Although many Somerset wills were destroyed at Exeter in WW2, the surviving wills make a fantastic source of information for family history. There are also some surviving inventories of the deceased property. Below is a summary of wills/inventories we are aware of. Please let us know if you can contribute any further details of additional wills or brief details of legatees, executors and witnesses of the wills already listed.

Most surviving pre 1858 wills are held by the Somerset Heritage Centre at Taunton (SHC),  but others were proved in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury (PCC) and are now held at the National Archives at Kew and are also available online.   (As at November 2006 there were 159 Wills from South Petherton, including the surnames Anstice, Baker, Colberd, Edmonds, England, Fort, Gawler, Gundry, Hillard, Latty, Lavor, Ostler, Palmer, Prowse, Sampson, Sandys, Stuckey, Thorne, Vile and Westcott)

Some inventories are also held at Kew (TNA). Some wills have been transcribed and published by the Somerset Record Society.


From 1858 indexes of probate records were centralised in England and Wales and can be consulted online  https://www.gov.uk/search-will-probate  and copies can be obtained for a small charge.

Reference works for Somerset Wills include:

Frederick Arthur Crisp: Abstracts of Somersetshire Wills from collection of Rev F Brown (1887)

Edward Alexander Fry (Ed): Calendar of Wills and Administrations in the Court of the Archdeacon of Taunton 1537-1799; British Record Society (1912)

Sir Mervyn Medlycott: Somerset Wills Index: Printed & Manuscript Copies; Harry Galloway Publishing  (1993) ISBN 1-873931-17-4

Somerset Record Society volume 40: Medieval Wills from Wells 1543-46 & 1554-1556 Ed D O Shilton and R Holworthy (1925)

Volume 62: Somerset Wills from Exeter (1952)

Volume 89: Somerset Wills extracted by A J Monday Ed Mary Siraut (2003)

F W Weaver: Wells Wills 1528-1536 (1890)

Adrian James Webb: Index of Somerset Probate Inventories; Harry Galloway Publishing (1995) ISBN 1-873931-41-7

The Society of Genealogists in London has a 1937 transcript of Abstracts of Taunton Archdeaconry Court Wills by H R Phipps.

The following abbreviations are used for sources:

Somerset Record Office (SRO)[now the SHC); Prerogative Court of Canterbury (PCC); Weaver’s Wells Wills (WW); Crisp’s Abstract of Somersetshire Wills (ASW); Somerset Record Society (SRS), Society of Genealogists (SOG) and the National Archives (TNA). EDW signifies an Estate Duty Will which the SHC has on microfilm.

