nov 1794 Edward YARD Martock Eleanor ELLIOTT otp L Josh Elliot John Robins
27 Dec 1794 Samuel BAKER otp Sarah PRIEST otp L Isaac Harding Mary Cole
2 Feb 1795 Samuel STOWER otp Elizabeth ENGLAND otp L Joan Vaux John (x) Robins
3 Mar 1795 Lionel BEST otp Mary BROWN otp B Joseph Beck William Best
13 Mar 1795 William CROSS Ashill Elizabeth EDMONDS otp B Robert Edmonds John Robins
19 Apr 1795 John ROBINSON otp Elizabeth CAMPKIN Cudworth L Stephen Bridge Jno Hawkins
17 May 1795 Samuel DENMAN otp Mary BARRINGTON otp B Josiah Hebditch Sarah Horsey Sarah ?Jasper
1 Jun 1795 Willm TAYLOR otp Ann ENGLAND otp B Mary Godden John Robins
20 Jul 1795 Isaac HARDING otp Mary COLE osp sp L Robt Cole Mary Paget?
6 Oct 1795 Robert COLE otp Joan GRIFFEN osp B Hannah Cole Wm Clarke
14 Oct 1795 George VILE otp Jane STURTON osp B Wm Axe J Vaux
6 Nov 1795 Jonah WARR otp Susannah GIFFORD osp B Edith Vile William Warr
17 Nov 1795 James WILLS otp Hannah SNOOK osp B Hannah Cole Sampson Clark
6 Jan 1796 Robert HUTCHINGS otp Ann POWELL osp B John Robins Margartt White
25 Jan 1796 Henry HARDING otp Mary GUMMER osp B Thomas Tibbs John Robins
31 Jan 1796 William PITMAN otp Mary RAISON otp B Robert Willy John Robins
13 Mar 1796 Thomas COLEBERD otp Thomazine DAVY osp B Lawrence Harding Thomas Tibbs
2 May 1796 Lawrence HARDING otp Ann DAVY osp B Susanna Harding Thomas Tibbs
15 May 1796 Thomas TIBBS otp Susannah BAKER osp B Lawrence Harding John Baker
8 Aug 1796 John PITTARD otp Hannah LAVER osp B Jacob Wills John Robins
24 Oct 1796 James FORTT otp Betty GUMMER osp L Wm Hebditch John Robins
27 Oct 1796 John ENGLAND otp Sarah LAWRENCE B Thomas Lawrence John Robins
12 Dec 1796 Robert TAYLOR otp Mary CLARK osp B Thomas Richards John Robins
11 Jan 1797 John JANES botp Phebe PARKER sp B John Robins Anne Holt
18 Feb 1797 John BROWINING otp Rebecca BAKER osp B Robert (x) Allen John Robins
13 Mar 1797 William DARBY Martock Elizth CLARK otp L Thos Clark Elizabeth Hooper
26 Apr 1797 Richard KNAPPER otp Jane HANKINS osp B Josiah Male Mary Hankins
29 May 1797 John GUMMER otp Ann HEBDITCH osp B John Robins Shusanna Willy
7 Aug 1797 Henry BRAKE Norton Betty WEBBER otp L James Salisbury Hannah (x) Willy
5 Sep 1797 Eber DAVY otp Susannah SCOT osp B Sarah Anstice John Robins
10 Sep 1797 John BAKER otp Ann SYMS osp B John Sims Joseph Davis
4 Nov 1797 Thomas VIRGIN otp Susannah BEST osp B James Banbury John Robins
20 Nov 1797 William LITTLEJOHNS otp Susannah FOLLETT osp B William Follett Susanna Willy
20 Nov 1797 Samuel AXE St Mary Aldermanbury, London Susanna EDMONDS otp L Andrew Donne? Joseph Vaux
14 Jan 1798 Samuel VILE otp Jean DANIEL osp B John (x) Daniel John Robins
1 Feb 1798 William BAKER otp Mary ROWSELL osp B Thomas Lavor John Robins
