Buying and Selling Land

The diary gives a picture about the exchange of lands – fields rather than whole farms and illustrates how land was leased on the basis of three lives, with a fine or heriot being paid when one of the people named on the lease dies.

1819                Uncle Josh Hebditch and Father changed the overyard of Ground in Hayes End Furlong that of Mr Easons (Father’s part) for 2 rood in Churchpath Field (Uncle’s part). N.B. There was nothing said as to the number of years they changed for. [change of land (Rechanged 1822)]

 1819                Old Mr Jno Clark and Father rechanged the 3 Rood in Yonderside of West Down for that in Eastfield [Exchanged for ever with Mr Darby 1822]

 1730                Lambrook Estate 9 acres 1 rood lives of James and Stephen Gifford Added by Joan White they were my Grandfather’s brothers.  The purchase Money or Fine £28 each.

 1766   My Mother’s Life for £42 0 0

 1772   Mother’s Brother James for £30 0 0

 1813   My life Benjamin Hebditch Cost my Father Wm Hebditch purchase Money or Fine   £132  0 0

            ……….. The Heriot on it is       £2  0 0

            ……….. and the Lord’s Rent is    £0 14 5½

             N.B. The common in West Moore was reserved by Mr Portman this time.

 1821 May -I renewed the life of my Niece Rebekah Hebditch of Severals Farm near Crewkerne, Somerset.

             ……….. Her life or fine cost £80 0 0

            ……….. two leases cost me    £10 0 0 

            ………..                   Together       £90 0 0

            ……….. Her Age 10 years


my ½ acre in Church Path under Mr Templeman’s hedge for ½ acre in

Plumbtree furlong the second from Mr Viles Orchard.

 1825 July 5th Paid Mr Peters for Mr Portman two pounds as a Heriot on the Death of my Mother Hannah Hebditch who died the last.

 1822  Dec 9th The late Jas Quantocks Estate in South Harp was Lett by Survey at the Crown Inn, South Petherton, for 7 years, the Arable from            Michaelmass 1822 and the Pasture from Ladyday 1823. All outgoings to be paid by the Tenant and Rydon 4 Acres and Cottage and Orchard less than what was lett to Mr Joseph Cleal the last Tenant who took the whole for 172 pounds pr Annum 1821 Feb 2nd but could not make the Rent Consequently all was Seized, Taken now by Uncle Josiah Hebditch of Overstratton for £142 0 0. which was considered by many Farmers full 42 pounds too high pr annum. Mr Jas Masters of Lopen bought half of the 4 acres in Rydon for £94 0 0 and took the Timber at its value. I was the last Bidder before him. 

 1822  Dec 19th   LAND EXCHANGED

 I exchanged with Wm Darby of Bower Hinton for Ever Acre of Land in Severs Lane furlong under Mr Viles Hedge for Acre of land in South Field under my Brother Wm Hebditch’s Hedge, Also I exchanged Three Rood of Land in Westdown Furlong in West Field for Three Rood of Land in East Field by my Five Rood, both even handed.  

 1823   March 22nd      At the Crown Inn South Petherton was sold an Estate in Stratton and Lopen the Property of John Barnard,London,as follows

                  I bought for Brother Wm and myself

                  Higher Orchard etc with Cottage for  £240  0  0

                  Opposite our Door, Orchard for       £132  0  0   

                  Two Acres in Pookditch for            £86  0  0       

                  2 Rood in Slade and 3 Rood in Littlegore £54  0  0   

                  Acre and one Yard in Northfield

                  and 2 Rood in Plumbtree furlong    £78  0  0

                  (Conveyance cost me only £8 0 0                 £590   0  0


                  Duty on part of it                 £15   0  0      

                  Contract etc                                     £2  10  0      

                  Late Bakers Waggon for            £7   0  0  

                   Together Six Hundred and £14 10 0                 £614  10  0

                   Mr Perren Eastfield Acre   £53   0  0

                  Mr Edward Willy White Cross Close                 £125   0  0

                  Mr Thos Templeman Rupsey Close                    £110   0  0

                  Mr Joseph Vaux Acre Southfield                     £71   0  0

                  and 2 rood in West down     £29   0  0      

                  Mr Darby 2 Rood Aisend for                         £40   0  0

                  and part of want Scrox Acre in Hanglawn            £39   0  0

                  and Mowland Close for           £108   0  0            

                   Mr Tupp and Joseph Harriss Acre in Churchpathfield for 

                                                                  £10 and £66  £76   0  0 

                  James Male 3 Rood Longcroft                        £43   0  0 

                                                                                   £694   0  0 

                                         Brought Down              £590   0  0 

                                                                                    £1284   0  0 

 1846  Jan 5th  J W Peters Esq and myself exchanged lands.  He gave me Slade Close Orchard and Close and late Holts Cottages, Garden and Orchard for my Southfield long furlong being an allotment and Lower Netherway Orchard.

            N.B. I valued my apple trees against his cottages.  Mr Nicholetts was present and examined the maps and measure. A good exchange for both.

            ………..                                           A   R  P                       A

            Slade Closes measures 3   3   1   Southfield 5     1    0

            Orchard Ends  ”       3   1  15   Orchard    2     2    0       

            and Tolleys Cottage ”    2   11                           

            and Orchard           7  2   27              7     3    0

            ………..                                                                                     –    7  2   27

              ………                                     –  –   13 perch for the Cottages

 Jan 6th  .. Bought a little sheep dog of Wm Trask for 1s 6d, the little black cat is the same age born Nov. last.

 Jan 14th . Cousin Richard Hebditch bought of Mr Stayner, Ilminster the (Mortgagee) the Cottage 1A 2R 34P of land in North-field late Levi Tutchens for 260 pounds by private contract.  Mr S had Principal and interest on it about 310 pounds he offered it to me for 280 but Mr Peters nor myself thought it worth £200.  Levis woman had a good crop of apples and wheat when she turned it into cash and left the premises.

 Jan 19th  This day I exchanged an old Brass furnace and spugin with Slade the tinker of Petherton for one he took of the late Mr Joseph Vaux, in South Street when new cost about £8 0 0 but I gave to boot £1 17 6

             ……….. It weighed 90lb at 8d  £3 0  0

            ……….. and mine valued in            £1 2  6

            ………..                                                      £1 17 6

            N.B. Barnard Gould set it the same day in wash-house.