Hebditch Diary


Benjamin and Sarah HebditchWe have been fortunate in that one of our ancestors, Benjamin Hebditch compiled a diary and although we do not have the original which is in the care of a cousin, we have photocopies and a photocopy has been deposited at Somerset Heritage Centre.

Benjamin lived in the parish of South Petherton all his life in the small hamlet known as Over Stratton where he owned land. Benjamin was a farmer but his ancestors were blacksmiths. The diary contains a mixture of farm accounts, legal matters, parish and chapel business, family news, weather and some world events.

He was born in 1791 and married Sarah Harding in 1827 at Sherbourne Abbey.  They had four children – two daughters, Sarah and Anna  who married two brothers, John and Gilbert Vaux. The eldest son, William married Ruth Terrell and the younger son Robert married Jane Daniels.

The diary has been divided into  sections in order to make it more coherent. Please note, we have not altered any spellings from the original diary.

Benjamin Hebditch’s Life

Buying and Selling land

Parish Officials and business

Chapel members        

History of Roundwell Chapel                                                           

Chapel news

Village news





Family history of the Hebditch family

Family news

Legal and financial matters

The wider world


The Children of Benjamin Hebditch (1791-1861) & Sarah (nee Harding)(1790-1863)

VAUX Anna nee Hebditch
Anna Vaux nee Hebditch (1832-1926)
Sarah Harding Hedditch 1830-1906 married John Vauc 1824-1907
Hebditch William Benjamin 1829 1898
William Benjamin Hebditch 1829-1898
HEBDITCH Robert William and Jane Blake Daniels
Robert William Hebditch 1833-1914 and his wife Jane Blake nee Daniels 1832-1917











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The Hebditch Family at Yeabridge Farm early 1900s

Emma Martha Hebditch (nee Vaux) 1859-1947 and William Henry Hebditch (1857-1917) with their son William Henry Hebditch (1896-1975) and three daughters – .Ruth, Lydia & Muriel,