The Lost Compass


Copy of an e-mail from Steve Fuller

I am briefly writing to let you know a small additional snippet on the above’s WW1 history. Nothing significant, just one of those nice little details that add a degree of ‘personalisation I think!

My Great Grandfather was in the Bedfords next to his battalion when they attacked on Gallipoli in August 1915 and found his compass amongst the litter of battle. The odds of that happening must have been minute but a story is here –

if you are interested. The compass part is at the bottom for your info.

Steve Fuller

The Bedfordshire Regiment in the Great War

Compass 1
Compass Case 1
Compass Case

The writing reads:

 “Found By

Pte H.C. Kendall

4400 M.G.S. 1/5 Beds

Regt. On One Tree Hill

Gallipoli Peninsular

August 16th 1915”

Compass back 1
Compass back