22 Feb 1798 Richard HILL otp Elizth FORT osp B Thomas Lavor John Robins
9 Apr 1798 William WARR otp Edith FILDEY osp B Martha (x) Warr John Robins
16 May 1798 William STOWER otp Mary EDMONDS osp B Ruth Farnham John Robins
31 May 1798 James MALE otp Susanh WILLY B S Godden Ann W Herdsmen
3 Jun 1798 John BANBURY otp Sarah ANSTICE osp B Jacob Wills Mary Davis
23 Jul 1798 John SWAIN Donyat Susannah STOWER otp B William Ostler Hannah Palmer signed John Willey Swaine
19 Aug 1798 Jacob WILLS otp Ruth FARNHAM osp B Saml Daniel Hannah Palmer
25 Oct 1798 Henry FARNHAM otp Lucy DANIEL osp B John Robins Petter (x) Saint
1 Nov 1798 Joseph DAVIS otp Ann CRABB osp B Francis PINKARD Susanna Laver
15 Nov 1798 Samuel EDMONDS otp Fanny WARR osp B Joseph Edmonds John Robins
16 Dec 1798 William OSTLER otp Ann BAKER osp B Robt Newton Maria Newton
18 Dec 1798 James REALON otp Elizth DANIEL osp B Lucy Soremin? John Robins
20 Mar 1799 John HALLETT otp Mary WALE osp B Samuel Pinkard John Robins
25 Mar 1799 John SIBLEY otp Martha GODDEN osp B Mary Godden Samuel Godden
13 May 1799 John SAUNDERS Tiverton, Devon Mary STOWER otp B Isaac Dungy Rebecca Farnham
27 May 1799 William EDMONDS otp Rebecca PAINE Stoke under Ham B Silvester Tavener John Robins
5 Jun 1799 Thomas PYKE otp Mary HUTCHINGS osp B Bilhah Hankins Fanney White
4 Jul 1799 Joseph JEANES otp Betty RICHARDS osp B Samuel Pinkard John Robins
30 Jul 1799 William OSTLER otp Margarett WHITE osp B Joseph Masters Fanney White
1 Aug 1799 James TAYLOR OTP Jemima TIBBS osp B John Gummer Sarah Littlejohns
6 Aug 1799 William DENMAN otp Harriett ARDEN osp B Jas Burford Mary Arden
19 Aug 1799 James MARKS otp Martha TAYLOR osp B John Priddle John Robins
4 Sep 1799 Samuel DOBLE otp Prudence STUCKEY osp B John Priddle John Robins
14 Oct 1799 William BEST otp Ann HUTCHINGS osp B Saml Gummer Eliza Denman
30 Dec 1799 James BROWN otp widower Elizabeth HARDING osp widow L Thomas Watts John Robins
6 Feb 1800 John PAUL otp Jemima BEST osp B Elizabeth Denman John Robins
24 Feb 1800 Jacob DAY otp Ann TUCKER osp B Fanny White Ann White
31 Mar 1800 James WALTER otp Ann PAUL osp B Samuel Priddle Charlotte Davis
7 Jun 1800 John Haine otp Elizabeth MALE osp B Joseph Humphry John Robins
24 Aug 1800 John Lang otp Mary PINKARD osp B John Hickey John Robins
21 Oct 1800 Robert HILLARD Seavington St Michael Mary BAILY otp B Mary Mitchell Solomon Bailey
2 Mar 1801 John WEAVER Curry Mallet b Susanna CONWAY otp sp B J B Edmonds E Tucker Martha Edmonds
12 Mar 1801 Thomas LAVOR otp Rebecca HEBDITCH osp B William Hebditch John Lavor Susanna Lavor
26 Mar 1801 Joseph GILL St Michael, Bristol widower Jane BRIDGE otp sp L Stephen Bridge Sarah Vaux
