The records of Royal Hospital Chelsea Hospital which are held at the National Archives at Kew contain the names of some South Petherton born soldiers. The references are WO 97 and WO 121. Brief details can be found in the National Archives online catalogue

BAKER Arthur WO 97/1091/175

Served in Somerset Militia discharged 1819 aged 46. Enlisted 1803.

BANBURY William WO 97/16/22

Served in 2nd Dragoons discharged after 20 years 144 days service (16 as Private, 4 as Corporal) on 24 Aug 1814 at Bristol aged 38.

Enlisted 3 Apr 1795. Labourer. 5’7”, dark brown hair, black eyes, fair complexion.

BURFORD Charles WO 97/559/141

Served in 40th Foot Regiment discharged 26 May 1816 at Dover Castle after 11 years 222 days service (Seargeant 4 years, Corporal 3 years, Private 4 years) aged 34. having lost one finger & the use of another finger & the thumb of right hand by a wound at the Battle of Waterloo. 5’7”, black hair, hazle (sic) eyes, fresh complexion,

Enlisted age 22. Labourer. Served South America, wounded in leg at Montevideo; served during the whole Pensinsula War & received wounds in the body at the Battle of Pyrenees, and in the hand at the Battle of Nivelle; served in Flanders including Battle of Waterloo. Very excellent character. Brave soldier.

CLARK Benjamin (alias CLARKE) WO 97/333/42

Served in 12th Foot Regiment discharged at Cork 26 Jun 1854 after 2 years 34 days, unfit for further military service aged 20. Invalided for chronic rheumatism & debility the result of fever contracted in the performance of Private. No service abroad. General character & conduct good. 5’6 ½ “, dark brown hair, grey eyes. Fresh complexion.

Enlisted at Bristol 2 Mar 1852 age 17 years 10 mo.with bounty of £4 .Joined at Chatham 9 Mar. Labourer.

Intended place of residence: Island of Guernsey.

CLARKE Noah WO 97/162/26

Served in 1st Foot Guards discharged 19 Oct 1827 after 16 years 25 days service (10 as Private, 3 as Corporal and 2 for Waterloo service) aged 34 as a result of diseased lungs contracted while in the service.. General conduct good. 5’9”, brown hair, hazel eyes, fair complexion.

Enlisted for unlimited service 9 Dec 1813 age 20 at Dublin. Labourer.

Admitted to in pension 1 May 1870. Died 24 Mar 1873.

CLARKE Phillip WO 97/560/39

Served in 40th Foot Regiment discharged 26 Nov 1816 being infirm after 17 years 125 days of service (including 2 years for Waterloo) aged 36. 5’6”, grey hair, grey eyes, dark complexion. Private.

Enlisted 25 Feb 1799. Labourer.

GENTLE Thomas WO 97/562/4

Served in 40th Foot Regiment discharged 19 Jun 1819 after 15 years 321 days service (including 2 years for Waterloo service) aged 30. Conduct very good. Served in South America, Peninsula War and North America & at Waterloo & was wounded in the left hand at Vancouver. 5’5 ¼ “, brown hair, grey eyes, sallow complexion. Private.

Enlisted 5 Mar 1805 at Taunton age 22. Labourer.

GULLY Benjamin WO 121/32/219

Served in 80th Foot Regiment. Discharged 1798 aged 22 after 4 years 6 months of service.

GULLY Benjamin WO 121/179/75

Served in 80th Foot Regiment; Garrison Battalion; 8th Royal Veteran Battalion. Discharged 1814 age 47 after 16 years 8 months of service. Enlisted 1790.

GULLY Benjamin (alias GULLEY) WO 121/185/439

Served in 80th Foot Regiment; 6th Royal Veteran Battalion; 1st Royal Veteran Battalion. Discharged 1815 aged 50 after 6 years 8 months.

GULLY Samuel WO 97/564/57

Served in 40th Foot Regiment, discharged 19 Jan 1819 after 21 years 186 days (with 2 years for service at Waterloo) aged 44 because of diseased lung from frequent attacks of pneumonia occasioned by long foreign service. Unfit for service. Private. Very good conduct. Served in Holland, S America, Peninsula, N America & at Waterloo. 5’6 ¾ “, black hair, black eyes, brown complexion.

