Chapel Members

1814 Jan 2nd         I was admitted as a member of the Church at Sth Petherton (Independent Chapel) Messrs Herdsman and Griffith Pastors of the same.

Jan 6th       Mr James Rowsell Sth P was suspended from the Church.

March Edward Barns was admitted to our Church.

Septm at Different Times in this Month

Wm Beale and John Horsey and Elizabeth his Wife withdrawed themselves from our Church by sending letters either to the Ministers or Deacons and Mrs Rowsell the wife of J R.

1816   March       Mr John Horsey and his Wife was readmitted to this Church under the Pastoral care of Rev James Bidlake.

 Nov 10th          Elizabeth Gentle of Sth Petherton was Admitted by Mr Bidlake.

1817 Jan 5th         Mr Thos Ballantyne was Unanimously Chosen by the Church as Deacon in the place of Mr Jn Perren of Compton, Deacons at this time Father, Brother Simeon, Thos Hutchins and George Nevil and Mr Bidlake Pastor.  Mr Bidlake became Pastor of this Church the first Sabbath in Aug 1815.

1817  Aug 20th        Mr John Horsey was Excommunicated from this Church for leaving the Ordinances of that Meeting and going to Martock Meeting.

1817   Sept 5th       Mrs John Horsey sent in Her Resignation to our Church.

Sept   10th  Thomas Fort of Pitway sent his Resignation to our Church.

Aug  20th         Samuel Denman was at the same time with Mr Horsey above Excommunicated for the same cause as Mr H, leaving and going to Martock.

1817  Dec 7th        Mrs White of South Petherton was admitted as a member of this Church under care of Mr Bidlake.

1817    Dec 7th      The before mentioned Mr Thomas Ballantyne who was Chosen as Deacon was Excommunicated for the Sin of Fornication Committed with his servant-maid.

Dec 25th        The Rev Mr Bidlake Gave in his Resignation but Supplyed the Church  4 Sabbaths after.

1819    Feb 28th      The Rev Mr Sanderson Preached the first Sermon in our Pulpit on Probation for three Months – he was promised one pound pr Sabbath and board.

Aug 29th        Mr Taylor of Yeovil Read Mr Sandersons Acceptance to the Invitation (or Call) Given by the Church, so that from this Time he became our Pastor.

1820   Jan 2nd       Mrs Wm Terrell (Widow) of Lower Stratton was Admitted a Member of our Church.  Died 1826.

1820          Mary Talbord of Stemberage was admitted Member of this Church.

1821  Sept        I, B Hebditch of Overstratton was unanimously invited to take the important office of Deacon after been allowed 2 or 3 weeks consideration I accepted the Invitation.

1822 Jan 13         Michael Marks of Pitway was admitted Member of this Church.

1823 July 1st       My Sister Anna, Mrs Ruth Dunstone (widow) and Jane Shore, both of Stoke, was admitted as Members.

May 20th           Mr and Mrs Tilly of Shepton Beauchamp was admitted as Members.

Oct   1st         Mr John Horsey Senior and his Wife was readmitted a second time and also Mary Best of Shepton and Ann Bunter of Seavington admitted, Mr Sanderson, Pastor.

1824 Nov  14         The Revd Mr Sanderson sent a verbal Resignation to the Church by me that his Pastoral Office would Terminate with our Church on the  25th of December next 1824.

1824  Nov 28th        At a Church Meeting about 2 thirds of the Members then present held up their hands for Mr Paltridge to supply us on Probation three months, one third wished it to be six months. (Died 9 Apr 1854 being 29 years).

1825  Jan        The Church Gave Rev E Paltridge a Call or Invitation.

Feb   6th         The Rev Edward Paltridge Acceptance of the Call was Read in Public Sabbath Afternoon. and 1854 Apr 9th  He died.

1825  Apr 3rd         At a Church Meeting this Day George Nevil, Barnard Gould and Mrs Susanna Thomas was readmitted.

25th           The Rev Edward Paltridge was Ordained.  The Rev Mr Luke of Taunton Gave the Charge and the Rev Mr Cuff of Wellington Preached to the People (and Died Apr 9th 1854 being 29 years).

1825 May  15       At A Church meeting held this day Mr King* (Mr and Mrs Beale was readmitted) *Mrs King admitted and Miss Susan Harding resignation was read, she joined the Wesleyans.


