Tithe Award

South Petherton Tithe Apportionment

Following the Tithe Commutation Act 1836 landowners and occupiers were able to pay tithes in cash and schedules of the owners and occupiers were drawn up and their land holdings marked on detailed maps (“Tithe Maps”).  This enables us to identify  who owned and occupied the land throughout the parish in 1841.

The Somerset Heritage and Libraries Service allow transcripts of South Petherton Tithe Apportionment to be posted on the Internet subject to the following condition: the transcripts are circulated without profit to the transcriber and with a proviso that any subsequent copying is allowed only if free of profit.  Anyone wishing to include a subsequent copy as part of a profit-making publication or distribution must apply to the Somerset Heritage and Libraries Service for permission. Please do not abuse this condition


The Summary   Town    Compton Durville and Stratton

The Awards  Town A-E     Town F-M      Town N-T     Town V-Y    Compton Durville    Stratton

Please view the tithe map of South Petherton online only, do not download.  The tithe map is in four parts.

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