Enlisted Bristol 18 Jul 1799 age 24. Labourer.

HAINE Thomas WO 121/86/92

Served in 84th Foot Regiment discharged 1807 aged 35 after 13 years 2 months of service.

HUTCHINS John WO 121/20/76

Served in 14th Foot Regiment discharged 1794 aged 28 after 2 years of service.

LAVER John WO 97/186/80

Served in 1st Foot Guards, discharged 28 Sep 1833 aged 41 years 10 months after 21 years 590 days of service. (2 years increment for Waterloo service)

Tailor. Enlisted Dublin 13 Dec 1813 age 25. Served in Netherlands in 1814 at Battle of Waterloo, and Paris. Returned home 1818. Cause of discharge = paralytic affection of the left hand. Employed in the regimental tailors shop for last 14 years and has had disease for 12 months. Good and trustworthy soldier. Brown hair, grey eyes, pale complexion.

LETTEY James WO 97/1118/287

Served in 40th Foot Regiment; 2nd Royal Veteran Battalion. Discharged 1814 after 10 years of service aged 27.

MARSH John WO 97/298/148

Served in 8th Foot Regiment and discharged 24 Jun 1814 aged 23 at Isle of Wight after 7 years 5 months (2 years 220 days as Private, 2 years as Corporal and 150 days as Sergeant).

Sergeant. 5’5” tall, dark hair, black eyes, fair complexion. Enlisted 19 Jun 1807. Labourer. Severely wounded in the right arm at Fort George, Upper Canada.

MARTIN John WO 97/298/152

Served in 8th Foot Regiment and discharged 27 Jun 1814 aged 25 after 7 years 58 days service, being lame from a wound received in action at Fort George on 27 May 1813. Enlisted age 18. Flax dresser. 5’4”, dark brown hair, grey eyes, fresh complexion.

MASTERS Job WO 97/298/155

Served in 8th Foot Regiment and discharged 14 May 1844 at Chatham aged 21 after 3 years 42 days service. (19 Aug 1840 – 18 Sep 1840 under age) Private. Enlisted Sherborne, Dorset 19 Aug 1840. Weaver age 17 ½ years. Could not sign his name. Conduct and character very good. No service abroad. “labours under chronic catarrh, liver complaint & diseased kidney. His disabilities are attributable to constitutional predisposition and not to military service.” 5’6”, fair hair, hazel eyes, fair complexion.

PINCARD James WO 97/309/81 [probably PINKARD]

Served in 9th Foot Regiment and discharged 29 Jul 1817 aged 29 after 10 years 34 days service (after age of 18). “Weakly & hurt in head and side by the blowing up of a bridge near Luzo? In Spain 1809. General conduct indifferent.

Enlisted at Yeovil 27 Jun 1805 at age of 16. Labourer. 5’4”, dar hair, grey eyes, dark complexion.

PITTARD James WO 97/693/151

Served in 56th Foot Regiment and discharged 1844 aged 40. Enlisted 1827.

VAGG John WO 97/1059/14

Served in 98th Foot Regiment and discharged 27 Jun 1838 after 10 years 133 days of service (after age 18 and after 14 days deducted) aged 28. Private. “Chronic disease of liver, health much impaired with general dropsy. His breathing is much affected. Unfit for duties of soldier. Conduct in hospital very good.”

Enlisted Sherborne, Dorset 4 Feb 1826 age 16. Character is latterly good. UK service only.

VILE William (NB Shown as NILE in online catalogue) WO 97/564/109

Served in 40th Foot Regiment and discharged 18 Aug 1826 at Norwich after 23 years 202 days (including 2 years for Waterloo service – 9 as Sergeant, 3 as Corporal & 9 as Private) aged 39. 5’11”, brown hair, grey eyes, fair complexion.

Enlisted at Somerton 4 Feb 1805 age 18. Labourer.