South Petherton Wills
SURNAMEFirst NameProvedWrittenAbodeOccupationSourceReferenceLegateesWitnessesExecutor or Trustees
ALLENJohnInventory1638yeomanSRODD/SP 1638/48
ALLENElizabeth27 Sep 1814widowPCCPROB 11/1560
ANSTICEEdmond05 Sep 1710GentlemanPCCPROB 11/517
ANSTICEJosiah07 Jul 1808GentlemanPCCPROB 11/1482
ANSTICEThomas25 Jun 1810labourerPCCPROB 11/1512
ANSTICEJohn24 May 1823labourerPCCPROB 11/1670
ANSTICEAnne7 Aug 182930 Apr 1827spinsterSROEDW 81/589Sis Susanna Beaton, wf John. Nephew & neice Jane & Richard Beaton.Sam Anstice, Alice Anstice,nephews John Anstice of Stockland,
Anne Lilly Dorset & William Hooper Masters
ANSTICEMary13 Jul 1843widowPCCPROB 11/1982
ANSTICEAbia12 Jun1847spinsterPCCPROB 11/2057
AXESamuel21 Aug 1851PCCPROB 11/2137
AYSSHEJames06 Apr 1615GentlemanPCCPROB 11/125
AYSHJames23 Nov1626PCCPROB 11/150
AYSHWilliam26 Nov1657PCCPROB 11/268also SRO DD\PE/18
AYSHJamesInventory1681esquireTNAPROB 4/10407
BACKERMaryInventory1641spinsterSRODD/SP 1641/81
BAKERHughInventory1646pewtererSRODD/SP 1646/16
BAKERWilliam22 Nov 1656Compton DurvilPCCPROB 11/259g-son William Buckerell son of William Buckerell;
dau Mary Allen; dau Margaret Buckerell
BAKERMaryInventory1673SRODD/SP 1673/4
BAKERWilliam1832 AdminSRO
BANBURYWilliamInventory1646SRODD/SP 1646/13
BANBURYThomas1812 AdminSRO
BANDFIELDJoseph28 Feb 1842PCCPROB 11/1957
BARRETMathewe04 Dec1601husbandmanPCCPROB 11/98
BODYETTSarah14 Oct 1690widowPCCPROB 11/401
BOONERichardInventory1677feltmakerSRODD/SP 1677/18
BRETTJohn23 Jun 1531PCCPROB 11/24
BRIDGEThomas04 Aug1815gentlemanPCCPROB 11/1571
BUCKRELLThomasInventory1646Compton DurvillehusbandmanSRODD/SP 1646/17
CABELLSamuel22 Apr 1699PCCPROB 11/450
CHANNINGJames10 Nov 1775mercerPCCPROB 11/1012
CHANNINGHannah07 Dec 1793spinsterPCCPROB 11/1239
CHAPMANWilliam04 Oct 1798apothecaryPCCPROB 11/1313
CLARKEJoanInventory1675TNAPROB 5/5660
CLARKEAnnInventory1690SRODD/SP 1690/40
CLARKEElizabeth12 May 1621single womanPCCPROB 11/137
CLARKEJoanna13 Jun 1676SentencewidowPCCPROB 11/351mention of – Stephen Westcott
– Catherine Westcott
CLARKEJohn8 Aug 173831 May 1738clothierSROmy Bro Marmaduke Clarke; my bro Edward Clarke; my neice Anne Clark, dauwf Anne
of my bro Marmaduke; wife Anne Clarke;
CLARKThomas18 Jul 1818Over StrattonyeomanSROEDW box 26/723Wf Mary; bro Jn Clark, bro-in-law Wm Darby; son Thos;John Clark of Tintinhull, yeo &
bro-in-law Wm Seaton;Wm Darby of Martock
CLARKRobert2 Oct 184719 Nov 1838yeomanSROEDWNephew Joseph Taylor. Son of Joseph Taylor, John.  Wife Mary   .
note = afterwards Scriven); Joan Taylor wf of John Taylor the younger,
joiner;nephew Robert Clark Marsh son of John Marsh of SP, innkeeper;
John Taylor of Lyme Regis, Dorset, mason (bro of said Joseph Taylor);
2 daughters of said Jn;Jn & Joseph = sons of Robert Taylor of SP, mason
CLARKESampson8 May 1848yeomanSROEDW Box 226/f436sons Sealy Clark, Simon Clark. Wf JaneWm Godden, Wm Parker
CLENCHJohn1648SRODD/SP 1648/28
COLBURDThomas17 May 1582PCCPROB 11/64
COLBORDJohn29 Feb1612husbandmanPCCPROB 11/119
COLBERDJohn15 Nov1623yeomanPCCPROB 11/142
COLBERDUrsula29 Nov 1649spinsterPCCPROB 11/210
COLBERDJohnInventory1674Over StrattonSRODD/SP 1674/54
COLBERDJohnInventory1677Over StrattonSRODD/SP 1677/81
COLEBERTJohnInventory1646feltmakerSRODD/SP 1646/7
CORNFORTHSusanah28 Jan 1772widowPCCPROB 11/974
COXJohn08 Feb 1658Woollen WeaverPCCPROB 11/273
COXEThomas13 Aug 1658yeomanPCCPROB 11/280
CULLIFORDJohn08 Apr1658husbandmanPCCPROB 11/273
CULLIFORDJohn08 Apr 1658husbandmanPCCPROB 11/274
DANIELJames04 Mar1850gentlemanPCCPROB 11/2109
DARBYHenryInventory1716yeomanSRODD/SP 1716/38
DARBYJohn4 Nov 181613 Feb 1812innholderSRODD/ED Box 18 f898Dau. Susanna Clarke, dau. Betty Priddle, granddaughter Ann Best.William Harding, John Nicholetts,Jane Darby (wid) & Susanna Clarke wf
Wf Jane DarbyThomas Pugsley.of Robert Clark
DAUBENEYSir Giles1444
DENMANAllenInventory1640StrattonSRODD/SP 1640/36
DENMEADAdamInventory1646SRODD/SP 1646/19
DOGGERELLThomasInventory1646linen weaverSRODD/SP 1646/20
DONNEBenjaminInventory1753SRODD/MR 67
DRAPERHughInventory1677Drayton & SPyeomanSRODD/SP 1677/3
DRAPPERJohnInventory1674husbandmanSRODD/SP 1674/47
DURSTONRobert seniorInventory1693SRODD/SP 1693/30
EASONJohn21 Jan1817BridgePCCPROB 11/1588also SRO DD\PE/11
left lands in South Petherton and Dinnington to John Weston Peters
EASONElizabeth01 Oct 1830widowPCCPROB 11/1776
EDMONDSMathewInventory1636SRODD/SP 1636/44
EDMONDSWilliam 3 Mar 1657/810 Dec 1657MooreyeomanPCCPROB 11/273Samuell EdmondesDau Joane
EDMONDSSamuelInventory1667SRODD/SP 1667/43
EDMONDESWilliamInventory1667SRODD/SP 1667/13