1825 June 6th    Died the Rev John Sanderson at Mr Axe’s House and was Buried in the Meeting Court the 16th and Mr Paltridge preached his Funeral Sermon the 19th from the 7th and 8th verses of the 4th Chapter of the 2nd of Timothy.

June 26th    Mrs Hooper and Miss Ann Horsey was admitted as members of our Church Pastor Mr Paltridge.

1825 Dec 25th          At a Church Meeting held this Day Mrs Josh Horsey, Lopen, her Sister Mrs Ann Harding and John Richardson admitted.

1826 May 28th         At a Church Meeting held this Day George Langford and Rebekah Fort was admitted and Thomas Fort readmitted.

1826 Nov 26         At a Church Meeting held this Day Mr Tupp and George Bagg was admitted.

1827   March 18th        Mr Thos Terrell and his Wife of Stoke was both admitted Members.

June  1st    Hannah Newton was admitted as a Member of our Church.

Apr  1st    Saml Hebditch’s wife, Mary Anna, and Elias Harding’s wife Hannah was admitted members of the Church.

1828 Jan 27th         Mrs Chaffey Baker and her Sister Miss Elizabeth Anstice was Admitted.

Feb   24th         Mr Jn Daniel and his Aunt Miss Anstice was admitted.

1829  Jan 25th      James Baker of Little Field was admitted a Member of our Church.

1829   Feb 22nd Old James Pinkard, Betty Jeans, her son Thos, Wm Baker, John Tilly and Martha Warr admitted.

1829  March 29         Sally Warr, wife of George Warr of Stratton was admitted.

1829          Mrs John Hebditch, Mrs Wm Baker and Mrs George Bagg was admitted.

1831  July 31st        Mrs Ann Hext, Eliza England of Lopen and Ann Glover was admitted.

1832 Nov  25th         Mary Rowsell of Sth Petherton was admitted – Rev E Paltridge, Pastor

1833 Jan 27th         This day was admitted Wm Hayward of Compton, Hannah Terrell of Stoke, Annis Baker of Sth Petherton, Mary & Hannah Hebditch, Mary  Bull and Ann Lang, all of Lopen, together 7 in number and only Ann Lang married.

                  This was an high day to my soul (especially seeing 2 of my Nieces declaring to whom they belong).

                  NB  1833 June 11th  Hannah Hebditch Died who sat down at the Table only 3 times.

May 26th          Mrs Robt Pittard of East Lambrook was admitted as a Member.

1834 Sept           Mary Warr of Overstratton was admitted a Member.

Nov  30th         Miss Robins, Shop Girl at Mr Jn Daniels was admitted.

1835 Nov & Dec     Miss Harriet Bull, Betty Hallet, Hannah Harding (widow) Mrs Sarah Perratt, John Rowsell and Mrs Guppy.

Jan  31 1826     Susannah Burford and Rebekah Endoe was admitted.

May   29        Isaac Richards and Benjm Gould both of Sth Petherton was added

1838 Jan       Joseph Lang of Lower Stratton was admitted a member

1838 Feb          Robt Marten of Sth Petherton was admitted a Member

Nov 25     Mr Kiddle of West Chinnock and Uriah Denman was admitted.

Dec 3th        Jane Vile, Pitway was admitted

Nov  1st 1840     Cousin Joseph Hebditch was admitted and a few months before his Brother Saml was admitted and Also Thos Vilday, Mr Jn Daniels’ Servant Girl and many others since my Past Date

1838 Dec 30th – n consequence of Mr Paltridge Preaching much more liberal or addressing Sinners etc, George Nevil -Barnard Gould, Benjm Gould, and John Rowsell left our place altogether with few others.

1843   July 30th       Mary Ann Wines was admitted as a Member

July 30th1843          Benjm Hebditch, Lopen and Daniel Richards was admitted

1843   Nov       Mr Jas Patten Daniel was admitted a Member

1845 Aug 1st          Saml Axe Esq was admitted a member

1846 Dc 27th         Miss Susan Vaux and Hannah Jeans were Admitted as Members of our Church.

1847  Aug 1st        Mr Mac-Melon (South Street) was admitted A Scotchman

1848  March 26th        Eli Amery of Seavington was admitted his age about 17 years

1850  Jan 27th        Mrs Edwin Harding, Mrs James Terrell and Miss Maria Perratt were admitted this day.

March 31st Mr Robt Pittard of Rodwell, Son-in-law of our Pastor, Mr Paltridge was admitted.

