1812    The General Price of Cows and Calves this year is from 13 to 20 Pounds depends on the goodness of them, Father bought 3, 1 at £13, 2 at £14, 3 at 16 pounds per couple.

1812 Dec   Father Bought A Sparked Calf of Brother John when he lived at Merriott for £1 10 0 to Raise – and one he had of his own.  Both Branched Lattish Calves. Sold that of Fathers for £13 13 0 to the Butcher.

1812   The Price of Bread 20d per hog.

            Wheat £1 0 0 pr bushel

            Barley 12s per bushel

            Beans 11s per bushel

            Pease 10s per bushel

            Malt 14s per bushel

            Potatoes 16s per Bagg

            Cheese sold for £4 11 per Ct

            Bacon 1s 1d per pound

            Beef 9d and 10d per pound

            And all other things in Proportion to the above.

1812      Brother Simeon Bought at Bristol Fair a Large Pair of Bellows to use in Smith Shop, the First day using them on Monday 14 of September -the Price of them   £4 0 0.

1814 18th March          Prices of Corn and Etc 

                  Wheat sold for     9s 9d

                  Barley for                   4s 6d

                  White Pease for     9s 0d        

                  Brown Pease for    6s 0d

                  Beans for                    5s 9d

                  Potatoes for per Bagg          1s 6d

                  Oats for                      4s 0d

                  Pig Meat per Schore           14s 0d


From Sept to Christmas The Average Price of Corn Etc. 

                  Good Wheat worth     14s 6d 

                  do Barley do                7s Od 

                  Brown Pease do         8s Od 

                  White Pease do         12s Od 

                  Old Beans do             1Os 6d 

                  New Beans do            7s Od 

                  Oats Best sort             4s Od      

                  Potatoes pr Bagg       3s 6d 

                  Pork Meat per score  7s Od 

                  Best Pieces Beef pr lb              5½d 

 1817    From Lady Day to Midsummer in the Month of June 

                  Good wheat worth     18s 0d

                  New beans                      7s 6d

                  Barley                          8s 0d

                  Pork Meat                      9s 9d

                  Potatoes                      7s 6d

1818  Nov 4th        Average price of Corn etc.

                  Best Wheat worth 9s 6d 

                  Best beans                   lOs 6d 

                  Barley                            7s 6d 

                  Oats                                   5s 6d   

                  Brown Pease                  7s Od 

                  Potatoes                        3s Od      

                  Pork Meat pr Score                 lls 6d 

1820   Jan 29th       CORN ETC     Average price of Corn etc. 

                  Best Wheat             9s 0d

                  Barley             4s 0d

                  Oats                       3s 3d

                  Beans                     6s 0d

                  Pease                     6s 6d

                  Potatoes                3s 0d

                  Porkmeat pr schore        9s 0d

                  Best Beef pr lb              7d

                  Bacon pr lb        9½d

                  Bread pr Loaf                9½d  

1821  Feb 1st  CORN ETC   Average Price of Corn  

                   Best Wheat pr bushel      7s 3d    

                  Best barley      3s 3d

                  Oats                       2s 6d

                  Beans                     4s 0d

                  Pease                     4s 6d

                  Potatoes                1s 6d

                  Porkmeat pr schore        7s 6d     

                  Best beef pr lb              6d 

                  Bread per loaf               8d.    

1821 Feb   28th        Paid Wm Warr and Wm Follett for Making Fathers Elm (plain) coffin (without a Breast plate) 42/0 had it been oak it would be £5 5 0. 

