History of Roundwell Chapel

1860 Remarks continued

Respecting Round Well Independent Chapel and Premises from the year 1705 May 16th then Wm Edmonds.

In 1775 Nov 28th my mother’s uncle James Gifford of Lopen (who gave her my Little Estate House & Barton at West Lambrook) and who was the Founder of the Chapel.

1837 Sep 6th Chapel Licenced for marriages

1884 Oct 1st The Legacies given to this Interest by Mr Mead, Mr Wm Beal and I think Gifford amounted together to 73 0 0 which the Revd E Paltridge, Pastor, and my Brother Simeon Hebditch, Deacon being trustees.  Lent the same to John Derriman of Middle Lambrook on House & Orchard late my Brother-in-law’s the Revd John Wells, the father of my neice, Mrs Stark in America.  The interest is paid to our Minister.

NB From 1705 to 1775 the premises were in the hands of many others.

My eldest and best of Brothers with Mr Ben Chaffey were the two first children that were Baptized in the Chapel in the year 1777 – by the first Pastor.  the Revd Richd Herdsman who Preached there 35 years.

1st trustees appointed Nov 20 1777 as follows –

James Gifford, Lopen, the founder, Richard Herdsman, the pastor, John Griffen, Petherton, Wm Hebditch (my father), Deacon, Robert Weare, Stratton, Joseph Vile, Stratton, Richard Gifford, Lopen, Benjamin Chaffey, Norton, Simon Pittard, Rodwell, John Saint, Merriott and John Horsey, Petherton being 11.

2nd trustees appointed 12 Mar 1814: Benjamin Hebditch & my Brother Simeon, both Deacons, Wm Chaffey, John Vile & his Brother, Robert Vile, James Gifford, George Nevil, Saml harding, Wm Terrell, John Gifford, Saml Denman and Thos Ballantin being 12 all.

3rd trustees appointed 22 May 1856: Benjamin Hebditch, George Nevill, Wm Chaffey and James Gifford living of the last or old Trustees – Robt Wm Hebditch, Richard Hebditch, Simeon Hebditch, John Daniel, P Daniel, James McMillan, Saml do, Gilbert Vaux, Robt R Pittard, Wm Terrell, Edwin Harding, Henry Tepscott, Daniel Richards & Eli Amery

Before this in year Jan 1860 we have had six parsons: Herdsman, Griffiths, Blake?, Sandeman, Paltridge & Sells.