Apr 28th     Mary Rowsell of Watergore was admitted as a Member

Nov  23         Mrs Leaves of Overstratton was Admitted as a Member

1851 Apr 27    Esther Davis and Harriet Morton was admitted as Members

Sept  28th   Mrs Dight of Lower Stratton and Mrs Prideaux of Watergore was admitted.

1852 Feb    Phillis Holland was admitted without appearing or speaking before the Church.

May  1st   Miss Sarah Anstice and Ann Wines were admitted without appearing before the Church

1854  Feb 26th        Mr Saml McMullen in South Street was admitted without appearing before the  Church

March 19th  Deacons

Messrs Jas and John Daniel were unanimously Chosen Deacons and now with my Brother and self we have 4 Deacons, Mr Paltridge being present, for, I believe, the last time having the Diabetis.

19th           NB out of the above Number since I was admitted (being about 84)

                  there have been Dead               24 say

                  The number now living               60 left

Apr  10th          At our Chapel House Died the Rev Edward Paltridge of Diabetis having been the Pastor of the Church 29 years and about one year Supplying in all 30

Sept  3rd   Mr Sells being here as a supply the day of Mr Paltridge’s death  (being Sunday) he supplyd us for about 3 months when he was invited for 3 months as on Probation but he did not supply us more than 2 months but on the 3rd of Sept 1854 A Call was drawn up and placed in the Vestry for Signatures when I was at Crewkerne and Merriott to get a supply for the following Sabbath yet Three Deacons with a great Majority of the Church and Congregation signed And on Sunday Oct 1st 1854 he sent an acceptance of the Call which was read by my Nephew Saml Hebditch Junior.

                  May the Lord make him a long and lasting blessing to this Church and People.

The Members of the Independent Church Petherton

1855 Jan 28th   My dear Daughter Anna and another Young Woman – Brister was Added to the Church.  These were the first Members after Mr Sells was our Pastor.

June 23rd  Mary Hurley was Admitted, A Stranger

1856     (Mrs Henry Tapscot – Mrs Sim Lye – Mary Indoe and Sarah Ann Lang was Jan 27th)  admitted and George Nevils Wife from Bower Hinton Church was admitted last month.

June 10th The Rev V P Sells was ordained.  Doctor Alliott gave the Charge and  Messrs Addiscott, Quick and Samson with several Others took part in it.

Aug 24th  Hannah Marsh and Martha Doble was Admitted Members.

1857 Jan 25th  Mary Trott, Sarah Epton and her Daughter Fanny were Admitted.

From Jan 1857 to the 26th of December 1858 I have kept no a/c of the addition to the Church in Consequence of my leaving and going to Merriott Meeting, Since the 10 of June 1856 when V P Sells was Ordained the Church and Congregation have been so scattered that frequently they were worshipping in 7 or 8 different places of worship so this day after 3 weeks Notice only he preached his farewell Sermon from My Witness is in Heaven and my Record is on High –

His Friends gave him a Silver Ink stand and Gold pen when he left us for further particulars see 1st or 2nd page in my Cronacle Book.

That the Lord may send us a much better preacher is my earnest wish and desire – But a Worse I never heard for a Constancy – Yet I wish him well.  He is gone near Stroud Newnham where the Salary is about 30 pounds a year beside what the Association gives him – 500 Inhabitants only in the Town in 1821.

May 23rd This day I went with the Buss to Martock Station after Mr Revil our New Pastor wish his new Wife and her Aunt who brought her up from a Child –

That the Lord may make him very usefull at Petherton is my earnest wish.

1860 Aug 2nd   Mrs Jeans and Mrs Revil of Petherton were Admitted as Members.

28th     Mr Revell was ordained when I gave 20/- towards the expenses with a Public Dinner and Tea, The Rev Densham asked the Questions – Samson of Yeovil offered the Ordination prayer and Carter of Brain-tree his own Pastor gave him the Charge and Cousin Saml Hebditch of Bristol explained the nature of the Xtian Church.  In the evening Mr Mackenal of Burton on Trent Preached to the People.  May the Lord Bless him and make him a Blessing to the Church and Congregation.

1860 Aug 30th  Elizth Brown, Mrs Taylor and Wm Parker’s Wife were admitted.

Sept 2nd Mr Revell Preached 2 Sermons after his ordination from the 3rd and 19th of Ephesians and in the Afternoon from 3rd of Ezekial 17 and 4 following verses – being excellent sermons.