11 Jun 1801 Jonah HALLETT otp Hannah YOUNG osp B Thos Banbury John Robins
3 Aug 1801 Joseph HUMPHREY otp Ruth ARDEN osp B Samuel Vaux Samuel Vagg Henry Humphry
11 Aug 1801 Saml DENMAN otp Hannah CROSS osp L Saml Daniel Caroline Robins
29 Sep 1801 John BAKER otp Mary HAYWARD otp B Lawrence Harding John Robins
26 Dec 1801 Henry HUMPHRY otp Susanna WEAVER osp B J P Anstice John Griffin
11 Jan 1802 John SMYTH otp Hannah DIGHT osp B Catherine Dight John Robins
20 Jan 1802 James BAKER otp Mary BAKER osp B Stephen Elliott John Robins Catherine Anstice
21 Jan 1802 William GIFFORD otp Betty VAGG osp B Ann W Herdsman Wm Hearen John Robins
2 Mar 1802 John HEAREN otp Ann GIFFORD osp B William Harding James Hebditch
6 Apr 1802 James Crew TULLIDGE otp excise officer Elizabeth DENMAN osp B G Denman Josiah Hebditch Rebecca Farnham
20 Apr 1802 Andrew DENMAN otp Martha PITTARD Kingsbury Episcopi B Wm Pittard Jonah Male Jno Baker jnr
3 Jun 1802 Thomas CABLE Lopen Unity ROWSELL otp B John Robins Samel Vagg
27 Jul 1802 David RICHARDS Dissenting Minister otp Margaret TOLLER osp L Richd Toller Chas Hutchings J Nicholett
23 Aug 1802 John BUSSELL? Martock Charlotte E DAVIS otp B Henry Bussell Henry Taylor Wm Reed
2 Sep 1802 Joseph TUTCHEN otp Elizabeth ATTWELL osp B Stephen Elliott Gerrard Vagg Saml Atwell
10 Sep 1802 Richard TOLLER otp Elizabeth NICHOLETTS Taunton St Mary L D Richards Margaret Richards
4 Oct 1802 Edward COLBARD otp Hannah WHITE osp B James Masters Hannah Robins
25 Nov 1802 John WHITE otp Ann BROWN osp B Samuel (x) Willy John Robins
25 Dec 1802 Robert ALLEN otp Sarah BEST osp B Charles Best Thomas Davis
7 Feb 1803 John ANSTICE otp Hannah WEBBER Huish Episcopi B Saml (x) Lang Hannah (x) Anstice John Robins
28 Feb 1803 Jonah OSTLER otp Mary TUCK osp B George Kingweill Charity C Buster? John Robins
22 Mar 1803 William JANES otp Mary GODDEN osp B John Edwards Mary Davis
27 Mar 1803 Samuel CLARK otp Sarah WHITFIELD osp B James Hebditch Catharine Anstice John Robins
14 Apr 1803 Stephen TALBOT Kingsbury Episcopi Sarah HANDYMAN otp B Sarah Harding Susan Harding John Robins
12 May 1803 John COLLINS Kingsbury Episcopi Kezia BULL otp B Sarah Harding Mary Bull Susannah Harding
24 May 1803 Joseph TAYLOR otp Phebe GILLETT osp B John Fort Israel Gillett John Robins
18 Jul 1803 Robert REES otp butcher Sarah LOCKYER osp B Andrew Denman Betty Lockyer John Robins
31 Jul 1803 James MARSH botp Hannah EDMONDS osp sp B Thomas Davis John Masters John Robins
13 Sep 1803 John OSTLER Yeovil Mary SHAPTER otp L William Irish Maria Newton
14 Sep 1803 James HEBDITCH botp Edith HEAREN osp sp B John (X) Hearen Sarah Hayward
26 Sep 1803 John GIFFORD Kingsbury Episcopi widower Rhoda VILE otp widow L James Gifford Mary Gifford Joseph Masters