      CORN ETC

1822 Feb 10th      Average price of Corn etc. 

                  Best wheat pr Bushell              8s 0d

                  Best Barley pr do   3s 0d

                  Best Oats pr do              2s 0d

                  Best Beans pr do         3s 9d

                  Good potatoes pr Bagg              2s 3d

                  Porkmeat pr Schore   5s 6d

                  Best Beef pr lb                  4½d

                  Bread pr Loaf                       9½d


1822  June 26th         Average Price of Grain etc

                  Best Wheat pr Bushel 7s 0d

                  Barley             2s 9d

                  Beans              3s 0d

                  Potatoes pr Bagg     3s 6d

                  Porkmeat per schore   5s 0d

                  Bread pr Loaf           7½d

1823 Oct 24th        Bought at Mr Joseph Cleals Sale of Lower Stratton Quantocks Estate a Winnowing Machine for £4 5 0.

 1823 Nov 4th        Sold 20 bags (3 Bushells) of Apples for Cider to a Man of North Perrott at 2/0 pr Bagg. 

Nov          Average Price of things  –

                   Best Wheat pr Bushell           6s 9d

                  Barley                         2s 9d               

                  Beans                             4s 6d

                  Potatoes pr Bag         2s 0d

                  Porkmeat                       8s 0d

                  Bread pr loaf                 8d


1823 April 20th   Bought of a Boy at Lopen a long tail Dog from Mr Cables Bitch and we believe its Father was our last Tiger because it is so much like it cost 8s 6d. 

1824 SHEEP

May  25th   I bought 1 Oct 1823 Sixty sheep for 7s 8d pr Head and sold them this time at 23/0 pr Head so these sheep trebled their cost. This Year I Gained by Sheep £68 0 O. 

 1824 Oct 20th     Average Price of Corn etc 

                 Wheat pr Bushell                8s Od 

                 Barley pr do                4s 6d 

                  Beans pr do Old     5s Od 

                  Potatoes pr Bagg   2s 6d   

                  Porkmeat pr score               9s Od 

                  Bread pr loaf                 8½d 

                  Butter pr lb                    lld 

                  Cyder pr Hogshead            £1 10  Od 


1825  Feb 18       Average Price of Corn etc. 

                  Bread pr Loaf                    9½d 

                  Bacon Dry pr lb            9d 

                  Porkmeat pr Schore            8s 6d 

                  Potatoes pr Bag     3s 6d 

                  Wheat pr Bushel    8s 6d 

                  Barley                    5s Od 

                  Beans                          5s 3d 

                  Pease Brown 5/‑, White        7s Od 

                  Best Beef pr lb             6d 

1828 Nov & Dec       Average price of Corn etc.

                 Old Wheat 11/- and New Wheat 10s 0d

                  Old Beans 7/- and New Beans   6s 0d

                  Barley (good sample)          5s 0d

                  Potatoes pr Bag        3s 0d

                  Bread                               10½d

                  Best Cheese                      8d

                  Butter                             1s 0d

1829  May      The Average Price of Corn etc. 

                  Old Wheat 10/6 New Wheat 10/‑ pr Bushel 

                  Barley 5/‑ Beans 5/9 

                  Butter lld and Potatoes pr Bag 6/‑. 

1829 Sep 25        This Day Mr Vile told me that he had sold Apples to Mr Reader of Broadwindsor (several loads) at 21 bags for 20/‑ and Uncle Stephen  Gifford told me he had sold them at 8d pr Bag both 10 peck Bags – about 50 years before the above date. 


1829 Novm   Apples was sold at 1/‑ pr Bag

                     Cider at 12/‑ pr Hogshead many places I have sold 8 Hogshead at 15/-

                  Exchanged 16 Hogshead for a Horse valued £12 0 0 the Cider  15s 

                  Wheat pr Bushel                                        8s 

                  Barley                                                                    4s 

                  Beans                                                                     5s 6d   

                  Potatoes pr Bag                                         3s

                  Pork Meat pr Schore                     7s 

                  Butter pr lb                                                  lOd 

1830 March  25      Price of Grain etc

                  Best Wheat 8s 6d

                  Barley             4s 0d

                  Beans              5s 3d

                  Pease for seed      7s 0d

                  Pork meat pr schore 6s 3d

                  Best Cheese       6d

                  Butter               11d

                  and Bread          8½d


1832  Dec  GRAIN ETC      The Average price of Grain etc. 

                   Best Wheat worth 7/‑ pr Bushel

                  Do Barley do 4/‑ vast quantity stored this year

                  Do Beans do 4/‑ pr Bushel

                  Brown Pease do 4/6 do

                  Potatoes per Bag 1/9 pr 120 lb

                  Best Quartern Loaf Bread 7d

                  Best,(good), Cheese 6d pr lb

                  Pork meat pr schore 7/4½

                   Candles sold at 6d pr lb.

