Parish Officials and Business

 1827-1828         From South Petherton Court Leet to Do I served the office of Hundred Chief Constable Lcwer Division Journeys to Taunton and  Wells etc all other expences including Horse Hire and my own time cost me but £2 10 0.

 1838   March 26th This day Mr B Perren of Compton and myself was chosen Church Wardens, Messrs Chas Parsons, Jn Edmonds Junior and Robt Lyddon Guardians and Messrs Wm Harding, Josh Hebditch Snr, Joseph Terrell and Jn Horsey Overseers.

 1840 March 25th   At a Parish Meeting held in the Vestry Room, South Petherton, this day the following officers were chosen:

            Mr Bridge and myself Church-Wardens

            Mr Chas Parsons, John Hebditch, Josiah Horsey & Matthew Baker – Overseers

            Wm Darby, Wm Hellyar and Mr Wm Harding – Guardians

 1841 March 25th    The Parish Officers chosen for the ensuing year Sealy Bridge Esq and Benjm  Hebditch Churchwardens, Messrs B Peren, Benjm  Hebditch and Wm Harding Guardians and JW Peters Esq, Aaron Tutchen Robert Vile and Josiah Horsey Overseers and Josiah Horsey to have £20 for collecting the Church and Poor Rates.

1841 July 20th This day at the Board of Guardians 16 Candidates put up for the Office of a Relieving Officer when the first Name on the list was brought forward who was Porter who best several when Feaver best Porter – and my Man John Darby Came Best all and took office.  The salary is £100 per annum.

            N.B. The Commissioners would not allow his continuing the office when Johns son was elected being a minor.

 1845  March 27th  Parish Officers Chosen

Sealy Bridge Esq and B Hebditch Church-Wardens

Mr J Edmonds, Mr Wm Darby, Mr A Tutchen and Mr John Lavor Overseers and Messrs B Peren, Robt Lyddon and Josiah Hebditch Guardians

N.B. Mr Tom Perren to have £25 0  0 as paid Overseer for one year.

 1846  March 26 Parish Officers Chosen

Sealy Bridge Esq and myself Church Wardens, Messrs B Peren, Robert Lyddon and J P Daniel, Guardians and Messrs Jn Edmonds,  Wm Darby, Aaron Tutchen and John Lavor, Overseers, Also Mr Abm Hodges, Perpetual Overseer yearly salary £25 0s 0d.

 At a Parish Meeting held in the School Room the 21st May 1847 for the purpose of Subscribing towards supplying the Poor with Cheap Bread it was agreed that Wheat should be bought get it grinded and baked and sold at 6d per the 4lb loaf 100 bushels of wheat was bought of Mr Naish at 15/- per Bushel, Mr Patten engaged to grind it all one way at 3d bushel and he and Joseph Lang to Bake it 4/6 sack and nearly £300 was given by the Gentlemen who had property in the Parish including Landowners.

            J.W. Peters £25, Mr Bond £20, Mr Nicholetts £20, Mr Bridge £20, Mr Peren £10, Mr Lydon £10, Mr T Roach £10 and myself others £5 each.

1851  Feb 2nd        Remarks on Things

This day my Son Wm Benjm  Hebditch is 22 years of age –

From this Circumstance I am led to look back on these 22 years and what has taken place since My dear Brother Wm who was my very best earthly Friend and also of my Sons next to their Parents has been Removed by Death and many others in our Family and Friends

                   I have been a Church-Warden next Ladyday 14 years and the Rates have not been more than 1¼d a year

                   Within these 14 years the Path leading from the Yonder Corner of the School Room to the West Door of the Church and a Pitched Path from that Door all round the Church to the South Door and from the South Door nearly all the ham Stone Path to the Steps leading to Hele Steps and also that Path from those Steps to the Iron Gate that leads to the East Door of the Church

4th            and this Day I had one hand Rail to each flight of steps up in the Church yard which Mr Day charged 35/- for but the Stone Walls and the Iron Paling was put up about 4 years before I took on the Office

                   Moreover this day I had the weather Cock taken down by George Hallet and John Marks one Wing and one Leg being off and was repaired by Mr John Day who charged for it 5/-

                   And Jonah Wale Gild it and assisted in putting it up Five days after the Rev H Bond the Vicar’s first Child was Born being a Daughter for the sum of 35/-.

                   N.B. Mrs Bond was taken Ill but the Child was not Born for 5 Days after.

1858 May 28th     Mr Saml Howe was chosen a Perpetual Overseer for the Parish of Crewkerne Salary 40 0 0 a year.  Wm B H proposed him at the vestry and obtained the majority of Hands when a Poll was demanded by his opponent Mr Cornelius the auctioneer, the Polling lasted 2 days yet Mr Howe got a majority of votes by 28.

1859 June 30 Church at Petherton

 At a Vestry Meeting held this day in the School Room it was agreed to Borrow of the Church Fund Society Seven Hundred pounds at 4 per cent to be paid in Five years from a 7½ Rate which will be about that sum to be laid out in Roofing & a few other Repairs of the Church.

            And also about £850-00s had been promised by the Friends of the Church in & near Petherton for the Reseating & a few other alterations in the Church altogether say £1500.0s.0d.

            The Church wardens Mr Wm Perren & Mr Josh Hebditch with the borrowers are responsible for the money Borrowed.

            I have not attended any Vestry Meeting before for several years & perhaps this will be the last.