EDMONDSJoanInventory1667SRODD/SP 1667/19
EDMONDSWilliam seniorInventory1675MoorhasockeSRODD/SP 1675/38
EDMONDSJohn18 May 1792gentlemanPCCPROB 11/1218
EDMONDSAnn2 Jun 182722 Oct 1817widowSROdau of Mary Vaux wf Joseph Vaux of SP, gent., dau Susanna wf of SamuelJohn Baker Edmonds
Axe of Martock, son JB Edmonds.
EDMONDSBetty1 Jun 1827StrattonspinsterSROGt niece Mary Monkton d of James & Hannah Monkton; Wm Edmonds son of Thomas Edmonds;Ch of Henry Edmonds; Niece Betty Masters wf of Thomas Masters;Niece Mary Monkton
EDMONDSJohn Baker29 Jun 184925 May 1829PCCPROB 11/2094also SRO DD\CM/81
ELLIOTTRobert12 Feb 1640yeomanPCCPROB 11/182
ELLYOTMary22 Jun1659widowPCCPROB 11/292
ELLIOTTAndrew seniorInventory1671husbandmanSRODD/SP 1671/5
ELLIOTTAnthonyInventory1675yeomanSRODD/SP 1675/93
ELLIOTTAnn1682widowSROED/SAS 28/191
ELLIOTTWilliamInventory1683yeomanSRODD/SP 1683/15
ELLIOTTJames seniorInventory1716South HarpSRODD/SP 1716/58
ENGLANDPeter10 Jun 1635yeomanPCCPROB 11/168
ENGLANDJoan16 Sep1833spinsterPCCPROB 11/1821
FOORTEJohnInventory1646Compton DurvilleSRODD/SP 1646/50
FOORTERoger seniorInventory1681yeomanSRODD/SP 1681/40
FOORTEEdithInventory1686spinsterSRODD/SP 1686/2
FORTWilliam22 Aug1639yeomanPCCPROB 11/181
FORTPhilip[pa]11 Jun 164125 Feb 1641/2SRO/SRSDD/SAS RF 3/5/5son George Lisle; son Roger Fort; dau Loare LisleMichael Markes, John AxeDau Loare Lisle
FORTPhillipInventory1641widowSRODD/SP 1641/33
FORTRoger1648 bondSOG
FORTJohn06 Jul 1650yeomanPCCPROB 11/213
FORTEThomasInventory1661Compton DurvilleyeomanSRODD/SP 1661/22
FORTJoaneInventory1684widowSRODD/SP 1684/90
FOWNESRichard17 Jan17151714PCCPROB 11/544
FOWNESElizabeth14 June 1735widowSRODD\SAS, Brown 25/71-2widow of Richard, formerly wf of Samuel Cabell;
left Hele manor to her ‘kinsman’, the Rev. Thomas Bowyer, Vicar of Martock
GAWLERSamuell27 Feb 1656yeomanPCCPROB 11/252
GAWLERSamuell01 Mar 1656yeomanPCCPROB 11/253
GAWLERAnne14 Jul 1660spinsterPCCPROB 11/299
GAWLERMaryInventory1668Lower StrattonspinsterSRODD/SP 1668/23
GAWLER alias SILVESTERKatherineInventory1672South Harpwife of JohnSRODD/SP 1672/61
GAWLERSamuelInventory1688Lower StrattonyeomanSRODD/SP 1688/30
GAWLERJohn18 Jan1727school masterPCCPROB 11/613
GAWLERJohn13 Nov1729yeomanPCCPROB 11/633
GIFFORDWilliam2 Oct 1809SROEDWWf and son William
GIFFORDStephen24 Jul 183516Nov 1821 & 27 Sep 1830yeomanSROEDWthe surviving children of my late daughter Susannah Warr; son Thomas and his wife; my daughter Mary Mathews and her husband; my daughter Kezia Membury and her husband; my daughter in law Mary Gifford (widow of my late son John Gifford); my grandson William Warr and his wife; my grandchildren Ann Butcher, Kezia Warr, Joseph Warr and Samuel Warr; my son in law Jonah Warr; four other children William Gifford, James Gifford, Rebecca Yard and Elizabeth Lye; my grandson Stephen, son of my late son John;James Lye William Godden Robert LyeJohn Gifford of Middle Lambrook
& James Hebditch of SP
GIFFORDMary5 Sep 185330 Apr 1852widowSROEDW DD/ED 255 f63Each of my nieces; Anna Humphries & Susan Read;. William …. ;NephewGeorge Taylor of Middle Lambrook
John Laver of Somerton
GLOVERJamesInventory1644Moor HassockeSRODD/SP 1644/62
GLOVERWilliamInventory1644SRODD/SP 1644/63
GLOVERPhilip1646 bondSOG
GLOVERValentineInventory1688SRODD/SP 1688/6
GOMMERRobertInventory1669husbandmanSRODD/SP 1669/18
GRIFFINHannah21 Jun 17811781Lower StrattonwidowSRODD/PLE Box 55 c/724Son James Griffen; Dau Sarah wf of James Terrell of Stoke under HamdonDau Sarah Terrell
GUNDRIEAnthonyInventory1704?PethertongentlemanTNAPROB 4/22684
GUNDRYJoaneInventory1636widowSRODD/SP 1636/34
GUNDRYNathaniel13 Jun 167628 June 1669yeomanPCCPROB 11/351Poor of SP 20/-; Son Nicholas 5/-; Son Samuel – land in SP already given by 1676John VileElizabeth,widow
 on marriage to Lidya;Son Nathaniel u21 Bridge;
Estate in Barbados- my wf his mother;
 Dau Susan u21   m Abraham Templeman; Wf Elizabeth
GUNDRYNathanielInventory1676yeomanTNAPROB 4/9740
GUNDRYElizabeth6 Jul 16808 Oct 1678Lower StrattonwidowPCCPROB 11/363Susanna Templeman my only daughter; bro Augusting Harme;
 g-children: Peter Templeman & Elizabeth Templeman my daughter’s children;
 Nicholas Gundry’s children: Nathaniel, Samuell & Thomas;
Samuel Gundry’s children: Nathaniell & Samuel;
son-in-law Nicholas Gundry; son-in-law Samuel Gundry; son Nathaniell Gundry
GUNDRYNathanielBridgePCCbrother Nicholas Gundry – land at Strattonsis Susanna Templeman
each of his children now living£5
brother Samuel Gundry – Stratton
each of his  children now living £5
sister-in-law Mrs Joan Gundry
sister Susanna Templeman of Dorchester, Dorset  – to each of her children£5
