Family History of the Hebditch Family

Robert Hebditch of Watergore and Hannah Weare of South Harp were the parents of the following names.

1750 Dec 9th – William (who was my Father) Hebditch was born and died the 13th December 1820 being 70 years of age.

1753 Jan 8th – John was born and died when about 30, a single man.

1754 Aug 1st – Molly who was the Mother of Jesse Hopkins and 9 other children. She died at Maiden Newton where her Husband was a Miller for 30 years.

1756 Sep 15 – Elizabeth was born and died 25th of August 1806 an Old Maid who gave all her Brother and Sister’s 4th Child £10 each thinking the 4th child always had more trouble than any other in the Family.

1760 Feb 28th – Samuel was born and died the 11th of June 1833 left 6 children being 73 years of age.

1762 March 15th – Anna was born and died when about 7 years of age.

1765 July 2nd – Susannah was Born and Drowned in a Tub of Water about 2 years old.

1768 June 23rd – Josiah was born who married Sarah Savadge, they had 4 children Jane, Josiah, Elizabeth and Richard.


1834 Oct 5th – Brother Simeon’s Eldest Daughter Mary was married to Mr Jos. Terrell, Farmer of Stoke-sub-Hamdon.

1834 Oct 16th – Brother John’s second daughter Rebecca was married to Mr Henry Perry of Crewkerne, Builder.

1839 11 July – Brother Simeon’s youngest daughter Edith was married to Mr Wm Baker of East Chinnock and May 4th was buried at Petherton, left one Son that died 23rd July 1840.

1837 Oct 2nd – Brother John’s youngest son Benjm  was married to Miss Reyford.

1841 July 5th – Brother Simeon’s son Joseph was married to Miss Robins.

1841 Nov 1st – Sister Mary Wells’ daughter Mary was married.

 Wm Hebditch of Watergore and Hannah Gifford of Rydon Farm, South Petherton was married the 21st February 1774 and was the Parents of the following Names and was the Parents of me Benjamin Hebditch.

1777 Oct 20th – Wm was born and died the 19th day of June 1841 in his 64th year, a Bachelor. See the 127th page.

 1781 Jan 5th – John was born who married 18th May 1807 Martha Davey, they had five children Wm., Sarah, Rebecca, Benjm, and Susanna. Nov 6th 1807 Wm was born, 1809 Dec 14th Sarah was born – May 22 1811 Rebecca was born -1813 Sept 23rd Benjm was born – 1815 Feb 5th Susanna was born – 1842 May 25th Sarah died left 6 children -Wm died 24th Jan 1852. 1852 Dec 3rd Martha died – 1856 May 3rd my Brother John died and now I only am left. B.H.

1782 Dec 6th – Simeon was born who married Miss Hannah Horsey of Lopen, the 12th Jan 1807 they had nine children – Mary was born July 9th 1808, Hannah Jan 8th 1810 (who died 11th June 1833), Simeon Oct 2nd 1811 – William Horsey Aug 22nd 1813, Joseph July 6th 1815, Edith Oct 15th 1816, John Campbell Aug 13th 1818, Samuel March 22nd 1821 and Benjamin Dec. 11th 1823.

             N.B. He (Simeon) was admitted Deacon in 1812.

             Wife died 17th February 1843, Benjamin died 22 Aug 1846 and Brother Simeon died the 17th February 1855 being 12 years after his wife’s death, a deacon for 43 years, his age 72.

1785 Sept 24th – Mary  was born was married to the Rev. J Wells of Middle Lambrook Chapple Nov 12th 1818 who had 2 children. Mary born 17th May 1821 and Hannah Feb 26th 1823 and died Nov 21st 1823. Sister Mary died in America the 19th day of August 1850 being 65 years of age.

1788 Feb 18th Anna was born and was married to Joseph Humphry of New Cross, Jan 13th 1825, having no child and died the first of April 1853 being 65 years. Mr Humphry died 27th April 1841 – 65.

1791 May 8th – Benjamin (the owner of this Book) was born and married to Sarah Harding of South Petherton the 2nd Jan 1827, whose children was

            Wm. Benjamin born Feb 2nd 1829

            Sarah Harding born Feb 20th 1830

            Anna born March 14th 1832

            Robert Wm. born June 18th 1833

Sarah Harding was married 24 December 1851

Wm B Hebditch was married 21st Sept 1852 and his first born Son Benjm was born 5 Feb 1854, also S H Vaux’s first living daughter born 1st Feb 1855 and Wm B H’s 2nd Son John was born 6 July 1855. 1857 Feb 2nd Wm B H’s 3rd son was born being 28 years since his father was born.

1857 March 11th my Daughter Anna was married.

1787          My Father Wm Hebditch lived in the Centre of South Petherton town in Mr Whiby’s Now Sarah Lang’s Shop and carried on the business of Cutler etc.  One evening he was going to Roundwell Street Meeting but when at the Shop Door he thought of a Sale at the George Inn, he hesitated a long time where to go at the Sale or Meeting, at length he made up his mind to go to the Sale, thinking his Uncle Weare (Weare Templeman’s Grandfather) may be there as the Land was at Stratton that was to be sold – so he went up and listened to hear if he could hear his Uncle’s voice, not thinking for a moment of going in, much less of purchasing, but providentially his Uncle came out and said “What! Is that Thee Wm, come walk in”, so after a little pressing, Father walked in with his Uncle who said jocously, “here is the Man and the money. The Auctioneer answered for part or all of the Estate – All or None, Father unintentionally answered, the Auctioneer took it as in earnest, called Father and his Uncle out of the Room to save the duty, when they agreed for our present Estate for the sum of £820 0 0.  We have often thought kind providence directed him and believe as the war soon came on that the Estate was worth a Thousand pounds more than he gave for it.

 After this he bought Edmonds and other Land in Overstratton (all of it is now mine with some others). 

Deaths in our Family

1820 Dec 13 My father Died aged 70 years

1825 Apr 14 Mother died aged 75

1841 Jun 19 Brother Wm died aged 64

1850 Aug 19 Sister Mary died aged 65

1853 Apr 1  Sister Anna aged 65

1855 Feb 17 Brother Simeon aged  72

1856 May 3  Brother John died aged 75


1843 Deaths in our Family

Feb 17 Brother Simns Wife died 59 years

1841 Apr 27 Sister Anna’s Husband say 60

1852 Dec 3 Brother John’s Wife say    75

1839 July 20 Sister Mary’s Husband say 65

1842 May 25 Brother John’s Daug Sarah do 34

1852 Jan 24 do’s Eldest Son Wm age 43 years

1840 Apr   Simn’s Daughter Edith died say 28

1833 June 11 do Daughter Hannah say 23

1846 Aug 22 do Son Benjm died 22

1845 Feb 24 do Son Joseph do say 28

1845 Oct 9 John’s Son Wm first wife Died say 30

1857 May 23 Cousin Simn 2nd wife (late Vaux) say 31

Nov 5  My dear little Grandson John Terrell after only 3 days illness of the concussion of the Brain (a lovely child) age 2½


July 29 Martha wife of R M Harding of Sherborne leaving no Family say 50


Jan 8  & this day her Husband. Died & left his Brother Wm all he had left – perhaps £100 ____ 63