1835 Jan 1st   Prices of Grain etc

            Best New Wheat              5s 6d

            Best New Barley                      3s 6d

            Best New Beans                             4s 6d

            Bakers 4lb loaf                           6d

            Cheese Raw Milk                       6d pr lb

            Butter                                               8d

            Pork Meat pr 20lb            6s 0d

            Mens Wages per day               1s 2d

            Coal at Langport pr cwt      8d

            Best Beef and Mutton           5½d lb

1839 May 18th     Bought at Tollerdown Fair 80 horned lambs at 13/- = £52 0 0.

1841 Dec  Price of Grain Etc.

           Best Wheat 8s 3d

          Best Barley 4s 0d

          Best Beans  5s 0d

         Butter per lb          1s 0d

         Potatoes per bag       2s 6d.          

1843 Jan 7          Prices of Corn etc.

            Best Wheat per bushel  6s 0d

            Barley   ”                                  3s 0d

            Beans    ”                                  4s 0d

           Pease (brown) ”                 4s 0d

           Oats            ”                                  2s 0d

            Potatoes  per 120 lb     2s 0d

             Best Bread 4lb                       5½d

            Pork Meat per 20lb            7s 0d

           Beef  )                                    5½d

           Mutton)                                       6d

           Pork  )                                   5d


1843 June 6        Prices of Corn etc

Wheat 6/-, Barley 3/-, Beans 3/6 and Potatoes 2/3 per bag. Pork meat 6/6 per score.

1843 July 2nd     Paid Mr Drew’s Man of Stoke 14/- for Cleaning and Cutting the Inscription on our Head Stone in the Church Yard for Brother Wm 18d per dozen for the letters and Cleaning.

1844 June 7th       Prices etc.

          Wheat 7/-, Barley 4/3, Beans 5/-, Potatoes 3/-, Pork Meat 7/- per score.

1844 Dec  18  The 3 New Stone Steps was put at our Back Door by Mr Luke Stagg Hamhill, stone and labour cost 9s 0d.

1845 Jan  12th Joseph Fort Thatched our Little Cellar in the Garden at 2/9 per square and Liquor, the Reed was very good – also the Waggon House in South Street Orchard.

16th     Bought of Simon Clark South Petherton 9 young pear trees at 2/3 = £1 0 3. Planted 5 for Wm B H and 4 for Robt Wm Hebditch.

22nd    Bought 3 more Pear Trees of S Clark for 9s 0d, and planted them in Home Orchard.

 1847 Jan 15th . Price of Grain Etc

            Wheat sold in Stratton at 11/-

            Barley worth                     7/-

            White Peas                              9/6

            Brown Peas                             7/6

            Beans I sold at            7/-

            Potatoes per 120 lb        7/- per bag

            Swedes per 112 lbs         1/6

            Hay worth                               3/- per cwt

            Pork meat                               8/6 per 20 lb

             N.B. Wheat is advanced within a month 3/- per Bushel and Barley 2/-


            In consequence of the above high prices the Poor have principally lived on swedes and turnips.  Wages are now 8/- and Wt about 8/-.  About £110 000 have been collected for the Starving poor in Ireland and Scotland.

1847 June 1st  Sold at Somerton Fair 75 Down Lambs to Jas Jeffery @18/-£63 0 0

           Cost me 15/- at Tollerdown a fortnight since and paid me£10 0 0

            At this Fair Wm Hayward, Compton Sold 66 Horn Pur Hogs at 43/- pr Head

1859 Mar 25th     The price of corn & wheat 5/- Bread 5d Barley 4/- Beans 5/ Potatoes 2/- Pork meat 8/- Butter 13d

 1859 July The Prices of Corn etc

            Wheat 5/3, Barley 3/9 Beans 6/- Bread 5d Potatoes 3/- Pork 9/- Butter 10d Wool 1/6

1860 June

15th     The Price of corn & wheat 7/- Barley 4/- Beans 6/ Potatoes 7/ per 120 lb Bread 6½ Porkmeat 11/- score. Stock of all kind very dear Beef 7d Mutton 7½d & Bacon 9d per lb Butter 11d