GUNDRYSamuel16 May 173316 Mar 1731South HarpegentlemanPCCPROB 11/659bro Nathaniel
nephew Nathaniel Gundry his son
niece Martha Wallis
bro Thomas & his son William my nephew
niece Martha Gundry dau of sd Thomas Gundry
niece Joan Gundry d of sd Thomas & to his dau Elizabeth Gundry, his son Thomas the younger & his dau Susanna Gundry
nephew Robert Leach
poor of S Petherton, Presbyterian Meeting House
nephew Samuel Gundry
GUNDRYThomas18 Apr 175019 Jun 1739WigboroughPCCPROB 11/778wf Elizabethnephew Nathaniel Gundry of Dorchester, Esq
son Thomas (Wigborough and Lower Stratton) (u21)Rev George Hallett of Martock
son William (Bridge Farm, Over Stratton & all lands in South Petherton & Seavington St Michael except Wigborough & Lower Stratton)
3 daus Joan, Elizabeth & Susanna  1000 pounds each when 21
GUNDRYWilliam09 Nov 1752gentlemanPCCPROB 11/798sister Joanbro Thomas
sister Susannah
Coz. Robert Leach in trust to & for the sole use & benefit of my sister Elizabeth to be paid & applied to her separate & apart from her husband
bro Thomas = residue & sole exec
GUNDRYThomas21 Mar 1753gentlemanPCCPROB 11/800
HALLETTGeorge18811863masonSRODD\TRANS/3/14also DD\X\WKR/25
HARDINGAbraham179525 Jan 1794yeomanSROsons Thomas, John, William and Abraham;my said son Abraham Harding’s Daughters BettyRichd Toller, Jn Buncombe, Richd Edwardsson Isaac Harding
and Jesse;my dau Fanny Read; my soninlaw James Weare; son Isaac Harding;
HARDINGWilliam10 Sep18135Mar 1813Palmer StreetlinmanPCCPROB 11/1548Son Samuel Harding; my children Sarah Harding, Susannah Harding, WilliamJohn Nicholetts – Alfred Nicholetts – Thos PugsleyJohn Baker Edmonds and Samuel Harding
Harding and Robert Maber Harding; son Joseph Harding
HARDINGWilliam27 Jun 182926 Sep 1828gentlemanSROEDW DD/ED Box 84 f501Wf Joan; Betty Harding wid of my late bro John Harding & after her death, to his 4 children; my bro Thomas; the 2 surviving ch of Catherine Ware whom she had by her first husband John Harris; ch of Elizabeth Bulgin the deceased dau of sd Catherine Ware; my late wife’s nephew John Hearen; Alfred nicholetts; Northcote William Spicer; Joel wale of SP; my carter, Samuel Edmonds; the sons of the said Joan my wife (John Vaux, William Vaux, James Vaux, Joseph Vaux, Samuel Vaux);Samuel Godden of SP, blacksmith and Amy, wf of the said Samuel Godden; James Vaux the younger son of the said James Vaux.JOHN NICHOLETTS, RICHD R CROSSEwf Joan
HARRISJoan1591Lambeth Palace
HEARENBenjamin28 May 1816gentlemanPCCPROB 11/1580
HEBDITCHEdward08 Jan 165820-OctbarberPCCPROB 11/272Son Simon – shoppe called the higher shop
Dau Dorothy
Dau Jane
Dau Elizabeth
Dau Emllen
Daus Willmott & Mary
HEBDITCHSimonInventory1670SRODD/SP 1670/4
HEBDITCHMathewInventory1677SRODD/SP 1677/25
HEBDITCHJohn15 Oct 1808yeomanSROexecutors, son John, dau Rebecca Lavor who died 8 March. Grandsons William White and John White. Grandchildren Epsey (?), and Ebenezer Shool.Mary (wife) & William (son).
HEBDITCHElizabeth26 Jul 1809South HarpspinsterBro Samuel. Nephew Robert s Samuel.Bro Josiah Hebditch. Annuity to Ann HopkinsJosiah Hebditch (brother)
HEBDITCHWilliam14 Oct 1819yeomanSROEDW DD/ED Box 32 f1167Wf Mary; nephew Samuel Hebditch of SP, tailor;nephew John White; eldest son of my sister Amy Street;nephew William White; brother John Hebditch;nephew William Hebditchbro John Hebditch of Limehouse
HEBDITCHWilliam20 Jan 182125 May 1820Over StrattonblacksmithSROEDW DD/ED Box 40 f477Wife Hannah Hebditch; sons John and Simeon; my Daughter Mary;Wm Warr, Thomas Davis, Sarah HebditchWilliam & Benjamin Hebditch
 son William; my Daughter Anna; son Benjamin;
HEBDITCHWilliam8 Oct 18412 Apr 1840Higher StrattonyeomanSROEDW DD/ED Box 179Bro John Hebditch; Bro Simeon Hebditch; my Niece Susannah dau of my broJ.B. Hayward, George WillyBenjamin Hebditch (brother)
John Hebditch); my Nephew Joseph Hebditch and William Hebditch (sons of
the sd Simeon Hebditch); my sister Mary Wells, widow; my sis Anna (wf
of Joseph Humphrey); bro Benjamin Hebditch; my Nephew William Benjamin
Hebditch son of my sd bro Benjamin Hebditch; my Nephew Robert William
Hebditch (son of my sd bro Benjamin Hebditch);
HEBDITCHJosiah11 Jul 18442 Apr 1841StrattonyeomanSROEDW DD/ED Box 203 f666Dau Elizabeth; sons Josiah and RichardJosiah & Richard Hebditch
HEBDITCHJames23 SEPT 18641849MooryeomanSRODD/PLE Box 85wife Jesse 4/- a week during her life; son-in-law Richard GiffordJosiah Hebditch and John Nicholetts
his wife Mary; grandsons James Hebditch Gifford, John Hebditch Gifford;&  son John
