Vaux Book


Sarah Anson Vaux has been writing the history of the Vaux family of England, the United States, and Australia for many years. There is a wealth of information on other families – such as GODDEN, HARE, HEBDITCH, LAVER, OSTLER, PALMER, TERRELL and VILE. It is worth reading Sarah’s book for an insight into the history of South Petherton and of non-conformity.

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  1. The chapters have been edited where necessary to remove information on people born since 1900.
  2. To reduce the amount of time spent downloading each chapter, some photographs have been removed.  Click on the links below to open the photographs. 
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Chapter One: Historical Background for Somerset, England

Chapter Two: The Earliest Known Vauxes in South Petherton

Chapter Three: The Vax/Vaux Family During the Civil War, Interregnum, and Restoration

Chapter Four: The Vax/Vaux Family and Dissent

Chapter Five: Josias Vaux, Entrepreneur

Chapter Six: James Vaux, Entrepreneur

Chapter Seven: John Vaux (1794) Remains in Somerset

Chapter Eight: James Vaux (1787) Strikes Out for America

Chapter Nine: James (1812) and Harriet (Taylor) Vaux in Pittsburgh

Chapter Ten: George Henry and Pauline (McDonald) Vaux

Appendix A: Other Vauxes

Photographs of the VAUX  FAMILY:

South Petherton

VAUX Susannah nee Ostler 1799 1880
Susannah Vaux nee Ostler 1799-1880 wife of John Vaux 1794-1837
Wigborough Manor

VAUX GilbertVaux1830 1887

Gilbert Vaux 1830-1887


VAUX Anna nee Hebditch
Anna Vaux nee Hebditch (1832-1926)


VAUX NellieJG1896weddingVAUX Joseph Vaux at Wigborough

1896 wedding of Joseph Gladstone Vaux and Nellie Gare                                                                                    Joseph Vaux at Wigbrough Manor

Occupants of the carriage are Joseph Vaux, Lady Gertrude Hepburn and her son.

The little old lady in the background is Anna Vaux (nee Hebditch), wife of Gilbert Vaux.  Photo taken at Wigborough


Golden Wedding of John Vaux (1824-1907) and Sarah Harding Vaux (nee Hebditch) (1830-1906) on 24 December 1901

From left to right

Back row – Hedley Tom Major, baby Ruby Major  & wife Jane (nee Vaux),  John Campbell Vaux and wife Florence Anna (nee Hebditch).  John Henry Cuffe, Emily Mary (nee Vaux) and husband Edwin Arthur Haine.

Front row – Sarah Mary Roberta Haine (daughter of), Robert John Haine & wife Sarah (nee Vaux), John Vaux, wife Sarah Harding (nee Hebditch) holding baby Sherman Hedley Vaux (son of Henry & Fanny nee Patch), Elizabeth Cuffe (nee Ostler Vaux, wife of John Henry Cuffe), Henry Sherman Vaux, daughter Dora Vaux on his lap, Fanny Vaux (wife of Henry Sherman)


VAUX James Edward Vaux of Pittsburgh

VAUX Walter c 1863
Walter or James Vaux c 1863

VAUX Robert Civil War

VAUX George Henry 1850VAUX GeorgeHenry 1876VAUX Letitia Jones Vaux

George Henry Vaux (1839-1876) in 1850

Letitia Vaux nee Jones 1836-1916

VAUX Dr George Henry










VAUX George Francis wedding1886VAUX Elizabeth Lunn weddingVAUX Lunns 1909

VAUX George Elizabeth Kids1908
George Francis Vaux and Elizabeth Lunn and family in 1908
VAUX Pauline McDonald
Pauline Vaux nee McDonald 1839-1914 wife of George Henry Vaux

VAUX Robert Vaux 1847 s James