Legal and Financial Matters

1827 March 31st               TAXES 1815

This Day have found amongst my Tax papers an Old Duplicate of the Property Tax charged on Overstratton tything for the year 1815 amounting to £110 9 4. This was in addition to the Dog Tax, Horse Tax and Window Tax and the Land Tax ‑ all these Taxes were wanted to support the Warr with France ‑ My Father and myself were the collectors of all the Taxes for many years. 


An agreement made this 28th day of August 1827 between Simeon Hebditch of Lopen and his Brothers Wm and Benjamin of Overstratton respecting a 3 year old Mare Colt in Foal called Violet  –

The said Wm and B has this day sold their Brother Simeon the said Colt for the sum of £19 0 0 on condition they have her work (if wanted) one working or Sabbath day as may be most suitable to them out of every 14 Days or Fortnight and when ever the said Mare may be sold or exchanged they shall have the Twentieth part of its purchase money. 

1839 April 22nd MEMORANDUM

Died at South Petherton Betey Willy for whom I was trust for 14 years – her property was £178 14 8½ for which I paid her Interest for some years and at her Death I bought of her Brothers and Sister (for all the property fell to them 5 in number) – one hundred pounds on mortgage at Barington and all her Interest in an Arable Close of land called Joylers witch containing 3½ acres held for the life of Mr Jas Gifford of Lopen.  And I bought the whole for the sum of £160 being £32 per share for 5  £32 is £160.

And I have Paid Thos James John and Jane Harding 32 each being £128 but Joseph being in London his share is unpaid yet being £32.  But now this is paid allowing for Funeral Expenses 5 of them £1 10 0 each.


1839  May 27 This day I was in London for the first time where I received £5,000 which I put in the Bank and £42 took home being the money for  Little Midlney Farm together £5042 0 0.  Mr Jas Daniel, South Harp, and myself Trustees for the late Mary England of West Lambrook who died March 1838 worth £5800 0 0.  I went Saturday and returned Wednesday some part of the way about 40 miles on the Railway, supposed we travelled 25 miles an hour – left London 7 o’clock and was at Watergore before 7 the same Evening.

                                                                            Look over

        Coach hire Guards etc   £3  10 0

        and expenses for 5 days £2  13 6

                                             £6   3 6


1841 Dec          Paid Mr Nichollets for making my will               £3  0 0

and for defending a Threatened Action by Mrs Ayres, a School Mrs of my Children who would not leave my Parlour untill I had paid her a Bill which I never owed her – so I only took her by her 2 arms and put her out of doors – when she wanted to get some money from me but could not get it –                      £2 14 0

N.B. The first money I ever paid for any kind of law without having something for it – I hope it will be the last.                                                      £5 14 0

The purport of my will made by Mr Nicholetts in the year 1841:

To my wife £25 every Quarter

To my daughter Sarah and Anna the Interest of a Thousand Pounds each and the Principal to their child or children if any, if not then to their Brothers jointly as Executors of my Will.

To Wm Benjm  New House Cottages and Fields, Rydon, Little Gore, Slade, Slates Sheaf Close and Cottage adjoining Lower Netherway, Higher Netherway, Warrs Cottage at Watergore, Joylers Witch, and my Interest in an life hold estate at West Lambrook.

 To Robert Wm Home House and Orchard, Hannings Orchard, 2 Palpits and Orchard, South Field Close, South Field Orchard and South Field Furlong.

Messrs Wm Harding, Simeon Hebditch and Samuel Hebditch Trustees.

1844 Aug 30th Taken from Stratton Land Tax Duplicate –

           I am charged halfyearly                 £2  9  3

           say my land in Stratton Tithing is 40 Acres at 1/-   £2  8  0

                                                        over         1  3

           N.B. or 2/- per acre yearly.

            On Rydon in Lopen I pay for 2 acres is 1/7d per acre yearly and for

            Poor Rates on Rydon at 2s 8d per quarter is 5s 4d per acre yearly.

             And Also for Tithe on Rydon is yearly per acre  Tithe  10s 1d

                                                           Land Tax    1s 7d

                                                           Poor Rates  5s 4d

                                                             Way Rate    1s 4d

                                                       say Church Rate    4d                                         

                                charged for Rydon per Acre 18s 6d

                                                                   18s 8d

                                        For the 2 Acres yearly £1 17 4d


        N.B. Brought down from Stratton Tithing as above

        Land Tax 48 acres per acre 2s £4 16 0

        Poor Rate 48 Acres at 4/2      £10  0 0

        Way Rate 48 Acre at 1/-                 £2  8 0

        Church Rate at 48 acres at 6d £1  4 0

         Tithe on 48 acres at 6s 6d      £15 12 0  

                                                         £34  0 0

            48 acres at 14s 2d is                     £34  0 0

           2 Acres Lopen 18s 8d per acre

            18s 8d   14s 2d Stratton   

           14s 2d

            4s 6d      4s 6d Lopen more than Stratton

 P.S. Lopen is 18s 8d per Acre and Stratton is 14s 2d per acre

1847 Feb 28th . Mr Josiah Horsey of Lopen Died being 68 years old.  Being Trustee for his Wife’s Fortune for the Benefit of her Nephews and Nieces I had a Bond against him for 841 Pounds.

N.B. The Rev. Edwd Paltridge was left his Executor in Trust who has paid me all he received and I have divided the same as the Will Directed and I charged £10 for 30 years anxiety and trouble at the same time gave all satisfaction although I had not but about 8/- in the Pound of the above £841.