HEBDITCHSimeon28 Jul 185527 Jul 1854grocerSROEDW DD/ED Box264f959Sons Simeon, William Horsey, John Campbell, Samuel, Dau Mary, wf of
Joseph Terrell, Granddaughter Mary Jane, dau of Samuel
HEBDITCHJohn28 Oct 1882WatergoregentlemanSROSon James Hearn Hebditch
HEBDITCHJames Hearn28 May 188815 Jun 1887gentlemanSROCousin James Hebditch Gifford the oil painting portrait of my late grandfather James Hebditch;Elizabeth Corry, dau of my cousin Mary Edith Corry;Frederick James Snell, son of my cousin ?Rhoda SnellJosiah Hebditch
HELLIARJohn153816 May 1538SRO/SRSDD/SAS RF 3/2/1Agnes my wifeSir Stephen Forest, John Ly, William Joniswife Agnes
HERDSMANReverend Richard04 Jul 1815Dissenting MinisterPCCPROB 11/1570Samuel Harding, linman
HELLARDRobertInventory1678SRODD/SP 1678/22
HENSLY or HensleighFrancis03 Jul 1683gentlemanPCCPROB 11/373
HILLARDChristianInventory1646Compton DurvilleSRODD/SP 1646/51
HILLARDThomas02 Dec 165613 June 1656StrattonyeomanPCCPROB 11/260Son Thomas – land in MerriottRobert Weare
[William Hillard of Lower Stratton]
Robert Hillard my g-child u21 – tenement in Stratton during the natural lives of Clifton Hillard,
Susan Weare
my sonne Thomas Hillard & my dau Elizabeth Denman
HILLARDRobert18 June 178922 Apr 1786WigboroughgentlemanSROA\ATS/9/3/1also DD\PT/H452/22
HILLARDRobert09 July 183329 Oct 1832gentlemanPCCPROB 11/1818nephew Rev. William Gundry Roach
gt-nephew Thomas Gundry Roach son of sd WGR u21
John Baker & his wf (sister of sd WGR)
daus of sd John Baker
HILLARDThomas Gundry1825SROEDW
HODGEJohn30 Apr 1810Master of a BoatPCCPROB 11/1510
HOOKE alias CARTERRobert16 Nov 1620yeomanPCCPROB 11/136
HORSEYJohn06 Aug1808Yarn WasherPCCPROB 11/1484
JONESONBrome1586gentlemanSROED/SAS 27/161
JOHNSONAlice29 May 1629widowPCCPROB 11/155
JONESGeorge05 Jul1748innholderPCCPROB 11/763
KNIGHTSarah30 Jun1778spinsterPCCPROB 11/1043
LANGDONRobert03 July 1628yeomanPCCPROB 11/154
LATTYSusanna14 Apr 1828widowPCCPROB 11/1739
LATTYRobert19 Dec 1849yeomanPCCPROB 11/2104
LAVERSamuelInventory1692SRODD/SP 1692/7
LAVERJohn09 Jun182522 Oct 1821gentlemanPCCPROB 11/1700nephew Thomas Laver
nephew Joseph Laver
nephew Joseph Lavor
nephew Robert Clarke
wf Elizabeth
Mary Laver d Samuel Laver decd
Mary Ann Laver d Thomas Laver decd
& my niece Mary Hebditch,  Susannah Pope, Elizabeth Read, Mrs Robert Sawyer, of Basing Lane, London
LAVORThomas20 May 1625PCCPROB 11/145
LAVORJohn08 Jun 1855yeomanPCCPROB 11/2214
LOWMANThomas19 Jul 1848gentlemanPCCPROB 11/2078
LYDDONThomas28 Mar1825malsterPCCPROB 11/1696
LYEThomas31 Jan 1589husbandmanPCCPROB 11/73
LYEJohn09 Nov1596yeomanPCCPROB 11/88
MABERElizabeth02 Oct1799widowPCCPROB 11/1331
MAISTERThomas153820 May 1538SRO/SRSDD/SAS RF 3/2/1Sir John Ly, dau Johan, Mary Sym, son Peter, John Syms, John MaisterSir Stephen Forest, John Sybble, Twife Isabell
residue to Isabell my wifehomas Bacar, Peter Russell
MANNINGMaryInventory1672SRODD/SP 1672/12
MARKEThomas07 Feb 1625PCCPROB 11/145
MARKEJohn the elderInventory1670yeomanSRODD/SP 1670/5
MARKEJohn seniorInventory1723masonSRODD/SP 1723/45
MARKESAndrew the elderInventory1670yeomanSRODD/SP 1670/99
MARKESFrancisInventory1681yeomanSRODD/SP 1681/8
MARKESJohn07 Jun 1703shipwrightPCCPROB 11/470
MASTERSJoseph29 Oct 1825gentlemanSROEDWNephew John Baker + children, late wife’s niece, Maria Pool, niece Betty Filday, WorkmanJB Edmonds & Josiah Hebditch
John Gentle the younger, niece Jane Ford, Joanna wf of Wm Baker of East Lambrook, Mary
wid of John Osler late of Compton Durville, SP decd, servant Maria Pattemore, Mary wf of
John Baker of Little Petherton wid was formerly my father’s servant, John Anstice son of
 Joseph Anstice of Compton Durville.
MASTERSThomas18 Aug 183612 Dec 1835labourerSROwf Betty. Estate to children (not named)
MASTERSSusan1889 adminspinsterSRObrother Charles Masters
MATERVERCEWalter1577/819 Jan 1577/8SRO/SRSDD/SAS RF 3/3/3son EdmondeThomas Seager, clerke & John SawcerJohn Marke, John Willey (overseers)
MATRAVERSEJohn21 Apr 1685yeomanSRODD\AH/56/3/1
MEFFILDERobert28 Jan1577PCCPROB 11/59
MICHELLRobertInventoryundated C17thSRODD/SP undated/6
MILLSWilliam26 Apr 1586husbandmanPCCPROB 11/69
MITCHELL or MychellElizabeth16 Jun 1559PCCPROB 11/42B
MOHUNJohn12 Apr 1676gentlemanPCCPROB 11/350
MOHUNJohnInventory1676gentlemanTNAPROB 4/17069
MOHUNWarwick01 Oct 1734gentlemanPCCPROB 11/667
MOORERobert12 Nov 1627PCCPROB 11/152
MORRISEllisInventory1679widowSRODD/SP 1679/15
MORRISJohnInventory1684SRODD/SP 1684/124
MORRISEdwardInventory1685tailorSRODD/SP 1685/27
MUSGRAVEThomas16 Jun1784gentlemanPCCPROB 11/1118
MYLLESAvice10 Oct1598widowPCCPROB 11/92
