Chapel News

1813  May 19         The Rev Richard Herdsman’s Second Wife was buried in the Meeting House yard in Round well Street in South Petherton, she was the first Corpse that ever was buried at that Place.

 1829 August 12th     A Foreign Missionary meeting was held at Roundwell Chapple, Sth Petherton ‑ Rev Herwin of Froome and Leifchild of Bristol Preached – about 20 Ministers present  –

                  The Collections amounted to £82 0 0

                  The annual Subscriptions    £18 0 0 

                                          Total    £100 0 0 

                   N.B. Mr Herwin informed us that this World contained eight hundred Millions of Souls and that if a Man was to stand before a Clock 75½ years and count the times that the Pendulum goes to and fro it would not amount to more than eight hundred million times and also if Three Thousand souls  was converted as on the day of penticost it would take that number each day for 730 years before the eight hundred million was converted. 

                  (W B Hebditch put in the plate a Soverign ‑ the first he ever gave) 


1831  Oct 12th    We removed from our Old‑ Pew in Roundwell St Chapel between the large West Windows that my Father took when the Chapel was Built ‑Rev Richard Herdsman was the first Pastor whose Tablet is now over the Pulpit  to the one against the South Wall 2 seats from the Pulpit and the 2nd from the south corner of the Chapel. Rev. Edward Paltridge now the Pastor. 

                  Wm and B Hebditch gave towards the West Gallery

                  N.B. We gave £7 toward the West Gallery etc 

 1834  July 31st     This day Black-down Chapel was reopened where I heard Mr Crook and Mr Bishop of Beauminster preach my Nephew Wm Hebditch was the  pastor of the people a Baptist Congregation.

Aug 1st       Next morning we had a prayer meeting at Roundwell Street Chapel at ½ past 4 o’clock in the morning as a thanksgiving meeting for the Emancipation of 8 hundred thousand slaves in Jamaica.

1838 Dec 31st This Year has been one I hope and believe I shall never forget for  2 especial reasons for which I feel particularly thankfull.

           1st – The Common Fields were enclosed which I hope will make peace among all the Farmers.

           2nd – That the Rev. Edward Paltridge changed his mode of preaching from doctrinal to Practical and from confining his address to the Elect to all his           hearers even to Sinners.BH

1855 Apr 9th  Our dear Pastor (for 30 years at Roundwell Street Chapel died) The Rev. Edward Paltridge was buried in the front of the Chapel by the Vestry Door by Mr Cells, a student from Plymouth and the Rev. Addiscot from Taunton preached his funeral sermon from 13 Hebrews and part of the 7th Verse, he preached 3 times day.