19 Oct 1803 Robert WHITE botp Phillis DENMAN Lopen sp B John Pook John Robins
31 Oct 1803 Samuel ROBINS otp widower Anne NEWBURY osp sp B Frances White Philip (x) Harding John Robins
7 Nov 1803 John GLOVER Kingsbury Episcopi b Elizabeth GILLETT otp B Robert H Leadon Marget Gillett
6 Jan 1804 Joseph GULLY botp Elizabeth STUCKEY osp sp B Sarah Harding John Stuckey William Anstice
16 Jan 1804 John STUCKEY botp Mary CLARK osp sp B Isaac Stuckey William Anstice Robert Davies
16 Jan 1804 John STONE botp Hannah VAGG osp sp B John Harding Isaac Stuckey John Wale
5 Feb 1804 Thomas YARD Martock Rebeca GIFFORD osp sp B John Squire John Robins
15 Feb 1804 Thomas ALFORD Shepton Beauchamp widower Mary GIFFORD otp widow B Stephen (x) Vile Love (x) Anstice John Robins
6 Aug 1804 James HEBDITCH otp Rhoda PINKARD B Francis PINKARD Susannah DARBY
10 Oct 1804 Thomas NICHOLLS Bradford Elizabeth HORSEY otp L John Horsey junr Susannah Axe
7 Jan 1805 William ANSTICE Yeovil Hannah HAYWARD otp B John ROWSELL R Hayward
7 Jan 1805 Robert HAYWARD otp Ann LANG osp B William Anstice John Rowsell
11 Jan 1805 James FOLLETT otp Ann MARKS osp B John Robins Ann Robins
29 Jan 1805 John ROWSELL Shepton Beauchamp Sarah HAYWARD otp B Martha Rowsell Susannah Darby
20 Apr 1805 George NEVILL otp Betty BANBURY osp B Susannah Darby John Robins
17 May 1805 Thomas RICHARDS otp Maria NEWTON osp B Saml Pinkard Elizabeth Arden
24 May 1805 David LANG otp Joan JANES osp B Simeon Hebditch John Marks
29 May 1805 John WHITE otp Joan BROWN osp B John Brown Hannah Maine?
18 Jun 1805 Thomas TERRELL otp Jane STACEY osp B Joseph Griffen Sarah Griffen
23 Jul 1805 Robt CLARK otp Susannah DARBY osp B Joan Lyddon Ann W Herdsmen Chas Lyddon
8 Aug 1805 Saml GODDEN otp Amy VAUX osp B John Sibley Elizabeth Clark
28 Aug 1805 Thomas MUSGROVE Seavington St Michael Hannah PINKARD otp B Saml Pinkard Henry Taylor
4 Sep 1805 John HARDING otp Ann VAGG osp B Matthew Osborn Thomas Vagg
30 Oct 1805 John HART otp Christian MARSH osp B Caroline A Robins Mary Anstice
4 Nov 1805 James LYE otp Mary DAVIS osp B Thos Lye Robt Davies
25 Dec 1805 Jesse HANN Montacute Elizabeth CHAMP otp B .agoa? Thomas Corage
5 Jan 1806 Jacob RUSSEL otp Betty BATSTONE osp B Mathew Knight? John Robins
21 Jan 1806 Robert COUSSINS sig COSSINS otp Ann NORMAN osp B Elizabeth Stower Robt Stower
21 Jan 1806 Henry TAYLOR Martock Francis WHITE otp B Bilhah Hankins Stephen Baker
4 Feb 1806 Robert WHEADON Crewkerne Margaret GILLETT otp B Jas Holmane Mary Miller
14 Feb 1806 James WINES otp Rebecca VAGG osp B Jane Viel John Robins
17 Feb 1806 Barnard GOULD otp Ann DANIEL osp B Samuel Vile John Robins
28 Mar 1806 Robert ELLIOTT otp Betty MEAD osp B John Hutchings John Robins

MARRIAGES 1806-1812