NAISHJohn27 Nov 1830gentlemanSRONieces Susannah Clark,Betty Andrews,Betty Naish;Servant Ann Chapel;Old servant Hannah Standard;nephews Thomas & Joseph Naish;nephews William of Seavington St Mary & John of Sevingtn Abbott; nephew Rev William Clark;3 nephews: John, Thomas & Joseph ClarkWm & John Naish
NEWMANAnn10 Aug1818widowPCCPROB 11/1607
NORTHOVERWilliam09 Feb1583PCCPROB 11/65
ORCHARDElizabeth16 Feb 1657widowPCCPROB 11/261
OSTLERSamuel31 Jul178326 May 1781Rydon FarmyeomanPCCPROB 11/1106sons William & Samuel
wf Betty
son Jonah
dau Hannah
dau Elizabeth
son John
daus Edith & Anna
OSTLERSamuelInventory1783RydonTNAPROB 31 1783/688
OSTLERWilliam02 Nov 178411 Mar 1779BridgegentlemanPCCPROB 11/1123dau Susanna Ostler
dau Cordelia Ostler (u21)
son John Ostler – leasehold estate at West Lambrook, Kingsbury East
eldest sons William Ostler & Thomas Gundry Ostler (u21)
bro John Ostler of West Lambrook
OSTLERWilliamInventory1787TNAPROB 31 1787/537
OSTLERJonah07 Sep 180417 Dec 1803yeomanPCCPROB 11/1414wf Mary Ostler one shilling
son William u21
son Jonah u21
Dau Ann u21
Dau Hannah u21
OSTLERJohn17 Oct 18166 May 1815Compton DurvillegentlemanPCCPROB 11/1585Wife Mary – one shilling
George Wines now residing with his mother Unity Wines of South Harp – 400 pounds when 21
Susanna Horsey & Sarah Horsey daus of Peter Horsey the older of Lopen Mill
John Davy son of my niece Elizabeth Davy (u 21)
Martha wf of John Fort dau of my sd niece Elizabeth Davy & her other dau Ann Davy (u 21)
OSTLERCordelia27 Sep 181919 Oct 1818spinsterSROEDW 33/1034Brother Thomas Gundry Ostler – all my estate in West Lambrook in Kingsbury Episcopi; Bros William
and John Ostler, sister Susanna Ostler: £100 each.2 daus of sf John Ostler; residue to TG Ostler for 3 ch of John Ostler
OSTLERThomas Gundry8 Aug 183518 Dec 1834gentlemanPCCPROB 11/1851nephew John Ostler of BarringtonHenry Norris, Samuel Stone, Wm Henry HonnywillJohn Nicholetts and James Daniel
OSTLERSusanna05 Jan 183723 Jun 1831spinsterPCCPROB 11/1871niece Elizabeth Vile
niece Susan Vaux wf of Mr John Vaux (executrix)
PALMERChristofer23 Jan 1590taylorPCCPROB 11/75
PARKERThomas16631663yeomanSRODD/S/HR Box 6 H/273
PATCHIsabelInventory1640Nether StrattonSRODD/SP 1640/87
PATCHJohn the elder2 Feb 17211721carpenterSROson William, Richard – joint executors. Dau-in-law Mary Patch, grand-daughters Elizabeth Purchase & Thomsine Patch, grandson William Patchsons William, Richard
PATCHWilliam17264 Jan 1725South HarpcarpenterSROdau Thomasin Patch, dau Margaret PatchSamuel & Thomas Gundry
PATCHRichard28 Aug 174523 Jul 1737Lower StrattoncarpenterSROson-in-law John Newton, son Thomas Patch, son John, dau Sarah BamburyWf Margaret
wf Richard Bambury
PAULJohn senior1670yeomanSRODD/MGR
PAYNEMary05 Apr 1843PCCPROB 11/1978
PERENWilliam15 Mar 18146 Jan 1814Compton DurvillegentlemanPCCPROB 11/1554my now Mary ?Gouldford?  Mary Burchall, spinster
son Burchall Peren
dau Mary Burchall Peren – late Grandmother Burchalls
sd wife’s sister Ann Burchall of Yarlington, Somerset, spinster
my bro John Peren
PERENMary07 Mar 183523 Nov 1827Compton DurvillewidowPCCPROB 11/1844late bro William Burchall; sis Ann Burchall
PETERSJohn Weston1858Bridge HouseEsqSROA\AOM/3 and DD\PE/15also DD\X\LIV/10
PINKARDHannah17 Jul 181915 Apr 1818spinsterSROEDWNiece Betty (Elizabeth) Richards; Gtniece Hannah Harding wf Joseph
Harding; Gtnephews Isaac Richards & John Richards; Hannah Richards dau
of said Isaac Richards & Mary Harding dau of said Joseph Harding
PITCHERJohnInventory1684SRODD/SP 1684/89
PITTARDJames6 Aug 1878 AdmSROElizabeth Pittard, widow
PITTERDThomas11 Nov 1623yeomanPCCPROB 11/142
PROWSEAmos06 Mar 1758PCCPROB 11/836
PROWSEJohn10 Jul 1811PCCPROB 11/1524
PYKEMartin23 Jun 1788innkeeperPCCPROB 11/1167
QUANTOCKHughInventory1697SRODD/SP 1697/36
QUANTOCKJames21 May 18131812PCCPROB 11/1544also SRO DD\PT/H452/14
RADBERDEJohn153816 May 1538SRO/SRSDD/SAS RF 3/2/13 daus unmarried; all my children married and unmarried; William my youngest sonSir Styphyn fforeste, John Markeson William
RANGERRoger31 Mar 1797gentlemanPCCPROB 11/1288
REYJohn28 Feb1511mercerPCCPROB 11/16
ROBINSReverend Thomas22 Dec 1812Doctor in DivinityPCCPROB 11/1539
RODBARDJohnInventory1669StrattonSRODD/SP 1669/13
RUSSELLElizabeth15 Jul1625PCCPROB 11/146
RUSSELLSJohnInventory1637gentlemanSRODD/SP 1637/44
SAMPSONGeorge10 Jan1726gentlemanPCCPROB 11/607
SAMPSONJohn22 Jun173313 Sep 1731RydongentlemanPCCPROB 11/659also SRO  DD\HLM/3
SAMPSONMargaret16 Jun180327 July 1786RydonspinsterPCCPROB 11/1395also SRO  DD\HLM/3
SANDYSFrancis04 Sep 1602gentlemanPCCPROB 11/100
SANDYSWilliam03 May 1604gentlemanPCCPROB 11/104
SANDYSWilliam16 Jun 1626gentlemanPCCPROB 11/149
SANDYSEmanuell08 Jun 1655gentlemanPCCPROB 11/248
SANDYSJoan17312 Jul 1721widowSRO/SRSDD/SAS RF 3/3/2son  Dr Edwin Sandys; gdau Rachell Walter; gson Thomas Walter; Henry James;John Sandys, Samuell Coxe. Thomasdau Joane Walter
residue to my poore distressed daughter Joane Walter widowMusgrave
SANDYSWilliam05 Apr 1736PCCPROB 11/676
SEALYMary01 Jul 1763spinsterPCCPROB 11/890
SHEAVALIERThomasInventory1666SRODD/SP 1666/60
SHERRYJohn Hutfield26 Dec 1834Lambrook nr S PPCCPROB 11/1840
SIMESThomas senior1724carrierDD/MGR
SKEATEElizabeth26 Nov 1657widowPCCPROB 11/268
SKELLENJohnInventory1635husbandmanSRODD/SP 1635/112
SMALEJames23 Oct 1699gentlemanPCCPROB 11/452
SMALERobert24 Nov 1651yeomanPCCPROB 11/219
SMARTGraceInventory1714widowSRODD/SP 1714/22
SMITHWilliamInventory1681yeomanSRODD/SP 1681/9
STACYJohn22 Feb 18195 May 1818YeabridgeyeomanPCCPROB 11/1613Grandson Job Edmonds, dau Jane Terrell, dau Ann Holland & Mary Edmonds, son-in-lawJames Daniel, Harriet Gifford, Joseph Bugby.
Samuel Edmonds, grandchild Ruth Gifford & Benjamin Edmonds.
STEEREJohn18 Jan1647yeomanPCCPROB 11/199
STUCKEYPurnell5 Jul 153816 Mar 1537/8widowSRO/SRSDD/SAS RF 3/2/1dau Jone ; Isabell Cole; dau Russells; dau at Shepton; dau at Lopen unmarried; godsonSir Stephen Forest, John Forte. Edmundeson John
John Forte; residue to son John StuckeyRaphin
STUCKEYPaull22 Nov 1576PCCPROB 11/58
STUCKEYMathew22 Nov 1623yeomanPCCPROB 11/142
STUCKEYKaterneInventory1648Compton DurvillewidowSRODD/SP 1648/59
STUCKEYJohn05 Feb 1651PCCPROB 11/215
STUCKEYElizabeth27 Jun 1672spinsterPCCPROB 11/339Brother John
STUCKEYMathew18 Jul 1673yeomanPCCPROB 11/342
STUCKEYHenryInventory1696SRODD/SP 1696/3
STUCKEYJohn07 Jul 1742PCCPROB 11/719
STURTONThomasInventory1683brasierTNAPROB 4/8495
SYBLYE or SiblyeJohn07 Apr1576yeomanPCCPROB 11/58
SYMJohn153812 Mar 1537/8SRO/SRSDD/SAS RF 3/2/1wife JohanSir Stephen Forest, John Body, Johnwife Johan
TATCHELLThomas juniorInventory1696cordwainerSRODD/SP 1696/13Colberde
TERRELLJoseph Griffen24 Jul 183515 Apr 1834South HarpgentlemanSRODD\S\GLY/46Sister Ann Terrell (u21), brother William Terrell (u21).Robert Vile, Samuel Long,Burchall Peren & Thos Terrell
Samuel Terrell Vile
TERRELLThomas26 Aug 1847yeomanSROEDW DD/ED Bx 224 f903children: Hannah now wf of Samuel Griffen, Phoebe now wf of Wm Edmonds,Ann Vile, Joseph HarrisJames Patten Daniel
Jane Terrell, Thos Terrell, Joseph, John & James.  Wife Jane
THORNEThomas23 Nov 1650yeomanPCCPROB 11/214
THORNEJohnInventory1671yeomanSRODD/SP 1671/36
THORNEJohnInventory1682TNAPROB 4/11316
THORNEJohn19 May 1683PCCPROB 11/373
THORNEDianah28 Jun1711widowPCCPROB 11/521
TOLLERJohn28 Mar 1788gentlemanPCCPROB 11/1164
TOLLERMary14 Nov 1794widowPCCPROB 11/1252
TOLLERRichard06 Sep1827gentlemanPCCPROB 11/1731
TRELAWNEYMarthaInventory1738widowSRODD/SP 1738/45
TREWJames05 Jun 1856Supervisor of Inland RevenuePCCPROB 11/2235
TUCKERJohn10 Mar1785PCCPROB 11/1128
TUTCHENWilliamInventory1640woollen weaverSRODD/SP 1640/135
TUTCHENAaron1856 adminSRO
VAUXSamuel2 Feb 180818 Feb 1801gentlemanSROson Joseph; dau Sarah
VAUXJohn31 Dec 181116 Jun 1806yeomanSROwf Joan; son James; childrenJohn Baker Edmonds & Stephen Bridge
VAUXWilliam3 Dec 18299 Apr 1829gentlemanSROEDW Box 88, f493niece Amy Godden; nephew William Vaux; nephew Samuel Vaux; nephew John GriffenJames Daniel & John Nicholetts (trustees)
nephew Jaco Griffen; servant Ann Holt
VAUXJohn27Feb 1836yeomanSROwf Susanna; dau Emma Vaux; sons John and Gilbert;Burchall Peren & John Nicholetts
VAUXSarah13 Mar 184618 Nov 1815plus  5 codicilsspinsterPCCPROB 11/2033bro Joseph; nieces Sarah, Susannah (later Horsey) & Mary Vauxniece Mary Vaux
VAUXSusannah20 Apr 186422 Jun 1848SP and DevonspinsterSRODD/PLE Box 92 c/724Servant Susanna Warr, d of Wm & Hester Warr;
Edward Marsh of Pitway in SP, labourer, s of Wm & Ann Marsh (deceased) formerly my late father’s shepherd;sister Mary VAUX rest of Estate
VAUXMary30 Jun 187516 Mar 1871spinsterSROVarious bequests – servants, Edmonds cousins etc and Joseph Vaux of Pitway, butcher; John Vaux of
VAXThomasInventory1646ComptonSRODD/SP 1646/55
VAYThomas1646 bondSOGBond of John xVAY of SP yeo, SOm & Extr of will, George MERSON of same,Willm RENDELL clerg Mill? STUCKEY
husb, Thomas x BROWNE of same, husb
VIELLJohn15 Jan 16141613StrattonyeomanPCCPROB 11/123also SRO DD\TRANS/4/2Jn Thorne junbro Roberte Viell & wf Elizabeth
about to move to live with Mother in law in Huish, Agnes Treser; brother Thomas;
Edmond Viell; sis Susan; sis Alice;John Viell son of Robt Viell my bro;
Marye Thorne d of John Thorne my bro in law;
VIELLAgnes1629South HarpwidowSROD/D/Ctdau Edith, son Robert, son William, son Mathew, son EdmondRoger Baker, William Baker,Edmund Veile son
Robte White
VILEThomas22 Feb16551 Dec 1654South HarpyeomanPCCPROB 11/247Son John Vilewf Edith
Son Edmond Vile
Son Robert Vile
Dau Joanna Vile
Dau Susanna Vile
Dau Elizabeth Vile u 21
3 g ch – John Vile son of John Vile  u 21; Thomas & Maris Vile s & D of Edmond Vile u21
VILERobert27 Oct 1656StrattonyeomanPCCPROB 11/260also SRO DD\TRANS/4/3; son John Vile;dau in law Alice Vile;son Thomas Vile; Josias Denman, Wm Vilewife Ellen
sonThomas’s wife; son William, William’s wife-; son Edmond ;dau Susan Denman;
Josias Denman son-in-law;dau Catherine Vile ; dau Jane Vile;dau Alice Vile; dau in law
law Sarah Vile; Matt Vile, Wm Vile, John Vile, Edmond Vile, sons of aforenamed Sarah Vile;
Vile; John Robert Care? & Ellen sons & daus of my son John Vile;Thos & Robt Vile
sons of my son Thos Vile;Edmond & Robert sons of my son William Vile;Josias,
Susan Ruth & Marie son & daus of my Dau Susan Denman; Ellen my wife
VILEEdmondInventory1670BridgehusbandmanSRODD/SP 1670/52
VILEJohnInventory1688South HarphusbandmanSRODD/SP 1688/49
VILEJoseph183011 Feb 1823Over StrattongentlemanSROEDW DD/ED Bx96  f389Daughter Martha Vile; son Thomas; daughter Phebe Horsey; 3 g-children Joseph, Robert & Mary Denman; son John Vile – North Orchard, East Lane Close, Foorland Close, Pookditch Close in North Field one acre & a yard & half an acre at best Down all in Over Stratton & Berry & Church Leaze in Southarp; son Robert Vile; daughter Martha;Benjamin HebditchJohn & Robert Vile
VILEPriscilla31 Mar 1842Over StrattonspinsterSROEDW DD/ED Bx191 f227Gt-neph Jabez Warr Hebditch. Residue to niece Mary wf Wm GuppyWilliam Hebditch & Simeon Hebditch
VILEMartha23 Feb 18423 Jul 1839spinsterSROEDW DD/ED Bx191 f226Bro Robt Vile; nephew Samuel Tyrel Vile & niece Ann Vile – ch of broRobert Vile & Burchal Peren
Robert Vile; Bro Thomas Vile; nephew Joseph Ebenezer Horsey, niece Martha
Horsey, nephew Peter Horsey; nephews Joseph & Robert Denman; Harriet & Mary
Hext dau of Richard Hext of SP, auctioneer.
VINCENTRobert1706Over StrattonyeomanSOG
WADSWORTHGeorge James27 Apr 1813gentlemanPCCPROB 11/1544
WADSWORTHSylvia14 Jun 1821widowPCCPROB 11/1645
WALRONDAnneInventory1671widowSRODD/SP 1671/12
WARREdward02 Feb 1683gentlemanPCCPROB 11/372Amy Compton my niece & wf of Richard Doniston Esq; Anne Yard my niece dau of my
bro Thomas Warre & now wf of Edward Yard of Charston, Devon
WARRWilliam8 Nov 185110 Apr 1848carpenterSROLeft houses & lands in Over Stratton to dau Mary Guppy,Benjamin Hebditch &dau Mary Guppy, wf of William
to her husband at her death, & after their death, to his grandson Jabez WarrWilliam Benjamin Hebditch
WEAREJohn the elderInventory1678South HarpyeomanSRODD/SP 1678/75
WEAREJohnInventory1687SRODD/SP 1687/47
WELLINGTONWilliam Edwards14 Aug 1850Chemist and DruggistPCCPROB 11/2118
WESTCOTEJohn03 Jun 1568yeomanPCCPROB 11/50
WESTCOTEThomas31 Aug 1533WWch of SP vjs  viijd – Wells iiijd – hye outer for tithes forgotyn  xijd to lady bretherhed of the same ch. ijs  -Sir Ste forreste my gostly father xvjd  -Sir Peter Curatt of Sevyngton xijd – every child of John Wescotte xijSir Styphyn fforeste, John Sibly, Edmunde Dapchyn
Res – John Wescote my son
WESCOTTThamasine10 Jul 16404 Feb 1639widowSOGDue from Richd WESCOTT her sonne Total £78Wm STUCKEY Wm x OLLFORD?. Robt WESTCOTT
WESTCOTTThomesineInventory1640widowSRODD/SP 1640/59
WESTCOTTRobert18 Jun 1611yeomanPCCPROB 11/118
WESTCOTTRobert23 May 1612sentencePCCPROB 11/119
WESTCOTTSteven17 Jan1624husbandmanPCCPROB 11/143
WESTCOTTRobert16 Feb 1638tannerPCCPROB 11/176
WESTCOTTJohnInventory1665SRODD/SP 1665/28
WESTCOTTAndrewInventory1730innholderSRODD/SP 1730/25
WHIBBYJohn21 Jul 1802shopkeeperPCCPROB 11/1378
WHIBBYElizabeth28 Aug 1821widowPCCPROB 11/1647
WHITEJohnInventory1623South HarpyeomanSROD/D/Ct
WHITEAliceInventory1636South HarpwidowSRODD/SP 1636/30
WILLIESThomasInventory1667yeomanSRODD/SP 1667/46
WILLYAviceInventory1671SRODD/SP 1671/11
WILLYWilliamInventory1696Over StrattonhusbandmanSRODD/SP 1696/25
WILLYJohn17065 Jul 1706SROWf, Sons John, Thomas & Lawrence
WILLYAnn4 Oct 17269 Sep 1725widowSRODD/PLE Bx 55Son Lawrence
Son John
WILLYSamuel3 Oct 1810SROSon-in-law John Newton one shilling
Sister-in-law Susannah Wool
Grandson Samuel Newton
g-dau Martha Newton u 21 Mary Newton u21
gt grandson Samuel Perrott u21
WILLYLawrence5 Jul 18273 Feb 1825labourerSROEDWSon Thomas
Dau Susannah Male – executrixSusannah Male
WILLYHannah Gould Baker1849SROEDW
WOODJohn01 Oct 1656gloverPCCPROB 11/260